View Full Version : Can't seem to find the Hockey Helmet in "The Mainframe Heist" level.

11-15-2012, 05:09 AM
Hello fellow sackpersons...

I am just stuck on finding a certain item in the level "The Mainframe Heist" on Vita. It is the "Hockey Helmet" sticker as according to the list on Wiki. Seems to be hiding rather well considering I play through the level probably 20 times now. I even found a small opening in a shaft which let me outside of the level's structure flying down to the ground of the level itself. Lol. Any assistance to where this item would be (or if you remember where any annoying hard spots were for a single item) that would be great. And as always, an Creator Heart goes to the first correct answer.

EDIT: Oops, through more research I found the answer. The item is located behind the first checkpoint of the third and final segment of the level. Just walk behind it and jump to collect it. Probably the most well hidden prize bubble of any LBP level I ever played. Credit for originally posting the accurate hint on another topic goes to a forum member by the name of LittleBigDave (PSN: Grendil--), so he gets the creator heart. Lol...

11-16-2012, 02:25 AM
Yeah.... that one caused me some trouble as well....