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Welcome one and all to the latest Episode of the Spotlight. Once again we have for your delectation, delight and all round dissipation the very cream of all three Level Showcases in the past fortnight. There’s something for everyone: epic platforming, brain-bending puzzles, *fails to find anything else beginning with P*, all sorts of awesome…


http://i9.lbp.me/img/bl/f791fcb0ad6cd763e23f1fa6d14dcc528cafb801.pngKhodex & Eterniitys platformer [1-4 players]KhodexA cooperation level in wich you can play with your friends or alone. Yes, you can reach the end of this cooperation level alone because you can switch character. Eterniitys is my brother, in real life, and I wanted to create a level about cooperation between brothers because I think brothers have to help themselves. For a better level experience, play alone or with only one friend.
Well what have we here... looks like another brilliant level by Khodex! In this level cooperation is key as you utilize two different sackbots to traverse the various puzzles. In my case, cooperation meant know when to push the "switch players" button to take control of the other bot. And these two characters Khodex and Eterniitys sure make quite a duo leading one another on through the level and even emitting one another through creatinators--which I found to be the coolest thing since sliced bread (as long as you don't have a friend who enjoys launching you into hazards... repeatedly). The visuals are there too for all you snap happy photographers with a very detailed mechanical theme. This one's a must play whether it's by yourself or with a friend!This is one of those levels where you find yourself exclaiming “oh, wow, that’s so cool!” every few minutes as you’re playing (much to the annoyance of your mic-less companion no doubt :P). But it’s just not possible to resist, as one clever co-op puzzle follows another. Like stryder for me the biggest wow moment came when I got to shoot my companion out of the creatinator – such a fun idea. True, it is possibly open to abuse but the fact that Khodex and Eterniitys switch roles constantly has something of a deterrent effect, mutually assured destruction and all that. Doesn’t prevent general incompetence though; accidents happen, OK… The visuals are colourful; the gameplay design is ingenious and it plays really smoothly. I guarantee you’ll have a whole heap of fun playing. I'm just gonna say that this is epic and now i'm gonna tell you Play this now. This level is so well done with its 2 player style 1 player gameplay. That's if you chose to play as 1 player. With it's wonderful design and it's perfect gameplay you will be astonished it its atmosphere and its utmost unique style of gameplay. Now go play this I demand it!

http://i5.lbp.me/img/bl/ed5bb4d0389e914720bd4c09ef25e19454f07c67.pngLegend of the Hidden (but not really) Battery [INTRO[DUCTION]]morris6267"Gee, it sure is boring around here." These are the last words you will say before you make the greatest mistake in your life. What mistake? Starting the chain of events that cause you to go on the cheapest adventure of All Time. After being manipulated by the moronic but loveable Mr. Beaver (lol @ cheap name) you deicde to go find some battery. Not really a "chain of events" but whatever who cares amirite?
Man it's been a while since I had a good laugh playing through a level but this one sure delivered. Morris6267 pokes fun at the cliché stories found in LittleBig Planet and sends sackboy on a "the cheapest adventure of All Time." Now sackboy may not have enjoyed the journey, but I sure did. The puzzling elements in this level were fantastic and very well thought out using the idea of switches to swing on with the grappling hook, but each switch activates something in the environment. So if you're looking for a good laugh or some fun gameplay, go ahead and give this one a go.Mr. Beaver is so far the best character in this. As you search for a battery for this socially awkward beaver. You are put into a temple like setting involving around switch gameplay as you interact with almost every bounce pad by switching it between lethal and non-lethal. As you hunt for the battery to help Mr. Beaver escape air you will be wondering why he wants this. This level has great humor and gameplay. So go help Mr. Beaver find his battery or he will stab you. Seriously he says that! I don't like you anymore Mr. Beaver!Pure classic example of Style vs. Substance argument within this funny abstract of a sackboy adventure I by the end felt was great. but as Stryder suggested it was far from the same experience for my sackboy. I always thought him and I shared the same sense of humor, but I guess we don't. O'well sackboy I still love you, just like I love this level. It has the 3 P's of platforming: 1 platforming hehe, 2 Phun (yeah I know its a stretch :P, and it is Phantastic (why do I even attempt to be cute o.O). This romp of sending your new pal to the moon is Fantastic with a capital PH. Kudos to you MorrisThis has to be one of the funniest levels I have played in a long time. Mr (#IAMACOMEDYGOD) Beaver is nothing if not a memorable character and it says something for the strength of the gameplay in the middle section of this level series that it is not totally overshadowed by the comedy in the intro and outro levels. The puzzle based gameplay is intricate and cleverly put together and will definitely have you cursing Mr Beaver and his ill-founded desire to be launched into space. I can hand-on-heart say that this level series provides a unique experience and I am glad I went in search of the battery for Mr Beaver’s spaceship, even without the threat of being stabbed…or whatever.

