View Full Version : System for players to be ready + Sackbot Teleportation

01-15-2013, 08:59 PM
Hi, i need some help, there are 2 things that stop me from publishing my new level.

I need to explain some things first:
Its an arcade like game, with a menu, if u press start tho, it teleports u right into the action. The problem is sometimes theres a delay on when players join. For example if i play with someone and he follows me, i start the level, and he joins like 5 or 10 seconds after me. So i need to wait for him, before i press start, otherwise he doesnt gets to play.

1. So i need some kind of System which checks if the player is ready or "there". (and how many) I got some kind of ideas, but yeah, i googlesearched for it, without luck. Does the option on Players Sensors for detecting Players which are not back to life yet, count for still connecting players too?

2. The other thing is, im using teleportation with sackbots... at first it didnt work at all, now i got it to work but all player but 1 cant move when the game starts.... i dunno why, i used sackbots for each player, with different tags/marker colors. No idea, why it isnt working.... maybe someone got an idea.

Edit: I know how to use normal Teleportation without problems even in mp, but players needs to play them sackbots, its not only about teleportation, just to make that clear.

Thx in advance, if i only fix this 2 things i can finally publish this level.

Edit 2:

Its pretty much solved. lol, got a very simple system to recognize if players are ready and i dunno what was up with the sackbots... i checked them, saved them again and than it worked...