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Silent Cupidz
09-25-2012, 08:23 PM
I am writing this post to inform people of the LBP2 community about my new upcoming project for Little Big Planet 2, The Walking dead.
Like TellTale Games intentions, My project will also have 5 episodes.
As for story and enviroment, everything will be remade into LBP2, from the Police car intro to the Train etc. A total replica for Lbp2 :)
The Game will not exactly be like the graphics in the original TellTale game because of the restrictions LBP has, so the cell-shaded graphics won't be focused on entirely, but i'll try my best to get elements of the graphic style in there.

This project is for people who are willing to help because they want to make something like this and not help and ditch out later.

I will keep you guys posted about the project, uploading screenshots and stuff too.


Roles available:

Costume Designer - Requirements may vary -
(Needs to have a laptop or something incase he/she hasn't yet played The Walking dead and need the characters appearances)

Logic Expert - Requirements may vary -
(Needs to be able to create;
Menu logic
Character and A.I systems
H.U.D's -

More stuff may pop up during the project too)

Level Designer Editor - Requirements may vary-
(Obviously i won't be sitting on my *** while doing this project, but I'll need assistance with level designing and environment/scenery etc)

Cut scene Editor - Requirements may vary -
(This is my specialty too, but just like level design I'll need an editor to help out with this)

Sound Designer (Technician lol) - Requirements may vary -
(Of course we need a sound man, otherwise The walking dead's ambience will be a sham! lol)


With Progress, its at "menu stage". Meaning the menu is near to completion. if you are interested, add me and come on by to see it. Only add though if you want to either beta test, or actually help out with the episodes. i'll not let people add me if their just going to want a sneek peek. i'll leave that to the screenshots lol

10-08-2012, 06:42 AM
im very good with anything logical.