View Full Version : Free reviews with excellent Aim!

12-25-2012, 10:49 AM
Well, unlike many this is not a post about the flaws of the game or anything like that (no offence, I can still relate to people who are disappointed). This is a thread about me, giving away Free reviews with excellent Aim to people. The concept is simple. Post the name of the level you want me to review and I will make a detailed review about it as soon as I have played it. There are few types of levels I won't play, or which will take a longer time to review than usual. I won't review levels that are rip-offs from Mario Kart or any other such game and arena-games require extra time from me, as I want to play them with a friend to get the full experience. Also, you may make a special mention, if you want the level to be played with a friend or if you specifically want me to play it alone. My rating system is the following:

Perfexcellent: The highest possible rating I can give to a level. Only few tracks can get this from me. Don't except to get it easily.

Worth a heart: A mostly positive rating. The level either lacks something that would've made it better, or just doesn't have that something I want from a track,

Worth playing: A positive rating. The level has a lot of things to improve, but it' good and should be given a play.

Needs improving: A negative rating. The level has a long way to go and I can't suggest others to play it.

Won't remember it in T-minus 1 day: A mostly negative rating. While the level is not as bad as an insult, it has a lot of things to improve, if not everything in general. I can only suggest that people don't play this level.

Game Over: The absolutely worst possible rating. I can only suggest people to avoid it at any cost possible, as it's nothing but a waste of time. I would delete it, if I was the author.

I don't want anyone to take offence from the ratings I give. If you don't find time to put into making level, don't expect to get higher than "Worth Playing" at max. Remember: you wanted me to give my honest, detailed opinion about the level, so I won't answer for any negative ratings I give here. My reviews are, however 100% honest and objective. I can give a few special mentions to levels:

Van Gogh: The level looks absolutely brilliant.
Manly level for men: The level is a level for dudes and it's *******.
Personal admiration: There are a few things level can get this for. This means that I admire something special in the level.