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Welcome one and all to the latest Spotlight luxury hamper filled to the brim with goodies from the Level Showcase. Dig in and enjoy these amazing creations. This fortnight we actually have 5 music gallery levels in the PS3 section, including two with full spotlights – a record. So there’s plenty to delight your ears as well as some challenging paltforming to keep those fingers limbered up. Enjoy!


http://i7.lbp.me/img/bl/bd726317ff7e031dd2c121440b413bdd2b526eea.pngHoudin i's Great Robbery - Act 3 - Part 1 : Red or Green?samprod_psxYou finally reach an entrance to Houdini's house, but you just land in the cellar. You now have to find a way to reach the top of the house, but be carefull they are many secrets hidden out there, and you will some of Big Boss Droid on your path. This story level is a pure LBP2 platformer with a lot of hidden bubbles, and a race to unlock with a sticker. Have fun along your way, and try not to die during the visit. .::MUSIC BY FESTERD_JESTER::.
Straight out of the gate this level hits you with a simple premise, some tricky light sensors that change platforms locations when you walk or jump past. So a seemingly simple jump across a gap requires a little more thought than just jumping happily about, you need to keep an eye on the light's colour as well as the platform colours so you can plan ahead. Couple this with a crisp design a you're certainly in for a fun time!I've always been fascinated with not only magic in general but the intriguing life of one Harry Houdini. Houdini was born the son of...wait, why am I writing a bio on Houdini? I'm here to tell you about this wonderful level. If you haven't been following the series, shame on you! If you have, then you're in for a treat as I think this may be the best part yet. You begin this portion in the cellar of the great magician's mansion and will platform your way through a fantastic environment full of very fun gameplay. The way can be tricky as Houdini doesn't want anyone to see his secrets. For an excellent level with varied and well balanced gameplay, look no further.In this series, samprod has come on in leaps and bounds and with this latest instalment he’s really come into his own. He uses a single gameplay mechanic, the light sensor switching whatchamacallits much better described by Mr_Fusion :P to great effect, creating a series of fun challenges. The trick is not so much working out which switches to activate, as not accidentally switching them off again as you fall, trip, or generally do something incompetent. And what with bonus prize bubbles and a race mode there’s plenty to make you want to replay. It’s fun, clever and made me think – all the things I like best in a level. I can’t wait to see what rabbits Sam pulls out of Houdini’s hat for the finale to this series.

http://i2.lbp.me/img/bl/4629b5464f9008dd346b5899883e5a9eb825d3e4.pngSilhou ette of ElementsJustinArtJourney through the ancient cavern, frozen lake, windy islands, and infernal volcano. Can you survive the cave guardian, slippery ice, spike thorns, and deadly lava? All custom music made by me. May take 15-20 minutes depending on level skill. Each element, except earth, has two secrets
If I had to describe this level in one word, that word would be "Epic." This level will have you traversing four worlds themed around one element each. There is the "fire" world that, for a lack of a better term, is awesome! You'll be deep within the earth and have to outrun a lava flow while also flipping switches and trying to avoid certain death. The element of wind was truly amazing and may have been my favorite section. Ride the updrafts and avoid the obstacle laden landscape in order to be triumphant over this element. The visuals in all the sections are breathtaking and there is no doubt that you'll be in awe of this level. Queue it now.JustinArt has always liked to do things on a grand scale and this level is no exception! It’s essentially 4 levels in one as you tackle each of the elements of earth, fire, water and air in turn. It’s all done in a gorgeous silhouette style with each element given its own individual quality. I particularly liked the style of the water section which had a frozen beauty: all frosty blue, silver…and slippery, with the odd fossil for decoration. The gameplay is cleverly adapted to each of the elements: I loved dodging the bubbling lava flows in the fire section and earth has the most benign looking boss I can remember! If you’re devious you can adapt the order in which you tackle the elements to try and boost your score, though to be honest this level is more about the overall experience than about the end score. The marriage of story, style and music is beautifully done. Class work. I am sad... this never loads for me. But am happy to see it here! (not a real review just a note)