http://i3.lbp.me/img/bl/343baa2bbccc59d7e7ce8cfda448c42bfbe91c52.pngPuzzle Colours [1P]SneakySteve1983Welcome to Puzzle Colours. It's a room based puzzler where mixing colours is essential to making progress. There are 9 rooms at the moment but will add more at some point. All puzzles are unlocked from the start. The triangle button returns you to the level select. Holding O takes you to the scoreboard,
I think we all love it when a creator brings ingenuity and splashes with calm music to allow us to exercise our brains while playing LBP with 9 brain cell multiplying levels that pull together all the elements of the rainbow to bring us a dazzling rendition of puzzle meets platformer. I can fully understand why this level was recommended to me to play: relaxing meets me meets euphoria of time well spent. So don't just sit there and waste valuable brain cells reading my rubbish, go out there now and discover PUZZLE COLOURS!!! Kudos to you SneakSteve SneakySteve1983 proves yet again that he is a past master at producing creative LBP puzzle levels. This latest one is perhaps less of a brainteaser than some of his previous ones (which my lazy brain cells are probably grateful for, lol) and steps in a new direction with its colour mixing gameplay. The concept is simple but elegant and it effortlessly walks that tricky line between being a satisfying challenge and at the same time fun. The presentation is as slick and stylish as the gameplay and together they make for another gem for puzzle fans to savour.this innovative puzzle platform show great and the utmost perfect colour puzzle as it will take you into the art room to figure out what colours make what, that is if you don't already know. The way this level is presented is just so perfect, with its wonderful design to its lighting system. The levels mood is just terrific. I would suggest this level to anyone who is up for some puzzle fun.

http://i4.lbp.me/img/bl/dd4e692a5cbe914071ab9768a97cb9306f9ac5d3.pngMuppet Mayhemshookie_monster[PLATFORMER/1PLAYER] Auditions are now open for the next Muppet movie. Do you have the skills required to become the next big star in the film? Well go ahead...your audience awaits!
When I saw the level title, I thought it was going to be one of those knock of levels of the Muppets Pack, but when I saw shookie_monster's name attached to it, I knew I was in for a treat. Though it relies on that Muppet theme, this level was an entirely new experience. There some great gameplay elements utilizing the controllinator to activate various contraptions and those lovely opportunities to rack up major score multipliers. Well get goin! Auditions won't last forever and you really rock the stage to make it into the next Muppet movie!Muppet Mayhem is just such a great level that this could be one of the best muppet pack style levels out there on little big planet. From the gameplay to the style of the level just screams out perfect! All the gameplay is perfectly suited to the style of muppets that we have played here on the DLC. one minute you will be running around getting score combos the next you will be soaring through the air like an eagle. This is a must see level Shookie you have done it again.OOOGLY BOOGLY, I wanna be a star in the next muppet movie!!!! Geez this was a blast and with a shortage of muppets levels about, Shookie brings us this romp thru muppet stardom. From the bigtop the minor things such as the little muppet heads popping up around the safe zones from here to there oooo its animal, gotta have animal made me smile and feel as the atmosphere was as fluid as the platforming. This is one of those levels you can't help but to enjoy. Such a fun and smiley atmosphere ripped with Hansen charm. Kudos to you Shookie

