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09-14-2013, 12:54 PM

Welcome everyone to Episode 120 of the Spotlight filled with the latest and greatest offerings from the Level Showcase. We have challenging platforming in both the PS3 and Vita spotlights, plus extreme bouncing and two ball related games which will have your left and right brains in tangled knots before you’re finished. So queue these up, get playing and chase away those end of summer blues. Be sure to check out the nods too, as there are some real gems in those lists.

We are very happy to announce that hyperdude95 has joined the Spotlight Crew to help out mainly on the PS3 side but he’s so keen that he’s already got stuck into Vita and Karting too…putting the rest of us veterans to shame…

Without further ado, on with the Spotlight:


http://ic.lbp.me/img/bl/29c438a82eaa91ff3b580e42dd52250fecdca6a5.pngRusty Heat (hard platformer) 1PStrawberryHeAtWelcome to Rusty Heat! Where the Heat is rusty and the ground cold or something like this... Try to find all the secrets I hidded in this hard platformer. Sometimes challenging and fast obstacles. Be sure to play it alone! Dont be sad if you dont get all! There are easy, medium and hard secrets. Gameplay is best playable alone like always. Im sorry its just that I dont like to create for more players than one. So still hope everybody like it and please report if there are some bugs! music by @Velvet--Audio
Heat waves in the air, a shirt dripping wet, and sweat running into my eyes...And this is before I even loaded the level! It's hot here in Texas! Anyway, I enter the level and it is replete with molten metal running all over and fire spewing around almost every corner and as I'm sitting there with sweat stinging my eyeballs, I'm thinking to myself, "this is not making me feel cooler." I pressed on though and found that, while the level didn't make ME feel cool, it itself was cool. The platforming here is no joke and has several challenging sections that made me sweat even more, but with patience and determination I was able to overcome. As if some of the platforming wasn't daring enough, there are secrets to find. Some are pretty obvious while others will have you scratching your head going, there is no freaking way to get that! I'm sure you'll do better than I did. Go play it, have fun!There are three kinds of secrets: secrets, hard secrets and Straw’s hard secrets! He is not kidding when he says you may not find them all. In fact I have a sinking feeling I didn’t get a single hard secret and not very many of the medium ones either, come to that. And the worst of it is that while some of them are tucked away in really obscure spots, others are dangling there tantalizingly in view but seemingly impossible to reach! Arrgh! Actually, though, bagging the secrets is the least of your worries. There are murderous saws with homing instincts I swear, conveyor belts with spikes (never a friendly combination) and lots of other ultra-lethal obstacles to negotiate before you reach the nirvana of the Ghost Creators logo at the end. It’s full of inventive and fun gameplay and anyone who enjoys pitting themselves against a challenge will have a blast in this furnace (sorry, bad pun of the day...)!

http://id.lbp.me/img/bl/17d1f514a6e5ac311ba7e6f4a31c9031ae43cac3.pngDualit yJust_Tom__Suvive as long as you can playing with your balls... (1 Player)
Man! Duality is another one of those, "Why didn't I think of that!?" levels. The idea seems so simple, you'll be shaking your fist at the TV and saying, "I could have done that!" Now, while the level looks simple, it is quite complex I'm sure. Well, anything outside of making a square is complex to me, but anyway...where was I? Oh yeah, Just_Tom is known for making these really tough platformers, I mean let's face it, I've rage quit nearly all of his levels...um..but always with a smile, because they are awesome. Playing this level was awesome because I saw the scoreboard every time, no matter how bad I did! It was great! Dang, now I've gone and rambled again and before I could even talk about the level and how you independently control two balls, one with the left stick and the other with the right and how they are situated on kind of like a highway and you have to avoid obstacles that are coming towards you like holes in the road and walls and all sorts of stuff. Oh well. Maybe next time.The title description of this spotlight sums it all in a nutshell, I think? This survival required full concentration since you have maintain focus on two variables at the same time. The game play concept is so basic, yet I have not seen many levels that use it. It's a straightforward and ambitious move using the left Analog Stick to control the movement of one ball and the right Analog Stick to control the other. On my end, I used a controller that had a weak left Analog stick and that didn't even ruin the fun and enjoyment I had playing this level! I could even see the possibility of one person using a control stick and another user using the other stick which could easily spark cooperative game play which will make it more of an experience. Though that might be cheating, it's a challenge that is harder to master other than playing on your own. Speaking of challenges, you can top it all off by attacking the high scores which is the biggest --and most determined-- task while playing this level. I can foresee myself replaying this over and over again, and that is what I love about survivals. That spike mohawked sack is back and this time with a coordination challenging adventure that will have both thumbs earning a six pack, if thumbs could get six packs. Simply saying if you can work both sides of your brain then you will surely dominate the top spot in this score driven mini-game, but only for a short time, cause I have a feeling this level is definitely a top play for score busting folk who love top spot. Also as an added bonus I swear I saw Just Tom post something in the nature of a free heart for a score of 2000 something, well I guess it's not free, cause you really have to work for it :D.

