View Full Version : Taking HP Systems And HP/HUD Design Requests.

08-10-2012, 12:53 AM
Ok folks i'm now taking requests to anybody who wants or needs HP bar systems aswel as how HP will decrease. I feel confidant in my ability due to how well my KPMIV Part 2 HP and HUD system is working. I'm experimenting of a few thing like to make them even better. But i am still quite confidant in making them. I make HUD or HP systems using advance logic aswel as holigram hp systems so they don't get cought. If anyones is interested just send me a message a friend invite or repost here to tell me what you need and HUD and HP design such as hp look, like if you want HP to be as hearts and so fourth. And when its done i'll send a friend request your way. But i'll send psn messages to let you know i'll be working on it. So heres the info i need posted here as follows.

What you need done.
System Type. (as in look/style.)
And anyother info i need to know to make the system the way you need or want.