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12-03-2012, 03:33 PM

Audiophile is a create mode tool designed for the musicians of LBP2. It is extremely thermo efficient and allows creators to easily keep their musical works organised and easy to find, as though you are keeping them all in a big ol' audio file. Basically it's a vertical column or list of hologram panels with microchips for the player to put their music sequencers on. The panels have logic on them which makes them dynamically adjust to fit snugly edge-to-edge even when panels are slotted in or out from the list.

Players can scroll the entire list up or down by moving any one of the panels up or down or they can pull songs out of one list by moving them sideways and simply start placing them in a new vertical column to automatically create a new list in which the panels, again, will arrange themselves in real time to fit edge-to-edge. This is useful for arranging groups of musical pieces together, it should also be said that panels can be copied/pasted/deleted on a whim if you happen to need more or less panels for your music, the music list will simply adapt to the new number of panels.

It get's more interesting than that though, Audiophile has a user friendly, editable search filter which can find songs from particular artists and/or genres for the user. There is a short, easy to follow tutorial included with this object which demonstrates to players how they can catagorise their music into groups of certain genres or artists so that the search filter can instantly find them the songs that they are looking for. It does this by pushing all the filtered songs to the back layer, leaving the ones that the player is interested in, in the front layer.

By default there are only 2 filters; artist and genre but for those of you who are logic savvy it's not very difficult to add more filters if you so desire. Furthermore, although this was designed for large collections of music, it's also quite useful for storing and organizing galleries of custom stickers & decorations which saves us precious space in our goodies bag. I don't have any pics to post now but I will shortly. For those of you who are interested, I will be publishing a level with this as a collectible prize. I'll post the level link when I publish the level.

12-03-2012, 03:40 PM
Sounds very interesting indeed! I know I'd find this useful for organising all the wip music for printz - look forward to seeing more!

12-04-2012, 07:00 AM
This tool is completely finished and published, ready to be collected!

I also added a few pics which show the search filter in action. In these pictures the colour of the larger square depicts the artist and the colour of the smaller square depicts the genre. These pictures show how a single list can be pulled apart and arranged into multiple lists as well as a search for both:

- Songs of a particular genre
- Songs of a particular genre by a particular artist

Hope you guys enjoy the gift.





12-05-2012, 01:02 PM
So lately I've been trying to improve this. A few annoyances I had with the first version of this tool was that sometimes when shifting layers songs would become overlapped and become stuck on top of each other. I managed to fix this problem but it was at the expense of much additional thermo. It became apparent that using a circular design made it very easy to overcome this overlapping problem and a circular design also means that users can see more songs on their screen at any one time.

So I'm happy to announce that there is a new version of this tool now, a better version which uses a circular design. Now, rather than long vertical lists, the holographic panels form into rings around a microchip which lets you apply search filters. These rings dynamically adapt when you add or subtract panels by evenly distributing themselves around the microchip and adjusting their radius to allow new panels to slot in or to close gaps where old panels have been removed. After one ring starts to become quite large another ring will begin to form inside.

If you still run out of space with all of your rings within rings full of songs you can simply copy the center microchip and place it somewhere else to begin forming a new family of rings, you can even merge two families of rings together by placing the center chips close together to create oval shapes or 3 families for that matter, the possibilities go on. Users can also drag the center microchip around to move all the panels around at once.

The search filter still works the same by pushing filtered songs to the back layer, I have yet to make a tutorial for this updated version so until then I won't be releasing it but I'll be sure to have that sorted quite soon.

A few small final notes. The panels in this new version will always try to form circles around the center microchip, if there is 1 panel it will sit on the microchip, but if there are 2 it is impossible to form a circle or any other shape around the center so the panels spin rapidly around the microchip, 3 panels form a stable triangle and from then on it remains stable.

Also a HUGE thanks to evret for helping me with the logic for dynamically adjusting the radius of the panels. Very much appreciated ;3

03-01-2013, 03:25 PM
Hi Seku,

this seems to be a great tool for musicians, will try it and give you feedback afterwards!^^ Thanks a lot and many greetings,