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03-25-2013, 04:44 PM
I don't know if this glitch has happened to anybody else, but when I spawn, I spawn behind the checkpoint. This means that when there is an object behind the spawn, I either don't spawn, or get crushed. If there isn't an object behind the spawn, I just spawn behind it. I haven't backed up my profile since before Christmas, and I don't want to lose what I've done, so if someone knows how to stop this, please tell me! :frightened:

EDIT: I really hope this isn't true, but a person called DoomsDay-Era said that he has infected copied levels with this glitch, meaning I now know how I could've got this glitch; when I decided to dive in, I went straight into a copied level. After that level, the glitch started happening to me. I really do hope that person is lying, otherwise he has just ruined LBP for hundreds of people. A link to his LBP.Me profile: http://lbp.me/u/DoomsDay-Era

03-26-2013, 09:38 PM
Another one of his PSNs is Reborn_Audio, he's on my friend list and he showed me the glitch himself, even the film he was making in create. The owner of the account is the culprit. Just look at Doomsday's hearted list, Reborn_Audio is there with "Pro Era" as the profile image. Report him, tell Mm somehow, tell Sony, anyone, we have to get him reported.

Blue Helmet
03-27-2013, 12:28 AM
My god, it's like TheckXMen all over again...

My advice: Individually back up all the levels you want to keep, then regress to your earlier profile backup and load them back in. Or you could instead try to recreate "Spawn-pop cancer" or some similar glitch, since I think I remember the game resets your sackperson completely if it detects that glitch.

And yeah, report that guy. Giving yourself powers like Overlord or hazards is fine by me, but when you actually set out to ruin others' games you deserve to get banned.

03-27-2013, 05:33 AM
Whats the "spawn-pop cancer" glitch!?

03-27-2013, 07:33 AM
Finally some people have replied to this thread! Luckily, I haven't been doing much on LBP since I last backed up my game, so I wouldn't lose much, but I won't do it just yet, because there could be a patch sometime soon. I was thinking about reporting Doomsday, but I thought it was a hoax, but now I know it's real, I definitely will. And dolphins-r-lame, SPC was a glitch like this, but you die when you spawn. Another thing, I tried to reset my Sackboy by recreating the re-size Sackboy glitch, but it didn't work. And does anyone know where the Get Satisfaction page is on the LBP or Mm website?
EDIT: Doomsday has been reported to Sony.

Blue Helmet
03-27-2013, 07:46 AM
The LBP GetSatisfaction forum's moved, apparently. Looks like this (http://community.eu.playstation.com/t5/LittleBigPlanet/ct-p/c_EN_LBP) is the new site.

And yeah, SpawnPop Cancer was fixed years ago. If you want to try being really creative, importing a Naux Glitch save from LBP1 might work, but my advice is to just backup all the levels you want to keep, revert to your earlier backup, and restore them from there.

03-27-2013, 08:01 AM
Just had a nice rage on those forums about what needs to be done in update 1.23. We need a fix for this glitch, not some DLC! Think about the young children who played those levels and now their game's broken!

03-27-2013, 05:10 PM
Wow! Another glitch has came to haunt LBP2. I haven't experienced this glitch because I don't even play copied levels anymore. But thanks for warning us.

And by the way, why make friends with people who create game breaking glitches like DoomsDay-Era?

03-27-2013, 06:59 PM
Well, Doomsday has been moderated from LBP, but now there is no Get Satisfaction page anymore, I can't contact Mm or Sony to report the glitch! I hope Mm realises this soon so that we can have a patch.

Blue Helmet
03-28-2013, 03:38 AM
This (http://community.eu.playstation.com/t5/LittleBigPlanet/ct-p/c_EN_LBP) is the new GetSatisfaction page.

03-28-2013, 06:51 AM
Wowza, this is hectic! Hope there is a patch coming soon for you maxus!

04-01-2013, 12:11 PM
ok this is a problem now. people... please back up your profile before every time you play lbp online. before you back it up, make sure you spawn in play mode the way you should. it's really sad this has not been patched yet. i know everything about this glitch. it was found in mid 2011. currently there is still a cure. i will explain all soon.

04-03-2013, 02:35 AM
I sense soon something most diabolical will happen Mwahahahaha. ( i hope not :()

04-03-2013, 12:51 PM
If this is the return of the spawn pop bug there was a fix confirmed by Mm that worked: http://forums.littlebigplanet.com/t5/General-Discussion/The-cure-for-the-Spawn-resized-sackboy-glitch/m-p/374896

04-03-2013, 03:11 PM
Tried that fix, but it doesn't work. Probably because SPC was completely patched? I don't think this is SPC, you just spawn behind the checkpoint.