View Full Version : 2 Create GRIDS needed - Terrain and Track laying

11-28-2012, 07:53 AM
My frustration boils over.
Create needs 2 different grids [3 would be preferable]

The first GRID is needed for laying terrain, it needs to have marked grid positions running down the sides and across the create space, plus a compass so you can reference where North/South-East/West is.

The second grid is needed to show where the available Track Laying area is, relative to the sides of any create space.
A track laying available space square/area grid, shown within a different colour Terrain grid.

At present you can lay terrain close to the edges of the create space in a false belief that you can possibly lay track [using follow contour] over the top of this terrain.
Unfortunately, the available area that you can lay track in this manner is further from the edges of the create zone than the terrain laying zone, quite a bit in fact.
Result, all your effort trying to contour the terrain in a gradient manner, to per-determined track designed elevations, can and often do become fruitless.

A third, Elevation GRID should also be implemented.
With preferably some sort of 3 dimensional block marker points made available.

Think of 10 layers of grid paper.
You pre design your track on a bit of paper, both in contour, and in elevation.
You then go into create mode, you now have a compass so you know where each point is relative to each other, and a 3D grid showing elevation.
You are then allowed to place a marker at each point, both in elevation and direction at you highest, mid, and lowest points, within that grid.[basically anywhere within say a 10-15 grid high layer]

You then go into TERRAIN, choose what sort of terrain you prefer and press snap to grid.

You should then have a basic 3 dimensional track of your own design in both shape and elevation you can then work [tweak] with.