View Full Version : [Level creation] Hints to create a puzzle game with tiles

11-25-2012, 11:31 AM

I'm new to LBP creation, and would need a few hints to create what I have in mind.

I'm ok with logic, emitters, magnetic keys and all that (very fun and powerful tools !), but I stumble on what looks like more basic needs.

The kind of level I want to make is a bit similar to levels like "Lights out", "Emotionnaly unstable", and so on : a kind of puzzle game, with tiles and several boards that become more and more complex. And the problem lies in the tiles : the player should be able to put square tiles in a grid, and not anywhere else. A bit like the gears in the story mode : they have a fixed set of available positions, with a default one when you drop them anywhere not allowed.

Might be a bit clearer with an example. Say a level is a 2x2 grid, and you have 4 square tiles available next to the grid. The player should be able to move each of the 4 tiles in a square of the grid. Moreover, he will need to rotate the tiles (I think this part is quite simple with the touch sensor and controlinator), change its position in the grid, or move it back to its default position beside the grid.

Thanks for any help or link to a tutorial or copyable level that could help me on this specific matter !