View Full Version : Adding original soundtrack ... (A WAY AROUND IT)

01-27-2009, 03:59 AM
So me and my partner are an electronic music duo from Vancouver, performing in Tokyo right now. We just finished our album "Optimistic" coming out in Spring.
We are also avid game enthusiasts and wanted to make a level featuring our music in Little Big Planet. Of course the problem of not being able to add sound was a conundrum.

One solution we found was to put all the songs for the game free on our myspace ( myspace.com/deliciousduo ) and then put indicators for the song that appears are each specific level.
So when you pass the part where the music would change, a bleep indicator comes on to let the player know to start the song you want on his end.

Although it's a very primitive way of doing it, I think our game: D2 - Optimistic is the first LBP title to feature an original soundtrack.

01-27-2009, 05:36 AM
That's an interesting concept of a way to work around the current system. It's been theorised that things are as they are right now to help prevent copyright theft or original works, as well as preventing people being overly offensive with whatever content they put in.

But someone who makes their own music and links it, well, it's up to the player to visit the site. It's not a bad idea. :)

Who knows, if MM find out about it they might get in contact with you to make your music officially in game! ;)