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01-03-2013, 07:37 PM
One day I was bored, so I decided to count all the logic gadgets (everything in the gadgets section of the tools bag) in a level I was working on in LBP Vita. Said level is very logically intensive, so I came up with some big figures.
My level is about 20% done. I have (not including emitted objects):
1 Controlinator
110 Microchips
34 Gameplay Sequencers
1214 AND Gates
87 OR Gates
29 NOT Gates
27 Tags
39 Batteries
13 Tag Labels (not a gadget, but I like to count things)
10 Tag Sensors
10 Impact Sensors
3 Projectile Sensors
1 Grab Sensor
600 Memorisers
140 Counters
10 Timers
1 Direction Splitter
15 Direction Combiners
129 Selectors
1 Follower
4 In/Out Movers
12 Magic Mouths
20 Emitters
10 Game Cameras
Which adds up to a total of...2507 gadgets!
So, lbpcentral, how many logic gadgets do you have in your levels? You can count the logic in your published levels, your unfinished levels, in both LBP2 and LBP Vita. I will await your responses eagerly.

01-04-2013, 02:02 AM
Hundreds of tags. Done. Hah.
Maybe I'll count some of my tags later and see how many and get back to this thread.

01-04-2013, 04:45 AM
I'm not counting anything that causes movement. You're killing me already. :D

I'm about 75% done with my level. But, there is still a boss to do, which means there will be much more logic to come. In fact, I'm sure the boss will take quite a long time to make, so I'm not sure if 75% is a good estimate.

0 Controlinator
8 Microchips
9 Gameplay Sequencers
5 AND Gates
5 OR Gates
11 NOT Gates
40 Tags
16 Batteries
I don't want to count Tag Labels
10 Tag Sensors
6 Impact Sensors
0 Projectile Sensors
9 Grab Sensors
0 Memorisers
1 Counters
5 Timers
0 Direction Splitter
0 Direction Combiners
0 Selectors
3 Magic Mouths
8 Emitters
29 Game Cameras
11 Movie Cameras
20 Anti-gravity Tweakers
22 Material Tweakers
3 Danger Tweakers
8 Touch Tweakers
3 (technically infinite because sackbots are emitted in some parts) Sackbot behaviors
52 Toggles
28 Destroyers
13 Touch Sensors
7 Player Sensors
2 Lighting Tweakers

Total: Oh dear... I don't want to add this.

I agree with the create mode for 24 hours trophy: I have no life.