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02-27-2013, 08:47 PM
A small handful of us, (myself included) have suffered from create spaces on our moon becoming corrupt and locking us out with an error message stating:

Failed To Load Level


Now i still maintain that this is somehow related to the "Move" function for rearranging your create spaces, but at this point its all speculation. Being a fanatic for making backups i always thought it possible that i could recover them with a bit of effort and today i finally found the time.
Here i will document my method and experience with it. Guys im going to warn you now that the process is fairly time consuming and slightly painful/frustrating
Basically what we are trying to accomplish here is restore an older backup from when the levels were still valid and publish them (locked). Then redownload them to "Your Moon" once the PS Vita is back to its present restore point.

Create A Restore Point
This is a very important step to this process. This will be the restore point that we bring the corrupted levels back into after recovering them from previous backups. Before you attempt a backupmake sure to sync your trophies with the PSN servers or you will lose any recently earned!
My Vita is only using a 4Gig mem card and my backups usually weigh in at about 3-3.5ish gigs.

Restoring A Backup
Restoring the backups require connecting your Vita to a computer through CMA. This isn't anything new and my only gripe with this is that the time required for restore is severely misstated by the CMA itself. I find that once it gets to about 3-4 min left it will hang for a good twenty minutes on average for the last 10ish%
In my case i had to restore multiple backups before i found one from late January where my levels in question hadn't been corrupted. These additional snags literally added hours of extra time onto this ordeal. Between restores my PS Vita produced error messages multiple times stating "The database has become corrupt. Restart the PS Vita (E-00000000000a)" over and over like infinite popup windows. I had no choice but to hold the power button until it hard reset and booted into "safe mode."
Selecting "1.Restart Vita" will also rebuild the database.
This error came up multiple times between restores but worked out fine in the end.

Whats Changed?
After the restoration completes a few things will require attention on the Vita.
If restoring to an older backup you will be prompted to input the password for the first protected access point it tries to connect to. Strangely enough when restoring a newer backup this step is not required.
You will also have to re-enter your PSN password. Your "Trophies on the PS Vita" will be blank, don't panic though as they are still on the PSN servers and will require a re-sync the next time your start software that uses them. Be aware that if you don't re-sync you will re-earn trophies.

Depending on the restore point LBPV could be downgraded to a previous rev. If that's the case you will need to update it before you can recover your levels. You can update LBPV with out re-signing into PSN. Updates don't seem to have restricted access of any sort. As long as your internet connection has been re-established you'll be fine.

Boot LBPV (a)
Finally! The first thing that will happen is that any pins earned between that point and the present will be awarded when you connect to the servers.
Lets assume that everything checks out and that the levels in question are stable. When i checked out my first project to make sure that it worked i was instantly awarded 2 trophies because i never re-synced them after booting up LBPV. If this happens to you don't worry, it wont overwrite your previous trophies unless you re-sync after earning them again. In my case i had to 6 levels to recover so after checking them i made sure to "Lock" them because i didn't want anyone to access these spaces once uploaded to "My Earth."

After publishing my first level the game experienced extreme slowdown while connected to the LBPV servers! Its so laggy at this point that swipe gestures aren't interpreted and all around navigation becomes a chore. Like i stated before i never re-synced my trophies so perhaps it had something to do with awarding another for publishing with custom badge icon etc. Im not entirely sure why it suffered. The lag never stopped. I even attempted to continue the process from 3 different access points and the result was always the same.
After the first publish i encountered many errors with publishing another level. Every attempt almost immediately produced a "Unable to publish the level. Please try again later" type error message.
I found that by playing the level and backing out to the pod and then publishing was a successful (although unorthodox) workaround. Using this method i managed to publish all 6 of the locked levels to "My Earth"

Restore Present Backup
Fairly self explanatory. All we want to do here is restore the backup from the start of the process and re-sign into PSN.

Boot LBPV (b)
The only thing that you need to do here is restore/re-sync your LBPV trophies once back in the pod but before doing anything else! Simply navigate over to your trophies app and LBPV will now be the only entry.

Recover & Delete Levels
Now comes the moment of triumph. Navigate to your newly published levels on "My Earth" and re-download the levels to "Your Moon" 1 at a time. After confirming they work it should be safe to delete them. You should be aware that at this point you have no keys for these published levels in your inventory as they were lost when we updated back to the latest restore point. If for whatever reason you need one of these keys simply download the level to "Your Moon" and republish it. The Key will be added to your inventory.

So in the end i can say mission accomplished but it is hardly a friendly or quick process. At least we have a confirmed method of recovering levels but it does rely on the user making periodic backups or its useless.

02-27-2013, 09:27 PM
Now i still maintain that this is somehow related to the "Move" function for rearranging your create spaces, but at this point its all speculation.

I absolutely found this to be the case. I will never ever move a level again and will always copy/verify copy/delete.

02-28-2013, 04:17 PM
Wow, quite some process to do... i will try it out tho and give my feedback here.

Well, thx for the effort u put into this, finding a solution, for this very frustrating problem. And to make people aware that they lvl might get a chance to corrupt, if they "move" it... i guess i moved all my corrupted levels, at some point.

Omg, i wouldnt go trough all of that, if the level wouldnt be worth to do so lol

03-03-2013, 04:05 AM
Isn't there a way to backup and restore LBPV individually?

Content Manager (Vita) > PSVita System to PC > Applications > PS Vita > LittleBigPlanet Playstation Vita

Does that not contain saved levels? There *is* a folder that says 'savedata' to where it gets backed up to.

03-05-2013, 12:46 PM
There is but for one reason or another i have little success with backing up only the LBPV data and am not interested in taking the additional chances.

VeGas Gh0st
10-25-2013, 02:08 AM
Also as a side note anything over 100 DLed levels in Vita will slow it to a stupid crawl. REALLy wish they would address these issues and allow a seperate save system for saves,levels,profiles ect, better than how ps3 handles it.