http://ib.lbp.me/img/bl/38bf79031f875637bd9f0fdc2b07d306a40a7e27.pngFJ's Music Gallery - Vol. 6Festerd_JesterWell... After many months of deliberation and support from my friends, I finally decided to publish what may be my last gallery. I hope you like my new songs... I aimed at the more epic, euphoric feel, so maybe some suprises for any that are already familiar with my sound :) Perhaps youll be so bored, you'll button bash and accidentally cheat your way to a secret song! Anyways. I dedicate this gallery to my closest friends on LBP. You know who you are... Thanks Links! YOU ARE A BOSS!
It's always so hard to write reviews about music galleries… and much harder to pick them for a spotlight. It normally comes down to a) is the music good? b) is it presented well c) is is set up in a way that help other creators out with ideas or the actual songs themselves. As usual; FesteredJester knows what the sackopolis wants. Such a prolific music creator and so open with the creations themselves, all adds together to make yet another stand out selection of music that all serious creators should drop by to take a listen to! So crowns off to FJ! Pow! This music gallery smacks you right in the face with its near seizure inducing visuals. You'll be mesmerized at first and it may take you a few moments to break that hypnotic spell before you realize just where you are. You, my friends, are in an amazing music gallery. The menu is tight and the music fantastic. Do your ears some justice and hop yourselves in this level now.If this is indeed Festered_Jestered’s swansong, then what a way to go! Stunning presentation and truly memorable tunes. I loved Indigo in particular – just haunting and beautiful - but they’re all amazing. Music is such a subjective thing but there’s no denying the quality of every song in this gallery from one of the game’s legendary musicians. True talent.

http://i0.lbp.me/img/bl/350e3ec19cca05af26c7899f767bf53875ecf5a1.pngAbando ned Seweralain251I present you "Abandoned Sewer" - Platformer - 1P recommanded - Difficulty : medium ----- Special Thanks : @Velvet--audio and @IchaosClay for the musics. My friends for testing and advices.
A sewer is hardly a place I normally would like to spend my time, but I didn't mind my trip through these ones. A seneic sightseeing holiday through a world of slimy walls, dripping goop and deadly green gasses was while, not a pleasant place to be, fun none the less. Well placed bounce pads and grabbing sections propel you through this smelly place, where fast reflex are rewarded with some big points. So put a clothes peg on your nose and dive on in… but you may want to run a bath afterwards.To be honest, when I first saw the name of this level, my initial thought was, "aren't ALL sewers abandoned?" Upon entering this sewer I thought, "wow, this is quite nice for a sewer! A big screen TV here, a couch over there and maybe a chair or two and I could definitely live here!" Indeed you could because as far as sewers go, this is top of the line. Going through this sewer is very exhilarating as the gameplay is very fun and at some points, challenging. No need to plug your nose in this sewer, it's clean! Queue it, play it.
Lol, bio, are you on some kind of commission for selling lots in this sewer or something? Not to say it’s not a very nice sewer as sewers go. There are an awful lot of hazards though, and I’m not sure I would want to live somewhere where I was quite so likely to get squished, gassed or dripped on by green goo – but each to his own. This is a beautifully put together fast platformer with lots of opportunities to show off your psychic abilities and avoid the hazards around the corner... that or die and learn your lesson *cough* It’s clever and well-paced with some cool challenges and the design is pretty slick. Play it – I’m sure you’ll have fun, sewer or no sewer!

