View Full Version : Looking for a creative group for a series of levels

07-02-2012, 06:55 PM
Title says all. For anyone who's played my levels knows I've made a series of levels based off the best selling book and box office success The Hunger Games. They have gotten loads of plays (THG Part Three: The Arena has gotten over 1,000 plays alone and that's pretty much a first for me as a creator.) and four and five star ratings along with a healthy supply of hearts and yays. Due to the big success of these levels, I've decided to make another series of levels this time based on the second book in the hunger games trilogy, Catching Fire. I've already made a teaser level for it, but that's basically that so far. I've barely gotten any work done the first level for Catching Fire, (not to mention I'm kinda shaky with some of the gizmos and gadgets in LBP2) so that's where hopefully some of you guys and gals will come around. I like to take pride in my work and that especially holds true to my levels plus I haven't really seen any levels for catching fire yet, so that's basically my request. There will be some rules and conditions if you'd like to help make my series of levels based on Catching Fire a reality.

1. Send me a friend request on PSN my PSN is pickle962

2. Have experience with making levels in lbp2. I.e know how to use cameras, make movies, etc.

3. Make sure I can trust you. After all, I'd be pretty mad if some stole my work and published it as their own.