View Full Version : The Twisted Manor - My first LBPV Level!

11-12-2012, 10:25 PM
Hello community! Just advertising my very first LBP Vita level, The Twisted Manor!
I will include the level link at the end. Through the level, you maneuver sackboy through the old posh hotel, The Manor Hotel. Something strange has taken over the hotel, and trapped sackfolk inside, including you! You must muster up the courage to go through each room, finding the hiding sackfolk and find the exit. I will publish the last 3 levels in a few weeks once I get through exams and fix all the bugs. If you find any bugs please let me know! Thanks, and enjoy!!!



11-16-2012, 05:49 PM
Queued, will play after "finishing" my level :)

11-24-2012, 08:51 AM

I really enjoyed the first 3 levels in your game. The presentation was great: the UI was good, the house looked cool and you created a nice spooky atmosphere. The gameplay in the first 3 levels was interesting and clever but I got stuck on the first of the Mess Hall levels. I just found moving the knife an fork around awkward (I kept destroying them in the cramped area ) and I wasn't entirely sure what to do with them anyway. It's probably just me being stupid but I was sorry not to be able to get any further.

Anyway, it's an impressive start and I hope you keep creating! :)

11-26-2012, 04:15 PM
Hey all, thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it! O and thanks for letting me know Shropshirelass. I was meaning to add a few arrows for the level explaining where they go, but I forgot and when I remembered the deadline for the contest had passed. I'll make sure to add those once the contest is over and I add the last few levels in! Im really sorry about that! The fork and knife are used to make a bridge from the counter, onto the top of the sink tap, and then onto the top of the fridge. Hope that helps! I'll be sure to get that fixed in a few weeks!

Thanks! :) TJ

11-27-2012, 11:07 PM
Hi TJ,

i played it, im impressed with the presentation, overall its looks great... just in my honest opinion.... the menu looks kind a dull.... and sometimes in the levels, theres too much going on.... i had no problems with it, but its sometimes confusing, when theres to much going on... like text that says u this and that.... "this is u" "this sackling u can save" "this u can touch" "red with reartouch" "blue with fronttouch", i think the levels where sometimes overloaded, with too much information and things... its hard to explain... i remember a similar minigame in the move pack of lbp 2... it was held really simple...

And i encountered some bugs and problems... sometimes a red block didnt reset itself... overall u had to be really precise, the moving of the forks and knives was kinda really feeling awkward.. and i really couldnt figure out that last level..... i was close to the exit, but just couldnt get up that last step..... i plugged out the mixer lol.... but that last blue touch thingie didnt do much at all..... the last level really confused me at all.... thats what i mean with to much going on.

But dont get me wrong with all that negativ nancy talk lol ^^ i liked it and i couldnt do it any better myself.... and i would love to see more such levels in general and more levels by you in the future... but there were just some things that i had to tell ya...


11-30-2012, 10:03 PM
Thanks for the comments, I am trying to re organize the last level, I was a bit cramped with time and just threw it together so I had enough for the level sorry! It will be fixed in a few weeks. Also, I will have a new level series out in a few weeks. This one involves controlling your sackperson, not just touch controls. Also sorry about the level being busy! It was just my way of making the controls of the level, without having to take up another level slot to make a controls level. I will try to make it more organized. Thanks!

TJ :)