View Full Version : How to build a PtP Rally

09-10-2013, 11:56 PM
Hi there LBPC'ers and Karters alike.

I was a little sad by the lack of tutorials for karting as it deserves more. Its an awesome game, that deserves more attention.

Anyhow, I have decided to do a tutorial for it. I hope people find it of use.


1. Start by selecting a blank moon and a background (I like to use No Theme as its just clouds and has no theme, therefor it looks in same ascale as the karts.
2. Next draw your road, twisting and turning from one end of the map to the other (as you wont need a circuit).
You could just draw it snaking along with stickers, or making road pieces out of material and rotating them and joining them
into a road shape.
3. Now your road route is drawn out, make the level an arena. Use the circle shape cutter. Now resize the 'pen' to be a huge circle and, using triangle, delete all the playable area.
4. Now to draw the playable area along the route of the track with x. (this will set the 'out of bounds' area outside the road area.
5. Now, delete all the pre-placed spawn points.
6. Using your drawn road as a guide, at one end sticker a start area, and place some new spawn points (the number required for the rally.
7. Next, to set the route. Place down a checkpoint (I like checkpoint 3 as its kinda race looking). Tweak it and set it to score ammount 0, score type to first only. (although, as the checkpoint gives no score, this wont matter).
Now, Resize the checkpoint to meet the edges of your road that you drew. Rotate it so the checkpoint is facing the way the road
is going. Now copy this checkpoint and place copies along the route, rotating as needed. Continue this to the roads end.
At the end of the road place your final checkpoint, but set this to give a score of 1000. and set it to Final checkpoint- yes.
Thats almost it.
8. The final step...Go to your poppit, and go to global settings, gameplay settings. Set level type to versus, and score limit to 1000.

All players begin at the spawn gates, will then procede to clear the checkpoints in order (AI will follow the checkpoints in order).
As you have set the only playable area to be along the route, players and bots cant wander off road.
The first person to cross the last checkpoint get a score of 1000 from this checkpoint, completeing the 'endgame' condition, and ends the game.

The advantage to this is that you can make longer routes as, you dont need to loop around to the start.

Keep on karting gang.