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02-09-2013, 04:49 AM
Yo so I've been trying to add in a 'wild' block to my Triple Tap Time level (there's a chance you've played it, seeing as it's been team picked ;) )

but anyways, I've been working on the adding a wild block for a few hours tonight, took a short break to reclaim my number one spot on TTT (and succeeded with a score of over 6000 boo yeah), but anyways, I seem to be having problems with the wild block.

Okay so let me explain a little bit... Each of my "Blocks" have exactly the same logic in them except each level have their own unique tags so that each block only recognize the other blocks that are at the same level as they are.

In other words, they all have the same logic, but the level one blocks have level one tags/sensors, and the level 2 have level 2 tags/sensors.

Now what I have done with my wild block is taken the logic for every single level of block, and plopped them down into a sequencer. With the higher level blocks activating before the lower level blocks.

The idea behind this is that if you set down the wild block in a space next to two level one's and two level twos, the wild block's logic will instantly start going from the higher levels to the lower levels and thus will activate for level 2 before it activates for level one.

Does that make sense? I know it sounds kind of complicated, and it is teensy bit I know, but I'm trying to explain it the best I can.

Anyways, I'm having issues, it seems my sequencers with all the logic bits slapped on, may not be activating correctly (or maybe I'm just having them count thru the stripes too fast?) because they seem to activate on the lowest block level they're placed by regardless of my attentions with their logic.

So I guess a few questions:

Do sequencers automatically start when they are emitted (on an object of course)?

If not, what would you consider the best way to activate said sequencers as soon as they're emitted (Right now I have slapped a .01 timer on my wild block, and set that to start the sequencers)?

If sequencers are set to go through the stripes at .01 per stripe, will it go thru the the logic so fast that it might be screwing up my ordering you think?

I know this is a lot of information... But any help anyone can offer would be nice.
I'm not the best out there with logic, but I don't seem to be all that bad at it. I can usually figure things out eventually, I just am wondering if anyone has any good ideas... / tips...

02-12-2013, 02:51 PM
wow....let me try and process all that....right....first thing is first

no. sequencers do not automatically activate if you emit them. if you want the sequencer to just activate once as soon as it's emitted then you can just connect a battery to the start/stop input of the sequencer (don't forget to press pause lol). slap them both on a microchip and stick on your object. you don't have to use a battery though. you can also use a counter set to 1 and the current position also set to 1. so when it's emitted it instantly comes on. or you can also use a not gate which is what i do when i emit my sets for movies. i wouldn't use a 0.1 timer. it is better to use something that generates an instant signal rather than a timer set to 0.1

as for the other question...i think i would have to see it in action to fully understand what you mean lol. but from what i understood, the 0.1 time on your sequencer shouldn't cause a problem. it is fast but still activates your logic or whatever it is for a split second. what i would do is in create mode open up all the logic and microchips. or just the one's you need to see. play out the section and follow to logic to see what goe's wrong so you can identify the problem

02-12-2013, 04:02 PM
Now that I think about it, it may actually have something to do with the tag sensors on my blocks... I need to re-look at things.
My logic is kinda a mess. hah.