View Full Version : Lost in Bass VS. - 3-lap fastest record

01-19-2013, 08:31 PM
I, unlike seemingly everyone who makes tracks, couldn't care less about points or score ... it's all about times for me since I've come up solely through racing games. I'm sorry guys, but there's a bit of a lack of competition on this game in regards to speed, so I've put together a video of a "Lost in Bass" race I had with a friend, Caiman_6, the other day:

As the video description says, the time actually pops up as 10th on the Global Leaderboard because there are 9 uncounted times ahead of me using the "Fast Forward" glitch, which is fairly annoying. I hope the leaderboards get wiped after a patch fixing this glitch so that we don't have any cheaters up there. However, this time of 2:03 is actually the #1 by around something like 8 seconds over my brother who has a 2:12. (Note: I've just ran a 2:01.6xx.) Anyway, I hope the video gives a little insight as to how you can go a little faster with double drifts.

A few rules:
Starting a drift and building up 4 spark pulses is rather slow. You should, instead, start a drift, wait for 1 pulse, then jump immediately into another drift, even if the direction of the corner is the same. Once you've done your preliminary drift, you're now in "fast mode" and any chain of drifts after that will be so much faster than anything else you do as long as you keep drifting consecutively (a drift must have at least 1 pulse to be considered consecutive). You can see at 1:05 in my video, I am forced to jump over the electrical obstacle, this kills my drift despite me starting another as soon as I land. I would have probably been better staying in "fast mode" around the outside of the obstacle, despite it being a slower race line. Lastly, jetpacks take you to the "fast mode", so if you run through a jetpack, start a drift before it's over and you'll skip the preliminary drift phase. Other than that, it's about finding a routine, putting your drifts in the same place, gambling with some of the obstacles for a tighter race line, and not hitting the walls really. One other thing, a 360 spin does nothing for you, you will need a preliminary drift. A 720 or 1080 spin gives you a great push, but I still think it's better to use a preliminary drift. But, a 1080+ spin will immediately take you into "fast mode" if you drift as soon as you land. Follow those rules and you'll be unbeatable online if you're good at defending those Leader Seekers. Happy drifting.