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08-02-2013, 07:22 AM
Hey guys! I'm enjoying the hell out of Virtue's Last Reward (the 999 sequel) and finished beating it recently, and the couldn't help but play around with the idea of the game's own dark, twisted yet interesting mini-game: the Ambidex Game. So, after much thinking, I finally worked out a way to apply this to a forum friendly version and am very curious to see how it plays out.

The Nonary Game is a game that involves nine kidnapped people, all of them strangers to one another (for the sake of this version of the game, we'll consider the players 'unfortunately kidnapped LPBC members' instead). The nine players must solve puzzles, work as a team, and get to the Number 9 Door in order to escape captivity. As the name implies, the door is the only door with a large 9 on it. The door may only open once, though. Once it has been open, it will close and remain closed forever, trapping anybody left behind for all eternity (or at least until they die).

More on the Nonary Game: http://zeroescape.wikia.com/wiki/Nonary_Game:_Ambidex_Edition
The Ambidex Game is a mini-game within the Nonary Game. Players must play a modified version of the Prisoner's Dilemma, a theory problem that demonstrates how rational thinking can produce negative results. In the Ambidex Game, players must vote whether to 'Ally' or 'Betray' their partners.


Each player begins with a bracelet with 3 BP on it, or 'Bracelet Points'. The goal of the game is to reach 9 BP in order to unlock the Number 9 Door; however, only players with 9 BP or higher may walk through the door. Anybody with less who tries to enter it will be penalized (see Rules and Penalty). To get BP, you must vote against your opponent, in which case one of these may happen:

The four different circumstances that can arise in the game are given formal names to identify them. The case where both players ally (what Zero calls the "Best Pals" outcome), is called Mutual Alliance. The case where both players betray is called Mutual Betrayal. The case where you betray and the opponent allies is called Temptation: it offers a higher reward and is part of the reason to betray. The case where you ally and the opponent betrays is called Sucker, since it means you lose out.

Opponents will be determined by groups, which will be covered in the Groups section. One person of each group must vote; no group can abstain from voting (see Rules for more details). Violators will be penalized. If your BP reaches 0 or below, you will be penalized.
Groups are determined randomly. Each group consists of three people: a Solo and a Pair. Each group must vote and choose rooms together. Afterwards, your investigations (see Investigating and Roaming and Roles) commence. Players will be group by random in groups of colors. The sets are as follows:

Start of the Nonary game.
Ambidex Game - Round 1
Ambidex Game - Round 2

'Pairs' only get one vote, as do 'Solos'. Pairs also have their vote count for both players, so if the Solo were to betray the Pair and that Pair allied, the Solo would gain +3 while the both players in that pair get -2, regardless of who voted for the pair.

Another important thing to know: Pairs may decide on what to vote for, but only one may PM me the vote. So if Player 1 told his partner, Player 2, to choose 'Ally', his partner may choose to comply or 'Betray' instead. A great way to find out who's to trust and who's not, I must say.
The goal of the Nonary Game is to escape alive, and morally with everybody. There are, however, three people in the game who have other plans. These people are:

The Bomber - A player who is not supposed to be apart of the game. They snuck in and intend to plant four bombs in the facility. This player wins if they've managed to plant all four bombs and let them detonate, or escape after having planted all the bombs. The bombs will be on a timer that activates once all bombs have been planted. Four rounds of the Ambidex Game must pass before they detonate. The bombs can be defused, but require the password that only the Bomber knows. Hints will be scattered across the facility to aid the players in finding the Bomber to interrogate.

Zero - The person responsible for the Nonary Game. If Zero escapes, regardless if with another person or not, everybody loses and Zero wins.

