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08-16-2013, 03:47 AM
For a good few work-hours I was bug free while editing my new level in LBPK. Everything was going smoothly but now I've found another bug and this one's a doozy. For some reason, some objects in my level will go berzerk, moving in ways I didn't program for them. Worse, the sound goes on the fritz, even if I exit create mode. Worst, the enemy drivers suddenly turn into stretched out wires, leaving the carts looking like kites. While the level can be completed and most everything else in the set up works, I can't publish a level like this. It's especially bad as this is the best thing I think I've made so far and I want to be able to share it, buuuuuut...

Have any of you run into a bug like this? Is there a way to fix it or am I just screwed?

08-16-2013, 12:10 PM
Ouch, that sounds bizarre even by LBPK's high standards! Please tell me you've been religiously creating regular backups of you level on your moon? By the time I'd finished making Uprising I had 10 copies at various stages in a large circular enclosure on my moon, far too much can go wrong on this game NOT to follow this practice lol. :(

I hope you can get it sorted though, it sounds like it's something related to how many effects emitters and/or sound objects you have placed in your level over-working the CPU, but that's just a guess...

08-17-2013, 05:33 PM
No, I have not been doing back ups but it looks like that will be a regular occurence now. -___-

At least the level still runs... technically. I may have to post it with a warning. I will not let all of this work go to waste.


I found the problem... sorta. A trap was malfunctioning. I deleted it and placed a copy in it's place. The copy works like normal and, so far, the level runs normally. However, I had a different trap in the same location that also malfunctioned. It seems I have a Bermuda Triangle in my level.

The race will be published soon and, hopefully, no one will see any oddities that I didn't have planned.