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02-19-2013, 04:46 PM
here is another one for you folks that maybe you can help me with.

i have a spaceship with two superpowers...a nuke and a blackhole generator. as you play the game you start off with one of each and can gain up to 3. i also want an indicator on screen that tells you how many you have left at any given time. but this is what i am having trouble with. how do i do it? does anyone know how to do this? am i being too complicated when there is a easier way?

this is the logic i have set up for the power ups. a tag sensor is hooked up to a selector switch as you can see which is hooked up to a selector with 3 outlets. each output is hooked up to a 1 counter and all counters are hooked to a and gate which is then hooked up to a microchip which contains the logic for the power up activation. the way it works is that each time the tag sensor detects the tag it cycles through the selector switch activating the counters. the first one is always active so you have one to start off with. as you go through the game these powerup icons will randomly spawn and you can collect one to gain up to 3 of each powerup. a touch sensor activates the powerup and allows you to use it. the output of which is also hooked up to another selector. the selectors outputs are then hooked up to reset the counters. so everytime you use one power up it resets and that powerup is gone until you collect another. the picture will help you to better understand.

is there an easier way of doing this? and how would i make it so the indicators light up in numerical order to show how many the player has. i hope i am making sense.

02-19-2013, 06:18 PM
I see what you're after, but to do it properly will be more complicated than your present solution.

1. Place a Direction Combiner onto a circuit board. Connect the wire that is active when you pick up a Power Up to the positive input and the wire that is active when you use a Power Up to the negative input.

2. Connect the output from the Direction Combiner to the input of a Counter (set to count up to 3). When you pick up a Power Up the counter will go up 1 and when you use a Power Up the counter will go down 1.

3 Connect the output from the counter to the input of a Sequencer (set to Positional).

4 Open up the Sequencer's timeline and place a battery on the top row and extend it (by pushing Right Stick up), so that it starts at 25% and finishes at 100% (covers the last three quarters of the Sequencer's timeline). Place another battery on the second row and extend it so that it starts at 50% and finishes at 100%. Place a third battery on the third row and place it at the end of the Sequencer's timeline (100%). As the Counter counts up and down the sequencer will activate and deactivate the batteries.

5. Connect the batteries to the indicators.

Hope this is useful.

02-20-2013, 12:13 PM
Thanks a lot man! It works :) now I can move on. Its funny how I can't see a solution but when someone points it out its like "why didn't I think of that! "