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03-06-2013, 06:12 PM
One of my biggest disappointments upon getting lbpvita was the disappearance of the level backup.

It was introduced in lbp1 and continued in lbp2.

originally it was introduced due to corrupt data problems that effected individual levels, but became very useful in other aspects as well.

It is very useful to backup your level using the backup:
1) you have dated backups that could be managed off of your playstation onto your personal drives.
2) greatly reduced clutter on "your moon" by not needing redundant save spots for the same level.
3) backing up specific levels is more powerful than backing up an entire profile (again this is cluttery when each level has it own timetable of development and you are forced to backup everything on one timetable).
4) offline trading of levels is no longer possible. Thus even if you only wish to trade privately, sony now gets a copy onto their servers even though you may lock it, it still registers and is documented in their systems thus reducing your privacy.

I believe that number 4 is the main reason for the exclusion of the level backup. With the introduction of the "online pass" the obvious answer to get something out of used game buyers, i believe that they felt the need to remove this utility so people wont trade offline and circumvent their network.

On top of not backing up the level it seems you have to back up your entire system, which is even more annoying than backing up your entire profile.

what are other peoples thoughts on this issue?

03-06-2013, 07:06 PM
Well the easiest way to backup a level is to make it a closed copyable level and upload it to your earth, if your data gets corrupted u just redownload it... i do this anytime i update something on my levels now, since i lost a 20-30 hours project allready cause it got corrupted, allthough there seems a way to restore them...

03-06-2013, 08:46 PM
backing up on your earth,:
-- gives you limited publishing slots if you are someone that publishes on sonys network
-- gives sony a copy of materials that you may wish to be private regardless if its locked
-- uses up your online pass if you are only using lbp as a design tool inturn diminishing the value of your product in trade terms
-- this was the method we utilized in lbp1 until the utility was developed (meaning they spent money making it possible, and then eradicated it)
-- your levels are essentially locked into sonys systems, if you look past the present when the vita dies and gets replace, it surely will be emulated but your levels will be lost. (do you play your NES games on your NES or through an emulator)
-- what you going to do after you fill your earth and moon? (forced to make a second id and buy and additional online pass for that id? further on this point the whole vita's OS makes it unfriendly to having multiple psn IDs ... thus ******* off families that wanted to share the device)

03-06-2013, 08:52 PM
Unfortunately as it stands we desperately need a friendlier method of backing up and restoring levels specifically.
Perhaps if we thought outside the box. I posted a suggestion earlier about a "Cloud Moon"
Basiclly it operates just like our regular moon without "Play" or "Edit" functions and just serves as an online backup tied to our accounts.

Ive posted the topic HERE (https://getsatisfaction.com/littlebigplanet/topics/_lbpv_cloud_moon?rfm=1) & HERE (http://community.eu.playstation.com/t5/LittleBigPlanet-VITA-General/LBPV-IDEA-Cloud-Moon/td-p/18479608) If your interested than consider adding to the tickets.

03-06-2013, 09:48 PM
i think the cloud storage idea would be better than no back up but,

There main reason that the publishing space is limited, is it is a limiting device so they can estimate and control how much hard drive space will be needed to run the game. So if they decided to give more hard drive space per user it would probably better to have more publishing space. Rational: I have multiple backups of a single level in different stages, plus some ideas that are mainly "sketches that will never be published" i see that would in time out grow the space they have for publishing (sony will not spend more money on storing unpublished material than published material). They also now have the play-station plus which is a continual fee based program that also give online/cloud save space, so if they were to open up a non-limiting save space they would most definitely require a playstation plus membership to use it.

Still you would have to be online and dependent to sony servers, which is the aspect i disliked.(its nice to publish, but its nicer to be able to keep your work too.)

one aspect that is great on lbp 1 and 2 is you can backup to your own disk, offline, and also trade offline as well as online.

This was a conscious decision on sonys part as i outline in my first post that it will move online passes for used units and secondary ids, as well as protect from a group independently distributing a great work.

Also it is a test to see if people make any noise, when lbp 3 is developed and released they will excluded backups again if no one misses it on the vita.

03-07-2013, 05:48 PM
You are making way too much out of this lol, i would be happy if i could backup my levels offline seperately ... but its not possible and thats the way it is... well u got some points for sure... but i dont see the big problem...

I plays my SNES Games on an original SNES ^^

Basically with consoles it goes more and more in a direction, that u dont really will own anything anymore.... advantages for publishers and developers but the consumer will suffer... online passes, games and media bound to your console or account, only digital distribution... well, holding a dvd or blueray game in your hands will become retro once... lol... well times changes and u gotta move on.... what can u do?

03-07-2013, 06:48 PM
The reason I suggested cloud storage was that it somewhat plays into Sony's current marketing strategies and direction. I would love to have it like LBP2 but I believe my suggestion echoes a hint of realism regarding the situation.
Thanks for the input.

03-07-2013, 07:52 PM
I absolutely hate what Sony has done with regards to backing up save data with the Vita. I don't think the fault is with LBPV at all, it's the stupid Vita save design...you can't even distinguish between the game save and the application if you get the digital version.

At least Tarsier gave us 30 slots, I'll never need that many so I just back things up to my earth as locked sub-levels...it's the fastest/most convenient method and I'm not concerned about any of the reasons cited for why you don't want to do this...