View Full Version : EXPLOSIVES that can be modificated

03-12-2013, 01:56 PM
I have been making tanks and other warmachines since LBP 1 (I think I have made about 30 tanks in LBP2 and 2 in LBPV)
I have always had one BIG problem. Effectiveness of explosives does not depend on the size of the bomb. If you want to create very effective explosives you must use many bombs which makes LBP lag (chech the problem at my level A-10 Warthog test flight) And if you want to create machine-guns you must create huge and complicated damage calculator in every single machine.
Or you must try to do something like pieces of metal (bullets) that will summon explosives behind them. Actually that will not work which you can see in GAU-8 cannon of A-10 in my level. If effectiveness depended on the size of the explosive, bullet of anti-tank machine-gun could be done with very small explosives.I hope that double eleven would also do easier health or damage calculator.