http://i9.lbp.me/img/bl/749986a84c1b4799991b213ec920d8850bd879bc.pngWolf Fury: Introseptamus112[ONE PLAYER ONLY] Story: You and The Princess are happily in love and you don't think anything can take that away. But, deep in the pit of a dark castle an evil presence called Vox send his minion to steal her away. After getting the power you need you must go save her! Grab your stead and ride!
This is one very refreshing and seriously underplayed series. After a very appealing cartoon-style intro, you find yourself in hot pursuit of the evil minions who’ve abducted your true love. Astride your trusty steed (which looks like it’s possibly had a few too many chocolate biscuits lately!) you attempt to shoot down the baddies whilst avoiding the rocks in your path. It’s in an action-packed medieval style side-scrolling adventure. Next comes some nicely designed platforming and sackbot action in Vox’s castle stronghold. Finally, septamus112 rings the changes yet again as you encounter the infamous Vox himself in a topdown level which will test your skills and patience…I have to admit to a certain amount of muttering under my breath at this point, lol. You have to applaud the ambition of this series and the charm and panache with which septamus112 has pulled it off. I'm sorry Sackboy it seems your princess is taken to another castle. This series is so grand and awesome you might just explode. I really enjoyed every level of this series and I hope you can as well. This series uses some of the best Sackbot gameplay I have seen in a long time. From wall jumping to swimming this is such a great level. I really liked how you were able to fight on a horse that has to be my favorite part of the level so far. Septamus112 you really done it this time!I tend to be cute with my reviews, but I will refrain in this one and keep it serious. Why, you may ask? Cause it comes in a blue moon where I am captured by a creator and drawn into their imaginative world of LBP. This series has it all I am telling you, from very cute cutscenes, horseback riding, amazing Platforming, and to top it all off, a top down boss battle. All together this series rings out to be 7 levels, something like 4 or 5 playable and 2/3 cutscenes. Some may say WHAT!!!!???? 7 levels I don't have time to play 7 levels. Let me reassure you this is a 7 level series that the levels are not time constraining in the least. I am very glad to have played this and I would strongly recommend playing it. So please play now and enjoy this series that covers so many genres of gameplay. Kudos to you Septamus

http://i9.lbp.me/img/bl/aa957528bbfbecdfad0b5f3669437802d95ab516.pngFired: introzecros4Welcome to Fired, a series based on revenge at your boss. You've been kicked out of the building and left in the desert, what are you going to do?. Special thanks to velvet--audio for his music and to hitsquad-139v3, gunlock11 and nistarx for encouragement and advice. Best as 1 player. UPDATE 31/5/2013 *Made desert look better*
The bobtox is strong with this one an ingame review on the level would suggest. I would agree, but disagree. Both share similarities both are cast in a factory, both have horrible bosses, and both are amazing to play. zecros does an excellent job of setting the stage for an adventure that is great from start to finish. So put on your thinking cap and get to work, or I guess not work cause your technically fired. Well get back to the factory to exact revenge on your boss and be sure to give Phil a raise just in case you become the new boss. Kudos to you ZecrosHaving a boss who takes firing you waaaay too literally can be a bit of a nightmare but revenge is sweet so they say. It’s not all plain sailing though and you’ll need all the help that the ever obliging Phil can give you to get into the bowels of the factory and foil your boss’s evil plans. This level series with its cool steampunk setting has a real quirky charm and lots of nice humorous touches. The gameplay has plenty of variety with puzzles, platforming and a boss fight to get stuck into. Just keep a cool head and don’t mix up your tea with your fries or seafood and you’ll be fine…

