View Full Version : Red VS. Blue: Clash of the Colors (In Progress)

06-27-2012, 06:22 PM
So yeah, I'm making a level. It's going to be comprised of about three or four level links, and will have varying and engaging gameplay for each level. So far, I've got the intro and most of the second level done, but I suppose you want to know some more about the story? ALRIGHTY THEN!

For three years, the red and blue sackpeople of craftworld have been fighting a raging war for dominance. The King could not determine which of the two colors was his favorite, and this angered his red and blue people. Hoping to win the King's favor over, the two colors were locked in heated combat, and have been ever since. You have been recruited for the courageous, although losing, Blue Side. The Red Side had had the Blue on its last limbs for a while, and the plan is to send fresh troops over to the Red Base to KERSPLODE it. The Red Side used brute force and inhumane methods of winning battles. It's time to give them a WHOOPIN'!

I'm thinking about adding a bit more to the intro, you know, cool cinematic stuff and all that jazz. Meanwhile, here are some pictures of the second level.
(Above) The pin. Why not?
Me sploding a red pilot.
A red pilot shooting at me. He sucks.
A red pilot and I shooting straight at each other.
I win!