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06-29-2013, 03:27 AM
Now, I'm pretty sure that all of us here have played or atleast heard of LBP-Karting. You haven't? That's not surprising. Sony BARELY advertised the darn thing. It's 19.99+ on the PStore and Free for + Users. Try it out for a bit, play some online races, then come back here. ...Alright, on with the thread! My most recent worst moment was when I was racing at After The Wedding VS. I was in 8th after a Boxing Glove barrage at the beginning of the 1st lap and was there for about 2/3rds of the race. The third lap started and I was making a comeback, I managed to get to 3rd by the time we got to The Three Skulls jump. At the corner after the jump, I had made it into 2nd just before the final hairpin. I was close to 1st, we had entered the corner, he went wide, I hugged the inside and overtook 1st. I made to the finish line, feeling extremely satisfied about the very close win. It was going normally... until the white screen between the race end and scoreboard hung. At first, I was: :confused: Once I realized what happened, I was: :mad:. So that's one of my many bad online experiences, how about you?

Crow's note: Was racing again at After The Wedding VS. At the "Race Ends In.../Spectator" screen, 5 of the karts on the track froze in place. I couldn't exit or do anything. Had to quit via XMB after that. :( What is wrong with this game?

06-29-2013, 02:51 PM
Welcome to the party. :) The online is atrocious on this game, staying connected with friends is a constant nightmare, the game will often freeze on you forcing a hard reset of your PS3 as it tries to load between levels or move back and forth between the track and the pod. The worst though is when you cross the line in 1st at the end of an online race and you get the message 'you have lost connection to the game servers' and get kicked back to your pod. That REALLY grinds my gears... :(