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02-04-2013, 06:18 PM
So after weeks creating I'm ready to publish my first level. As soon as I publish it, I do one last run thru before bed to make sure it's all fine. Wow, it broke all over the place.... Things I made a fortnight ago and have played dozens of times since don't work!? ALL motion recorded items have the recorded data gone. Several emitters not working!?

I can't believe how badly its messed up, I literally had run thru it an hour before hand and all was fine!

Not only that, but roughly every hour or so I save onto a new crater (going round in a 5 crater space, overwriting), this way I have some form of step back if something goes wrong. Every copy (6) of the level has the same things gone >.<


02-04-2013, 06:21 PM
I think this has happened to almost all of us. Did you save your level beforehand? Sometimes you may forget to save and the game will be playing the incomplete version that is broken. If everything seems to be the way you left it when you finished the level, alternatively you can check the logic and make sure things are plugged into where they're supposed to go.

02-04-2013, 06:40 PM
I've had plenty of experiences of things breaking and not understanding why, but this is a first that selected data has completed wiped. I've gone thru all 6 copies (each an hour or two saved a part in progress), the motion record on everything is gone and the emitters just have nothing selected to emit - logic is fine (seems to have only happened to 2 emitters at least).

That's beyond weird.

02-04-2013, 08:07 PM
Hey Masseyf!

Sorry to say, I am still around just forgot to reply to your comment on my profile. lol

I have been creating for a bit on the Vita in the last month or so. Currently creating a new survival game. Seems that things get weird for me when I leave it on quite a long time and allow it to power save several times during that. One of those times, I had most of my captured objects all end up with the dreaded red "!". I also found quite a few of my custom stickers that way. I also found emitters were starting to act wacky in that nothing was selected in there and not emitting. I ended up simply turning the thing off and shutting down the power, then upon restarting everything was fine.

So I am wondering if you had been doing similar stuff and saving on top of the older save points? I have been creating in several different workshops so most of my emitted objects exist elsewhere. A bit of a pain as I don't have that quick fix ability, but in the long run I have several backups if I notice something went wonky along the way, especially when it is me that caused most of that!!

Anyway.. all the best and don't be a stranger!! :)

02-05-2013, 02:04 PM
Oh hai there ^_^

Yeah, the game has its share of quirks. Maybe a good thing, coz less quirks, slightly bigger screen and the complexity closer to the PS3 version and it would really cut into valuable sleeping time XD

A full restart you say? Well maybe if the next time the S hits the fan I'll consider that first. I do mainly use the vita for LBP and have many times left it on (think its set to go to sleep after 3 mins). Not that great if that could cause such probs, not like the game had to be coded for multi platform or its a modded settings or something - pretty standard stuff really :/

Anyway! Re-did all the broken stuffs and just published the thing. Definitely an odd one, as the emitters that werent doing their jobs were showing nothing selected to be emitted, yet when I made the items again to emit - it knew where they were meant to be placed. Also one of the emitters altered an item (!!), it was a ledge with a tag that activated on impact - the connection was gone o.O hmmm....

02-05-2013, 02:23 PM
Yeah.. really not sure. My thought was possibly Vita and or LBPv wasn't as good on garbage collection as it should be. i.e. freeing up unused chunks of memory as it proceeds. That coupled with sleep mode which must write it somewhere or be like cmos to remember where it was... might compound things.

This is truly a guess though. I have no idea nor have studied how the Vita or LBPv is supposed to work considering sleep mode. I just ran into an issue and luckily found a solution, or just got lucky. lol