http://i9.lbp.me/img/bl/0d94c8fb225e528c10c8346f99b0dd7f65e13453.pngBEETLE JUICEHELLYEAH1982Take a step in the most creative adventure that you will never forget. Based on Tim Burton's film and the cartoon series, also with a cover of the Original Soundtrack by Danny Elfman... Behold BEETLEJUICE. ----^ thanx to bia_paiva for been with me in all the creation time. ^----
Oh wow, crazy camera angles and colour schemes abound in this 80's inspired butronesque platformer. Strange contraptions and zany music adds to the chaotic nature of it all also. Be on your toes around Betelgeuse he is a slippery and mischievous fellow and the world he inhabits is fraught with danger. Some very tense novel platforming awaits you, with some very tricky sections, one of my favourite is very early on you run in place to move, while jumping dangerous gaps that you make appear under your own feet. Er… that's the only real way I can explain it… but it makes sense just don't trust Betelgeuse, because you never want to say his name three times, if you do say Betelgeu- Wait. phew! that was close.Get ready for the most surreal adventure of a lifetime! One part creepy, two parts crawly and 10 parts fan-dang-tastic! You have just stepped into the warped world of one Beetlejuice and you better have your wits about you if you intend on escaping this demented land. Being a fan of the film and the animated series, I was very impressed with spot on craftsmanship of these characters. The gameplay is fun and teeth grinding challenging at the same time and then when you get to that deranged lunatic himself, whoa boy, lookout! That dude is mean. Awesome level! Go check it out.The moment the first checkpoint spits you out into this level and you’re standing in front of a gaping mouth, a large epiglottis dangling just overhead, you know this is going to be no ordinary level. It’s big, bold and gloriously grotesque. That rather startling first appearance from Beetlejuice is by no means his last. In fact he’s woven into the level in so many clever ways from the glarey-eyed checkpoints to dangerously drumming fingers, faintly macabre dangling puppets whose feet you must grab and, my favourite, as a huge figure into whose cupped palms you have to jump. And of course, he’s the final horrid and hairy boss. The level is just full of brilliant and quirky design and cool and challenging platforming. It’s wonderfully bizarre and has all the comic horror and creativity of the original film.

http://i9.lbp.me/img/bl/a094dab862f6e4e55b3a5fc2ff5b618df7abd21f.pngInterg alatic Operationstheevilpenguinsou are sent on a mission to repair the satellites on the Xepher space station. Will you be able to help or die trying? Music made by Ichaosclay. Logo made by OMGYOUWOULD. BEST with one player but will work with 4 players. Thankx so much for testing and ideas to all my friends.
This stage is very tightly packed full of platforming goodness. Switches galore and small gameplay sections that you double back over numerous times to unfold or move a piece of scenery, before being able to progress through an intricate high tech space station. Your mission is to restore communications so that you can go back home with your head held high knowing you completed your task. The environment, when not jam-packed with little bounce trolleys, buttons, and bits to grab, also houses secrets that reward the observant and clever players… so that counts me out. I only found a few.Mmm, mmm, mmm! I just love me a good spacey wacey sci-fi platformer and this one fits that bill perfectly. Your mission is simple enough, visit the space station and repair the satellites. Here's where it gets a little bit tricky. The satellites are spread throughout the level and you have you platform your way through, over, under and around some imaginative contraptions. The level is decorated to the nines and I really felt like I was aboard some cool space station. This level gets three "whoa's" from me!Looks like there is a bit of a situation at the Xepher space station--the satellites are down and need to be repaired ASAP. Though a quick programming adjustment or simple button combination may seem logical for a satellite repair, it just wouldn't be as fun as bounding about moving platforms suspended above some good ole high voltage electricity. Challenge accepted. Along with the brilliantly crafted gameplay which flows as smooth as the electric current in the level, theevilpenguins really hits the spot on the design of the satellite. The techno music playing in the background also fits perfectly providing that electric vibe. I assure you fellow sackfolk, that you are in for a positive experience.

