View Full Version : Why do i get no plays yet trash levels do?

07-13-2013, 12:27 AM
So my speciality is making short but sweet levels. Simple ones that don't have two hundred filled up microchips in them, but they are fun to play. However, I only get like 20 plays on most of them. However, i don't get negative reviews (i did on one level though, because people wanted it to be longer). I also show my friends the levels and they all enjoy them. However, i look at the cool pages and it is UTTER GARBAGE. Copied levels, sharks and bomb survivals, zombies survivals (and they're not even GOOD ones), empty levels, levels with costumes or "FREE MUSIC TRACK THAT I DIDN'T EVEN MAKE BUT JUST STOLE FROM SOMEONE WHEN THEY WERE IN CREATIVE MODE" etc. And i think, why do these levels get 10000 views and more, and mine never get more than 50? I then feel very unmotivated to keep creating little gems of levels, so i end up unable to make anything for ages. I don't understand how all that drivel gets in the cool pages? Are my levels just equally as bad, or do i need to H4H so people actually play them, or do i need to give in and copy levels? What do i need to do?

My PSN is littlebigperson2 so if you wanna look me up on lbp.me or you wanna check out my levs, feel free :D

07-13-2013, 12:42 AM
You're new here. :)

The cool pages are nothing, but crap and have been for quite some time. Simply the demographics of who all plays this game which are mostly younger kids. Kids love that stuff. Simple..

Now that you are here, try competing with the big boys. We are pretty serious creators here. Post your levels in the Level Showcase and get some feedback. Even better is to use the F4F system (Feedback for Feedback) and be proactive about it. To do that go and play tons of other levels in the showcase that are also F4F and leave detailed feedback for each and every one of them. Then, tell them which of your your showcase levels to visit to honor their F4F commitment.

That is how you do it... not complaining about the cool levels and then dropping a hint to "play mah levels". We take creation seriously here so if you have skills and want to improve, you have come to the right place.

There have been so many hundreds of threads like this over the years that it is amazing that they keep on coming, but you are new here and I understand you probably didn't think about searching first.

So take my advice and first make an intro thread in the Intro forum, get up to at least 5 posts and then make a level thread as I suggested above. We are hear to help if you are serious. If you use the tools here you can get tons of feedback and maybe someday land an LBPC Spotlight. ..and even better, those get noticed by Mm and some even become Mm picks.

..again, if you are serious, follow my advice and if you have any questions, feel free to look me up here on LBPC.

Now, I will be locking this thread as it is so so so much a duplicate many times over. :) ..and please don't take offense by it. It just keeps it from becoming horribly spammy as from experience, these types of threads do very quickly. ;)