http://i5.lbp.me/img/bl/c3511e176fa9b4e4ca8e56a76dcf340b967746bf.pngGuardi an of Space -lvl 2- Forbidden PlanetXx_Mr_Orange_xXAfter barely escaping the alien robots, your escape pod is heading right for a strange, mysterious Planet! 1-4 players use turn based gameplay but it is best played with one player to reduce lag. med/difficulty platformer ----- Special thanks to @CYMBOL /story, @L1GhTmArE , @UtopicDreamer /turn based sackbot logic, @RickRock_777 /music, @Festerd_Jester /music, @jarreguin001 /intro music, @CRASHER360 /animated me, @claptonfann /voice acting, @DjBon3sATerp /costumes, @comphermc /font.
No one can hear you in space when you yell "HOLY MOLY THIS LEVEL IS AMAZING", but unfortunately as my mouth was open left agazed the drool did not roll down my chin instead it just kinda floated there, you know space and all, right no gravity or something like that, wait now where was I going with this. Oh yeah, play this level asap or just start at the beginning of the series if you haven't already you will not be disappointed in the least!!! Kudos to you Orange ManHaving whetted our appetites (and made bio’s Uncle Cletus famous for 5 minutes…) with his great cinematic Intro to this series, we now get to the main course and it was soooo worth the wait. The level begins with another gripping film sequence as your escape pod crash lands on an alien planet, but then it’s over to you and the adventure really takes off as you make your way into the nearby space station where some superb platforming awaits. One cool, creative gameplay idea follows another as you encounter spinning wheels of doom, tubes lined with lethal lasers and more electrified surfaces and other hazards than you’d think altogether desirable in a working space station. Who knows, though, perhaps aliens enjoy dicing with death as they go about their space alieny business. It certainly makes for a great and very welcome challenge and I had a blast getting through all the amazing obstacles. The atmosphere, music and brilliantly detailed settings all help to make this a truly must play level. I can’t wait for the next instalment.Mr Orange WOW! just WOW! I was absolutely blown away at this level it is impressively detailed the gameplay is just perfect and everything is just so well done it's like OMG THIS IS AWESOME! I was so impressed at the details I stood there for about 2 mins just to see everything. It is impressive how well done together the details to the grand design of the whole thing is just WOW. I would suggest you to play this right away it is definitely worth it.

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[LBP2] We don’t normally feature hub levels but this one is so awesome we just had to bend our rules. Check out The Amazing Levels (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?79938-The-Amazing-Levels&p=1103671#post1103671) by TulioR10 http://tiny.cc/6hqa6 (http://lbp.me/v/kk8s8m)
[LBP2] A fun and addicting mini-game which could seriously damage your health - Germs Survival (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?79946-http-lbp-me-v-kke20q&p=1103724#post1103724) by retrogamer7 http://tiny.cc/6hqa6 (http://lbp.me/v/kke20q)
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[LBP2] A horror level with unexpected depths to its story and unique gameplay features. You won’t want to miss Endless Nightmare 3 (part 1-3) (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?80108-Endless-Nightmare-3-a-breathtaking-horror-level&p=1105703#post1105703) by NeonSudagatz http://tiny.cc/6hqa6 (http://lbp.me/v/kqdyys)
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http://id.api.vita.lbp.me/img/bl/7ad3bc302a2116f4baab74a9052d4d502aea8df9.pngLadder al Thinking [LCPSP]samiamiamsamAvoid the snakes and hazzards, and get to the end of this fiendish level. If you can! Part of the psp Revitalized project at lbpcentral. 5/22/13