http://ia.lbp.me/img/bl/47aeb0925dd854040ebccedc7f5d6a4ca2a22dfe.pngDeep in the Forestdansku1698Deep in the Forest, is a secret cave which has been only a legend - until now. You have to cross many dangerous obstacles while trying to make your way through to the mystery cave . Can you find all the secret bubbles?
This is a short level, actually a very very short level. It's packed full of detail and moving contraptions that fling you towards the scoreboard. The challenge is not in finishing it, the challenge is in exploring the paths that you find yourself on and grabbing the sparse collection of point bubbles that are tucked in out the way places. An interesting approach to a level, which is more about replaying than trying to get to the end.
Scenery is what this level is all about. Gorgeous, lush, jungle scenery. Blink and you may miss it though because this short level gets fast really quick. I really enjoy romps like this. No story, no character development, just good platforming goodness. The level has a nice little balance of run and jump and "hold on to your britches" gameplay that I just adore and I hope you will too. Play it, you'll love it. Agreed Mr. F, if you really want to make it on the top of that scoreboard, you need to do some hunting around to find the hidden score bubbles. That being said, it was still a fantastic level with some very interesting gameplay. I was expecting the typical jumping and swinging-type gameplay when I saw it was a forest one, but in dansku1698's forest, there's a lot more excitement! This gameplay is accompanied by some top notch scenery characteristic of mysterious forest and a rather funky tune that adds to the eeriness. With under 200 plays, this a hidden gem you should definitely check out.

http://if.lbp.me/img/bl/d5f64ca81ecb274d1d4b932b7aa2e7dcfab28213.pngMastas Technic TunesMastaBlastyaWelcome to Mastas Terrific Technic Tunes Gallery lol. Please enjoy your visit as you are taken into the future with these technic tunes :D All 30 songs are collectible ( Just press square over the highlighted song) ( Credits L-I-M-I ( Logic help ...THANK YOU ^^ ) Axmayo_01 ( Music Player Logic ) Thanks guys
Whoa! Kind of don't know what to say here. There have been a lot and I meant A LOT of music galleries posted here recently and I have to say, this one stands out for a couple of reasons. The menu for one. My gosh! The menu looked so sleek and inviting I just wanted so bad for it to lead to a platforming area of the same design so that I could play around in it. Second, the music. All brilliantly crafted thirty tracks are collectible and are a pure delight for the ears. Warning, the level is sometimes hard to load but trust me, it's worth it. Wow! For this one you really need to just take a moment, turn up your volume, and enjoy some truly excellent music (dancing around your tv is optional, but you might not be able to resist). Mastablastya provides us with another gallery not 10, but 30 songs! So I'd recommend clearing some room in your goodie bag because these tunes are all wonderful and are being shared! I imagine we'll be seeing these tunes in the future fitting in perfectly with all of the new high-tech crossplay bits and bobs. A stellar presentation and easily navigable gallery, check this one out for sure!Lol, how about dancing around your ironing board? Also optional, but having these tunes playing in the background certainly makes ironing less dull! LBP is full of truly talented musicians at the moment and creators have an amazing library of music to call on for their levels. The excellent music from Mastablastya and stunning presentation make this gallery stand out though. Nice to see musicians getting recognition for their work and the generosity with which they share it.

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http://ie.api.vita.lbp.me/img/bl/20ec6196cf827083108efecd23442aaa4855c7fb.pngRenega de Assault 2: Desert strikerShade_seekerAn open world heli' shooter: Rescue stranded soldiers, upgrade your weapons, get out of the heli' at any time to explore on foot (and even get in a jeep!!) Blast your way through numerous and varied enemies in this follow up to the team picked level 'Renegade Assault' Thanks to: Rough-Tea & Drico-JD for their testing\ideas and comphermc for the tutorial for making the mini map! 1PLAYER
Those of you who played shade_seeker's last level in this series will know what to expect. If you didn't, I'll tell you; quality visuals, brilliant gameplay and perfect execution. Seeker shows everyone the way to do top down shooters, in a beautiful style that'll have you wanting a third in the series!Shade_seeker continues his series with another thrilling top down shooter, which will have you in awe of the wondering level of detail presented in all of the set pieces. I loved the nifty addiction of the HUD which provided a precise map of the level, which came in very handy. But don't be fooled this level is no walk in the park, with enemies in all different directions you have to be on the top of your game if you want to beat it! Which is very rewarding when you finally manage to. So what are you waiting for? Go play it!
Renegade Assault 2: Desert striker is an overhead bird-eye view combat simulator. It features many impressive polished elements like a location tracking mini-map. Players are tasked with mission type objectives and are required to not only pilot the helicopter but fend off any hostiles that get in your way. A great level and slightly reminiscent of old console and arcade games. A decent level to download and play on the go!

http://i3.api.vita.lbp.me/img/bl/00308349082b9ee34898b8ff7e2ae7cfa8120335.pngXenomo ochtsr13A different kind of alien adventure.