Killer - Someone who's either insane or clever enough to figure out who Zero/The Bomber is. They only have two chances to kill, and even then it may foiled by the would-be-victim if that person manages to find and keep a weapon. If they succeed in a kill, they may steal any number of items the person may have on them, including their bracelet. The victim, if killed, is not allowed to post until their body is discovered, and even then they may not reveal the killer's identity; however, if the murder attempt was foiled by the would-be-victim, they may try to reveal the killer's identity. That is if you can convince everybody you're not lying.
Investigations work as follows:

You must enter through the Chromatic Doors as a group.
Only three bracelets are allowed through each Chromatic Door. Any extras or few missing will penalize the entire group.
Behind each Chromatic Door is a corridor.
A corridor contains 3 rooms. The groups choose which room they'll take.
I'll PM the group what they find in the room.
You must tell everybody else what room you checked. Whether you feel like sharing your findings is up to you.
Once you finishing investigating the current room in your Chromatic Door, you may head into whichever Chromatic Door you'd like during roaming, even without your partner (if you're a pair).

Roaming is when you investigate a room without consent of the others. You may tell them and even roam together if you like. Although suspicious, you may keep any of your findings without telling anybody you went to that room and what you found. Each player may only roam once every round: either before you enter the Chromatic Doors, or after you finished investigating one with your group.

Note: When roaming you are not allowed to post. The other players will also be able to tell if you're roaming if, say, you're not present during the decision of the Chromatic Doors. You are also susceptible to murder.
Plain and simple: doors that will not open unless the players meet specific requirements:

Three bracelets are present.
The bracelets' colors make/compliments the Chromatic Door's color.

The doors for each round and how to unlock them are as follows:

Round 1: 1 Magenta, 1 Yellow, and 1 Cyan Door.
Magenta is a mix of Red and Blue. Its complementary color is Green.
Yellow is a mix of Red and Green. Its complementary color is Blue.
Cyan is a mix of Blue and Green. Its complementary color is Red.

Round 2: 1 Red, 1 Blue, and 1 Green Door.
Red is a mix of Magenta and Yellow. Its complementary color is Cyan.
Blue is a mix of Cyan and Magenta. Its complementary is Yellow.
Green is a mix of Cyan and Yellow. Its complementary is Magenta.

Round 3: 3 White Doors.
Green must pair with Magenta. Blue must pair with Yellow. Red must pair with Cyan.

Only 9 people may play.
No revealing roles.
Do not post if you were killed/restrained until your situation has resolved (they found your body, they let you go, etc.)
You cannot remove your bracelets unless you get penalized or die.
You may only PM me once each round unless your role permits you to do something requiring another PM.

Magenta Door
Crew Quarters
Dining Room

Yellow Door
Treatment Center

Cyan Door
Recreational Room
Botanical Garden
Theater Room

Red Door
Director's Office
Security Office

Blue Door
Swimming Pool
Exercise Gym

Green Door
Server Room
Test Chamber

White Door 1

White Door 2
Class Room

White Door 3
Art Studio
Recording Studio
If it's too confusing, then forgive me. This wasn't easy for me to come up with considering the game plays differently. Other than that feel free to join and/or ask questions. :hatsack:

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Wow, I read everything... I'm considering to join, I just need to give it another read before and see if I understand. :p

08-02-2013, 01:08 PM
Can I multi-task three time consuming forum games at once? Yeah, sure why not?

May I join the currently empty fray? :)

08-02-2013, 01:48 PM
Loved playing this on the Vita, brilliant game. I volunteer to take part as one of the nine participants.

08-02-2013, 04:32 PM
I still need to buy this game, it looks friggen awesome. Having played the demo, the thread title brought a smile to my face :D. Count me in!

08-02-2013, 05:51 PM
I'll need to get Virtue's Last Reward off of PS Plus on my Vita if it's that good! Also, I'll join.

08-02-2013, 06:00 PM
Sorry, forgot to add this into the OP to avoid confusion:

Behind each Chromatic Door is a corridor.

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Hey! Just finished playing and Platinum-ing Zero Escape 2: Virtue's Ast Reward a couple of hours ago... And found this thread. Consider me in the Nonary Game Aaaaaambidex Edition LBP! :)

EDIT: If it is still going to be made of course :P