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11-01-2012, 12:16 PM

Hello everyone, Happy Halloween!

Back in May, I started building a level. It was heavily inspired by my Mash-Up entry. It was a whole new style/design. I named it: "The Vintage Attic"

There's not much background story, only that you're a little Sackthing that needs to save the Vintage Attic from the horrible housekeeper. He's spraying toxic all over the attic to get rid of Rats, insects and Sackthings!

The only way Sackthing can save The Vintage Attic, is to follow a wire all across the Attic and down to the deep, dark Cellar. Deep down, there's a switch, if Sackthing reaches this switch, everything is going to be fine!


The Theme

The theme of the level is quite unique, and I haven't created any levels with this kind of theme or design. I've tried to keep the same design/theme throughout all 3 parts. I've added a lot of details in the 2nd level, because there was 5 bars of thermo left, so I thought that i could use them on details.

I've been using almost the same colors throughout:


Those colors, combined with some lightning tweaks, can develop this:

(Note: This is pictures form "The Vintage Attic - Part 1" (http://lbp.me/v/b4jdyk) Only!)
(Note: This is pictures form "The Vintage Attic - Part 1" (http://lbp.me/v/b4jdyk) Only!)

I truly love the style/design/theme and I wanted to build more levels like that. So, i decided to build Part 2!

The 2nd Part of the level, is different but in a good way. I've made some more hazards, so the level is a bit more difficult. (I want to raise the difficulty gradually)

I've also added a gameplay function, that I think you guys would like! But I won't say anymore about that...


The Mini-Series

I just had to continue this series, so I'm working on Part 3, so it's officially a Mini-Series (YAY!)
Anyway... I think I'm going to rename the Mini-Series to something more general than just the Attic

If you have any suggestions for a new name, please post them below ;)
Here're some options:
(Remember: There're 2 themes; The Attic and The Cellar)

The Vintage Farm
The Vintage Cottage
The Vintage Villa
The Vintage House
The Vintage Cabin
The Vintage Hut
The Vintage Shack
The Vintage District
The Vintage Neighborhood
The Vintage Vicinity



I expect to publish the Second Part 1st of November 2012, but I haven't got a change to let any of my friends play/test it.

I don't know when I will publish the 3rd part probably somewhere in December. I hope I didn't bored you guys too much, but thanks for reading!

-- Jauw

11-01-2012, 09:18 PM
The Vintage Attic - Part 2; Out Now!


11-02-2012, 06:33 PM
Pics look good. I missed part one. I have both queued up for the next time I'm on.

Edit: Played through part 1 this morning. Really impressed with the atmosphere. Your colour scheme worked well with the lighting. Part 2 awaits.