It's not every day you'll find a level quite like this. It's not even every year you'll play one! Spectacular visuals and a great use of the touch screen (you won't even need the buttons) are the order of this level, but it's the wicked humour that'll have you coming back again and again to find stuff you miss. I struggle to find words for this one, so all I can really do is say 'if you don't play this level, you will regret it' and hope you come play Taffey's wonderful level. Robbed of a team pick with Space Corps, Tarsier makes amends. Taffey does not make a ton of levels. So when he does, the lbp community takes notice. His new level is a tribute to the old point and click adventures we all grew up with and loved. Xenomooch is everything that makes lbpvita so great. Beautifully realized environments. Tons of replay value. And a story so funny you will relinquish all sense of your surroundings and laugh, very loud, out loud. Lose yourself for a while, download this, and see why Taffey is with out a doubt, the best creator in the community. Thanks for making this Taffey, and for all you do for the lbp community, You are my hero. :hero:Xenomooch brings classic point and click awesomeness back in full force! Any fan of yester-years P&C style adventures (ala Monkey Island) will instantly feel at home with this layout. Xenomooch is a professional production brought to us by the zany imagination of one of our local community superstars, and is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. This LBPV level features a raft of hidden content and unlockable achievements. It plays far more like its own game than a simple level in another. Many of the featured scenes will either leave your jaw on the floor or seriously inspire you to try new create approaches. Taff steps up to the plate and smashes a home-run clear out of the park with this publication. Worthy of the Teampicked banner and will display it proudly for all LBPV time. A must play!

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The Indoor Wave Pool
Battle in a wave pool, against your friends, Don Doubtworthy lifeguards, and huge waves. Take anything you find in the water and fire it like you would any other weapon ( square button ). New grab, carry, and throw mechanic to play with...

Water park insanity, if I knew any better. I would be thrown out of the pool for causing danger to others. But Mr. Lifeguard is to busy looking cute to even care. In this action packed arena you fight your opponents not with weapon pick ups. But with pool toys of death! Enjoy a splash in the pool as wave upon wave crashes at your custom made pool toy cart. Trust me this track is just as awesome as a pool party.
It's your day off. What better place to spend it than at the pool!? Enjoy a nice relaxing... Actually let me rephrase. Enjoy a hectic battle for supremacy of the pool, while navigating the most lifelike of waves. You're sure to have your fill of fun fighting your friends on custom made Karts and new weapons!
I didn't know what to think while loading up an arena based on a modern day wave pool, but within seconds of starting game play my jaw was on the floor. This level has since been Teampicked and its easy to see why. This Karting arena features immaculate visuals, its a stunning representation of an indoor setup. The tile work is gorgeous. The real game changer here is the functional wave pool with alerted start up cycles. Amazing work and a brilliant amount of imagination invested into it. An LBPK must play!

MKDS Delfino Square
A recreation of Delfino Square from Mario Kart DS. Includes custom Mario Kart weapons!

This level is a brilliant re creation of a Nintendo classic. It brings back a lot of fond memories of playing on the wii. The attention to detail that is visible here is quite breathtaking. Everything from the ramp, the buildings, the water, and the busy layout of the streets are all available here. My wife actually thought I was playing the original Mario kart when she saw me playing the level, this re creation really is that good. As you would expect from a Nintendo original, the level is great fun and you’re guaranteed have a good race here.
So I was laying Mario Cart to... This isn't Mario Cart. This is Little Big Planet Karting. Wow I was tricked. In this great remake of a Mario Cart track done right with the right details feel and layout I was shocked to see how crisp this was done. This track is a must play for anyone whom has once played Mario Cart and loved it!This Mario Kart track recreation is so accurate that its scary! It may not be an original work but something of this caliber deserves recognition regardless! Its all here, right down from the shortcuts to the lifting drawbridge. Of course no MK track is complete without MK style weaponators and MKDS Delfino Square definitely delivers! Any old or new school Mario Kart fan will certainly appreciate the effort put into this. Top notch track and extremely enjoyable/nostalgic racing experience.

