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12-05-2012, 12:22 AM
I have been working for a few days to add a cinematic cut scene to a level I created. I found a few oddities along the way. Here is what I discovered:

1. Power types. It seems that not only is there an ON and OFF, but there is a 3rd version of power. Some devices such as movie cameras send a different signal from their output. This third version seems to be a single pulse sent down the line. This pulse is enough to start events (i.e. the next camera) but not run items (i.e. timers). Even though the power types are incompatible, the connectors are still interchangeable. This can make is difficult to troubleshoot why your level is not working properly. To make matters worse, the “Pulse” signal behaves slightly differently in the create “change to play mode” and the regular play mode. This is another reason you need to test in play mode prior to publishing.

1a Converting power. A pulse signal can be consistently changed to an on/off signal by using a toggle as a filter.

2. Logic Reset. Logic circuits (such as toggles and timers) seem to change back to their default state when the opening cut scene ends and the race begins. This may be an annoyance if you want to use toggles to count “living” players in the initial cut scene. The way around this is to use the old “physical” logic circuits from LBP1. If you destroy something in the cut scene it stays destroyed in the race, allowing you to pass data across this barrier.

3. Ending a cut scene and starting the race with the closing of the last speech bubble is done by hooking the final magic mouth to the score board rather than a camera.

4. The create “play mode” and regular play will run the track differently. There will be a noticeably very different behaviors on circuitry and racers. As noted above there is the power issue, but you will run into other differences. If you add 2 extra starting points to the race, this will work in create “play mode”, just spawning the 8 racers not 10. When you change to regular play only 6 racers will spawn instead of the 8 you would get in create “play mode”. This oddity seems to also cause issues with spawning “actors” in a cut scene. If you pass a hard limit of 8 actors (4 players plus 4 hoard for instance) it will work in the create “play mode”, but when you change to regular play any actors past the initial 8 will not spawn anymore.

5. Respawning actors. This alone is worthy of an entire post on its own. It is a bit confusing. The basics are: If you destroy an actor, the actor will respawn immediately (just like in a race) at a spawn point. This spawn point will be one that it could spawn at (i.e. must be active, right type “player/horde/sackbot”), the odd part is the respawn could occur on a non-movie start point (like those race start points on the track). To get the actor to NOT respawn on the race track spawn points, the race spawn points will need to be turned off. The best way is to use a single toggle to attach to all the race start points, make sure that it is defaulted to “on”, and have your cut scene change the toggle to off when the scene is running. This will allow the logic reset issue noted above to make sure that your race spawn points are active when the race starts. So to wrap up: for respawning actors, you need to turn off all spawn points, turn on the one you want the actor to spawn from back on and then destroy the actor to get them to spawn where you want them to.

6. Following paths.
a. First off on the path itself there is an option to operate as a cut scene, be ignored, or follow. To make movie actors follow a path use the cut scene option.
b. Actors will only generally follow a path. They might jump paths if they cross or get near. The actor may stray far outside of a path, especially if going fast. To reduce the chances of jumping paths use the color code for the path, and use the corresponding color code on the actor.
c. Speed take a few seconds to build up to full, so to have an actor zoom across screen make the path longer and give them the time to build up speed before they enter the scene.
d. Unlike a follow the path motor, you do not need to “attach” an actor to the path to have them follow it.
e. Groups of actors can follow a single path. They will ungroup and follow the path single file. When they stop at the far end they will bunch up back into a group.

7. Multiple Brains on an actor. For some reason powering and depowering actor brains does not seem to work. You can destroy and actor and recreate them with a new brain, but if you are looking to do complex actions, like driving down a path then stopping and jumping for a bit,we might need a better work around.

If you want to see what cinematics made me find all this out check out my level "Lost Level:Kapow Jalapeno" and if you have any questions about how its cinematics were done please feel free to ask.

:) ~Qwertymadness

12-06-2012, 07:51 PM
My next video tutorial is gonna be on cutscenes - do you mind if i include some of this stuff? I'll give you credit as source.

12-07-2012, 12:25 AM
Feel free to include it all. The more people know how to create with the tools we have the better. I am still working on #7 though, I will update this post if I find a way around the issue.

And if you have any issues let me know I will be happy to help explain it.

Also there is one thing I did forget: the ground (at least near terrain or the track) seems to move alot up and down randomly. I would recommend using the materials tool from the goodies-bag to build scenery (instead of the terrain tool) for your actors to drive on. Because when you are doing close in cut scenes it is easily noticable when something is hovering in the air (or burried in the ground) because the terrain moved up or down.

:) ~Q

12-07-2012, 05:55 AM
I enjoyed your lost level too - I cant believe the hoard stole Mr Jalapeno!!!!