VelcroJonze is back again, the level making machine. This time he has revitalised a classic psp level. I unfortunately didn't have lbp psp so missed out on all the great levels. But luckily VJ has crafted together a wonderful remake with gameplay fitting the vita's features, which was pretty challenging but very unique. I can't wait to see the other wonderful levels that come from this psp revitalised project. Be sure to check this level out and all the other levels in the project that have been published so far.OK, I thought, sure I can help out the Vita crew and review a level in an emergency. No problem! Well, this level put me back in my place with a vengeance. Awesome gameplay but I really need to hone my Vita skills. I got stung (??), no, poisoned by snakes at every turn and sent tumbling down ladders left right and centre. And despite all of that I finished the level with a huge smile on my face. It’s charming, polished and above all fun to play even for the Vita challenged amongst us *cough*. Pure platforming goodness from a master of the art.

http://i7.api.vita.lbp.me/img/bl/e97fecc4c1a5b526c58d0d3e44fc6b7b3c7d742d.pngStickB oy RUNNERAdel22Run Run Run! How far can you run? A simple and addictive running game with alot of levels, themes and musics! One Player only. X or L to Jump and Down or R to Roll.
A simple level idea made to perfection, with slick transitions and smooth animations it could be compared with some top iOS apps. The idea is simple you have two choices, either to jump or roll while you run endlessly towards blocks. It quickly becomes challenging with the speed gradually increasing making it very enjoyable with tonnes of replayability of trying to get top spot on the scoreboard.StickBoy RUNNER by Adel22 is one of those levels that sinks its teeth into the player and will not let go. Addictive is an understatement when it comes to this brilliant arcade-app. Choose your theme, choose your music, and you are off to the races. Literally. Beautifully realized animations, and gameplay that is challenging but quite fair due to the tight controls, you will have this gem in your download list for some time.

http://i4.api.vita.lbp.me/img/bl/744d99dd686c12371d5804adc267ee939a55abb6.pngCOME FRUTAPulparindo15In this game the fruit takes a very important role.
Ready to get your retro platforming fix? Look no further than Pulparindo's Come Fruta. This level simply oozes old school goodness. A beautiful 8-bit art style that will take you back to the good old NES days, coupled with silky smooth animations, Pulparindo took his time on this, and it shows. Not an easy play by any means, the level stays true to it's retro roots with frantic, but super fun gameplay. It is mind boggling what people can create on lbp, and this level amazed me.And if I thought VJ’s level was tough, this one really schooled me! Zero points, phew! It really shows me up as an amateur who was not brought up playing classic arcade levels. But even I can see that this is enormously impressive technically. Those sprites are so cool, the animations are amazing and the retro feel is great. I had a blast and will definitely live with the humiliation – this is how old school gaming was meant to be, right? Moral: eat more fruit, play more arcade games!

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[LBPV] A suspenseful tale of intrigue awaits you in A Broken World (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?80154-Evernight-Part-1-A-Broken-World) by Wertpol http://tiny.cc/6hqa6 (http://vita.lbp.me/v/cmg8k)

06-09-2013, 06:55 PM

https://lbpk-production.s3.amazonaws.com/player_creations/544317/preview_image_128x128.pngMKDS Desert Hills
A recreation of Desert Hills from Mario Kart DS. Includes my Advanced Mario Kart Weapons, disappearing item boxes and score coins!

We bring you yet another awe inspiring Mario Kart DS track homage! In typical fashion it features mind blowing re-creative accuracy and some super snazzy Mario Kart themed weaponators! Its great to see the classics inspiring such faithful work from the LBP community!As I have never played Mario Kart DS, this track shows how exciting and possibly epic the game is. With its awesome weapons to its ingenious track layout. You will be amazed as you play this remade work of art.

https://lbpk-production.s3.amazonaws.com/player_creations/559601/preview_image_128x128.pngTime Splitter
It's Time Splitter Alert!

