View Full Version : NO reverb!??

09-27-2012, 01:39 PM
i hope i'm not the only one when i express how dissapointed i am with the fact that there is no reverb in the music sequencer. not even in the golbal audio tweaker. i use reverb for pretty much all the music i made on lbp2 not to mention using it for backround noise on levels and sound effects. reverb helps to add tension and suspense. without it in my opinion it all sounds dry.

i'd like to know if it was overlooked or is there some other reason why it is not in the game. FYI i won't except " technical issues " as a valid response. the psvita is a technical powerhouse and reverb is a relatively simple effect.

09-27-2012, 03:20 PM
i hope i'm not the only one...

No, you are not :)
Even one of the sound guys got sad hearing the tweak wouldn't make it.

The actual (but unacceptable?) explanation:
Being a game heavily based on physics and dynamic interaction, LBP is at its nature quite demanding on the CPU of the system it is played on. Sadly Audio Processing (such as reverb) happens to also be CPU intensive, and therefore some sacrifices simply had to be made...

It is probably only a minor blow to most regular level creators, but I know how big of a thing these post effects are to my music creator friends. That being said; the Audio Designer (Dominic Parker aka Audio-Dom) was still able to create some pretty sweet tracks using the tools included in the game