Atlantis Resort -- Dubai
Welcome to the Atlantis Hotel and Aquarium located in Dubai. Special thanks to Onepoppa ( divers, weapon icons ), RADMANROB ( stingrays, jellyfish ), and Laidbackcat ( hammerhead sharks ). 1st place and the Magic Carpet kart is yours to keep

Without doubt, this is some of the most innovative and surprising scenery you will find in little big planet karting so far. The whole level is based around racing through an expensive Middle Eastern hotel however the creativity on display here allows the player to race through sections in several different directions, drive next to, drive through and jump above the hotel itself. The attention to shaping and lighting is quite staggering and will truly makes you appreciate the artistic skills that are on display here. My favourite section of the course, contains a series of aquariums inside the hotel itself. It’s great fun having a look in the window of each one and seeing what buildings, people, and of course fish are inside waiting to be discovered. On top of that of course, it’s a great race too. WOW! I was so impressed by the scenery in this level. Everything in this level was well constructed, planed properly and, detailed in such a way that you go "How did he do that!" I was amazed at the beginning with exploring and seeing the environment fade into view to this vast landscape inside the hotel. In this unique Middle Eastern theme. The track itself is far beyond par with its loop around to its well balanced bounce pads this track is defiantly worth checking out and racing a couple laps.Want to go to Dubai this year for vacation but having trouble scraping together the extra funds? Would you be willing to settle for driving in, around and through one of their commercial resorts? Thats exactly what is happening here in this track. Puppethand666 continues to drop V-BOMBS (visual-bombs lol) for public consumption in his latest and greatest submission to Craft World. Regardless of any accolades this creator has already earned i simply expect nothing but greatness at this point.

Sky Temple Ruins
Don't look down as you race around these lofty ruins. The forecast calls for a chance of storms on lap 2.

The visuals in this level sit somewhere between the ‘shadow of the colossus’ and Zelda. This is a futuristic level which pays great homage to the medieval scenery found in the times gone by. There are things in this level I have never seen before in little big planet karting. At one stage the racer is trapped in a tornado and blown between sections of the track. At another point the player is inserted into a magical ball and lifted between various levels of the track. The track is well signposted with original looking arrows and other signage. If you want to see the latest in what is now possible in little big planet karting, you owe it to yourself to play this track.Today's forecast will be some lightning with a bit of rain, with a 100% chance of tornadoes and followed by AWESOME! I was blown away by this level in every single way. It was so insane I just enjoyed every minute of it. From its ever so changing game-play to it's unique and well balanced curves. To it's Dynamic weather, and to it's unique new transportation methods. This track is 100% awesome so go play it... LIKE NOW! This track abandons some of the usual Karting conventions and delivers professionalism as a result. This track is tough to comment on because as of now im still rendered speechless by the intense amazing visuals and well executed weaponators. This creator has earned their time here on the LBPK spotlight, in fact this is the type of track i would expect to see coming out of the devs responsible for bringing us LBPK. In closing..WOW! WOW! WOW! Excuse me while i go play it again.

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Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

[LBPK]Lazers in Space watch out for those presents in Base Lunaire "Le Fleuret" (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?78150-An-Absolute-Must-Play) by Caiman_6 http://tiny.cc/6hqa6 (https://karting.lbp.me/v/960p)
[LBPK]It's free roam time in Sacks in the city: Day 0 (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?78157-New-Level-Sacks-in-the-city-Day-0) by SergioChileno http://tiny.cc/6hqa6 (https://karting.lbp.me/v/973c)

03-03-2013, 07:59 PM
Congratulations to everyone spotlighted.