From intro to finish line, Time Splitter is a jaw-dropper! Its a journey more than a race, quite literally its a journey through various time periods. The individual time period depictions are impressive enough, every one has its own pizazz that makes it fitting for the represented time. For example the 20's are depicted in black & white. Brilliant! Whats even more impressive is the transition between them! The way the light pulls you in and the ripples that throw the player out the other end.!.wow.!. Queue It, Play it.I don't think there is enough Bio references to describe this track. "wow" and "cool" isn't enough to describe this insane track of absolute genius. Every timeline is just perfect, with all its design and the way each one presents itself is just well done and perfect. This track is solid gold in its game-play, ideas, and over all design. I would suggest this track to anyone whom plays Karting. So go ahead and play this masterpiece.

Also from the Showcase...
Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

[LBPK] We've finally found the sunken city Atlantis (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?79752-Atlantis) by IIITAKTLOSSIII http://tiny.cc/6hqa6 (https://karting.lbp.me/v/bck9)
[LBPK] ..no one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike.. THRILLER (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?79940-Our-last-level-THRILLER) by patdid http://tiny.cc/6hqa6 (https://karting.lbp.me/v/bpcz)
[LBPK] Strap in and commence the Amethyst Ascension (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?79989-Amethyst-Ascension-A-New-TimeAttack-Level!) by Snake55wildcat http://tiny.cc/6hqa6 (https://karting.lbp.me/v/buwh)

06-09-2013, 09:39 PM
Great job, Spotlight Crew, for some awesome Spotlight picks this go. The levels I have played, so far, rocked the socks off of me. Ok...maybe they only fell down around my ankles...but still. ;) Does that happen to any of you? My legs and feet are always moving around during a great level. :D

And a well deserved congratulations to all of the Creators Spotlighted and given Honorable Mention here. You have brought us some genius works. THANKS! :D

06-09-2013, 09:43 PM
Great spotlight here! Thanks to the Spotlight Team and congrats everyone featured!

06-09-2013, 10:05 PM
Another awesome spotlight!! Very good job spotlight crew, i will be sure to check the levels out. These spotlights are very appreciated! :)

06-09-2013, 11:04 PM
Thank you spotlight crew for bringing us some more fantastic levels to play and an extra big thank you for picking my level!
Congratulations to everyone else that also got picked for the spotlight!

06-10-2013, 12:17 AM
Congrats to the creators! One thing- the MKDS Desert Hills link links you to a track called "Central Core Station"

06-10-2013, 01:18 AM
There are lots of great levels this week, but if I had to pick a favorite it'd be Khodex's. Simply brilliant stuff, everyone should check it out.

Thanks creators and crew members for another fine episode.

06-10-2013, 12:31 PM
Congrats to all Spotlight winners! : D Some good stuff there. Woot, I'm ahead of the curve this time. There's only two in that list I haven't tried yet. XD

06-10-2013, 03:19 PM
Yay, spotlighted. :p

Thank you spotlight people, and congratulations to the creators.

06-11-2013, 01:07 AM
Congrats to all the spotlighted levels. Wish I can give all the LBP2 and LBPK levels a go right away, but my PS3 can't play any discs. For now, I queued all of them.

06-11-2013, 02:22 AM
Thanks for the spotlight! Congrats to everyone!

06-11-2013, 06:04 AM
Oh wow, Endless Nightmare 3 is in this showcase! Thank you so much. No wonder there were so many random plays in my level.

06-11-2013, 07:48 AM
Thanks a lot dear Spotlight Crew, for always finding all this great levels for us! :love:
The day the Community Spotlight Episodes and the LBN-Picks are published are more interesting for me than the PSN-Store update :gopher:

And congrats to all the picked Creators!

06-15-2013, 08:37 AM
Yay, Im spotlighted.

Thanks to the spotlighted crew for picking my level. Really nice.
Again a great spotlight with some funny and awesome levels :D

06-15-2013, 07:35 PM
A bit late, but... Ooh, Thanks for the Spotlight! :D!!
And sorry if my Come Fruta is extremely difficult! :p

06-18-2013, 02:07 AM
Don't feel sorry about that. That's how games should really be. ;)

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