View Full Version : Tap 'n Bounce - 1-4 Player Survival Challenge [LBLV1]

11-11-2012, 09:53 PM
Hey everyone! This is my entry to the Touch and Tilt contest being held at LittleBigLand. It is an original minigame (I think), and it can be quite addictive.

The aim of the game is to keep your sackperson alive for as long as possible by tapping him to make him fly higher. But, it gets harder. You have to dodge obstacles as well! Tilt your Vita back and forth to steer your sackperson away from obstacles, and tap him to avoid the dangers that lurk beneath you. The game takes practice, and you probably won't do well the first time!

Here are some pictures: (Sorry that they are sideways, that's how you play the level).






The level is 1-4 players, but with the condition of the LBPV servers, I highly recommend one player. :P The amount of lag is so bad that it takes 1 minute to select an option in the menu >.<

The level has 3 themes. At first, you start off on a sunny hillside with spikes hanging beneath you. Next, a huge thunderstorm tries to take you down with lightning strikes all around you! Then, you fly above the dangerous water, avoiding sharks, and eventually avoiding another thunderstorm. Lastly, you find yourself in space dodging lasers from an alien ship. Do you think you can survive?

If you do, then click here! (http://vita.lbp.me/v/e7fqh)

If you don't, then click here! (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?158-LBPV-Level-and-Object-Showcase)

I hope you enjoy!