Especially to Taffey. You are the man my friend. :D

03-03-2013, 08:05 PM
Thank you so much for the spotlight and reviews! :D Glad you liked my level :) And congratulations to all the other spotlighted!

03-03-2013, 08:06 PM
This was close to being "Community Spotlight: Music Gallery Edition"

On a serious note, congrats to everyone that was spotlight. Looking forward to playing these and listening to some awesome music.

03-03-2013, 08:18 PM
This was close to being "Community Spotlight: Music Gallery Edition"

I know and they're not the easiest levels to review either. Having two in the same episode plus three nods, really stretched our powers of description. And guess what kind of level was first up into the grid for next episode? Yep, a music level. I believe bio may have thrown his controller on the floor at that point. :p

No, seriously, it's great to have such a wealth of music on offer and there's still plenty of platforming for the hardened addicts like bio and myself...

Thanks to the Spotlight Crew for all their hard work on this episode and, of course, to the creators for continuing to make such awesome levels. <3

03-03-2013, 08:22 PM
I've done it! The double pseudo! Thanks, community, for liking my things but not liking them too much. Moderation is key, I hear.

Maybe I should improve my music stuffs so it's on par with the presentation that the others got explicitly spotlighted for.

Of course, that's assuming I care enough. :B

03-04-2013, 01:51 AM
Yeah-yah! Another of my level has been spotlighted! :D Thanks for the great comments about it, Biorogue, Shropshirelass, and Mr. Fusion. :) Also, congrats to all the spotlighed LBP2, LBPK and LBPV levels. Now that I got LBPV, I got a lot to catch up in spotlighted LBPV levels :p.

03-04-2013, 02:24 AM
Great job on Episode 106 Spotlight Crew. Hopefully you'll recover soon from any seizures induced during the making of this Spotlight. ;) And having a vested interest in this particular Spotlight, a special thanks for defining the selection criteria for Music Galleries...mental note, must haz menu. :) And thanks for including my Gallery in the mentions. It's greatly appreciated, and I'm glad it caught your attention.

And awesome job Creators! I see 5 of my GC buddies in the Spotlights, which is mind blowing...stellar work guys. :) And great job on getting a mention too, Tevlon...your music is of the highest synthesized quality and defines a new level of accomplishment in LBP. BRAVO's all around. :p

03-04-2013, 10:33 AM
Lol, yeah so many great tunes this Episode! And it is tricky to review, quality music presentation and clever sharing. It's more like a check box then a review and then what happens if I say 'I like this song in particular' like lass did and the creator thinks 'bleh... that is the worst one I made... what's that Fusion goof thinking'.

I tend to loose sleep at night. Not about this. My neighbour just bought a drum kit. But still the sentiment remains.

03-04-2013, 12:01 PM
Oh, congrats to the spotlighted creators! :love:

The next time I can stop playing Ni No Kuni I will play this masterpieces! :gopher:

03-04-2013, 04:04 PM
Thanks for mentioning my music gallery! :) Congrats to the rest.

03-04-2013, 05:53 PM
Congratulations to all the creators! Great job!
I thought my Cheese Chase would be at least in "Also from the Showcase ..." But not :)

03-05-2013, 03:00 PM
Another batch of amazing levels from our amazing community members here on LBPC ;) My jaw is still on the floor. Looking forward to 107! Keep up the fantastic submissions!

03-05-2013, 03:43 PM
Yay :)
Excellent levels :)

Congratulation to the great creators <3

03-05-2013, 05:59 PM
Thanks for the Spotlight, and a huge congrats to all of my co-spotlightees (..is that a word? I think I just made it a word.)

Most of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the kind words and for the truly tireless efforts of everyone on the Spotlight Crew. It is a monumental task, and you are all consistently superb with your delivery week after week after week. Thank you!

*standing applause* :hero:

P.S. No VJ, you're the man! ;)

03-17-2013, 07:12 PM
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