View Full Version : How to Get People to Download and Play Your Level

08-29-2012, 02:28 AM
AmazingFlyingPoo already did a tutorial called "Level Promotion Tactics for the PSP", (which you should read if you get the chance), and that covers how to promote your levels on websites and such, but this thread covers how to attract people to your level when they see it in the community moon by choosing your icon, name, and description very wisely. Read on to learn how:

1. Name. The name of your level should be short, easy to read, easy to remember, and should NOT be completely random. Candy cane unicorn land would not be a good name for a horror level.

2. Description. If your level has story, you want your description to tell a little bit about your level, while still keeping most of it a secret. You still want to tell enough so that it pulls people into the plot, because the whole point of video games is to put people right into the action. If your level is more of a full on platforming level, then your discription doesn't need to be very long, and you should say that it's a platforming level somewhere in the discription.

3. Icon. Your icon needs to be chosen VERY wisely. The three things to take into consideration when choosing your icon are:
1. CHOOSE AN ICON!!!!!! No one wants to play a level with the default icon that's black with the playstation controler symbols on it, because that means you didn't care enough to set an icon.
2. How many people have used that icon. Too many times I see levels that have an icon that does not make me want to play that level, because I've seen it too many times. It sounds stupid, but it's true. Try to choose an icon that is original, that way, when people see it, they will go to your level, because, well, it's unusual.
3. Have it tell something about your level. If your level will be snowy, make it a block of snow. If it takes place in australia, have it be a kangaroo, or boomerang.

That's it for now. I hope you learned something from this tutorial. Thanks for reading! :p