http://i9.lbp.me/img/bl/b4930241809e53eec44a566da729a0685659b5fe.pngDoodle War 2Yoghurtmannen2kYou might have thought there was no more milk left in the "Doodle War" cow. But we can, with 4 new towers, very improved gameplay and a brand new squiggle, tell you that "Doodle War 2" is going to rock your TD world. "Doodle War 2" offers a more flexible and fast paced TD experience and comes with 5 difficulties; "Beginner", "Easy", "Medium", "Hard" and if you're looking for a true challenge there's "Expert". Have a blast playing. 1P recommended.

Yet another spectacular example of what LBP2 is capable of! One of my family members was in the same room as me looking at me playing this level and he couldn't keep his eyes off it. This fantastic doodle and scribble themed tower defense game, based on the Iphone app, can have me playing for hours! At times I was so deep into the experience and I ended up screaming to myself saying "No don't get through!" to the enemies and then my last tower blew them up easing the suspense - it was overall too exciting! Upgrading is a great strategy to battle out those incoming waves of enemies and definitely adds to the challenge component of this experience. A great variety of towers, difficulties, enemies and small --yet greatly effective-- implemented features will have you come back for more doodle-ly awesomeness everytime! I will give anyone an imaginary cookie for those who can master "Expert" mode! I love the look of "scribble" or "doodle" type levels. They just looks so fun and they always remind me of the doodles I used to make in school. I began my time here on "easy" mode and after a while was feeling pretty good about myself. "Look at all these points I have! I'm awesome baby! I'm the king of Doodle War!" I was felling pretty cocky so I decided that since I was so good, surly I must be some sort of expert and decided to move on to the "Expert" mode of the level. Wow. A whole new world. Talk about being taken down a peg or two...or ten. No. I did not master Expert mode and quickly tucked my tail and ran back to easy street. This was a lot of fun! The multitude of upgrades for this level is just phenomenal and then there are the tons of different forces coming in to attack you, small ones, big ones, slow ones, fast ones, ones that shoot... I mean..It's just crazy! Go play it!I can't count how many hours I have played Tower Defense games on the PC, constantly looking for great one's here in LBP to toil my time away to go as far as I possibly can. These may just be doodles, but yoghurt has packed them full of all the typical towers that we have all grown to love. I must say I was very skeptical of this one coming in, cause it didn't have dragon, castle, army, etc in the title. These doodles will build up and punch you in the gullet if you don't strategically place your "doodles". A must play for some great strategy based tower building. So go now, go build your own Doodle army that all the great Nations will envy and for you to reign supreme.

http://if.lbp.me/img/bl/30f1f395ff406744731ff026b3ed3f96bf1438ef.pngIt's Not Delivery, It's Sacklissimo (1 PLAYER)BigBadBrosefSome areas in this level may be a bit tough to you. However, that doesn't mean you should get all fussy and throw your cat through the wall. Remember to post your scores! I want to see how bad you do. *evil laugh* Thank you Mnniska, themonkeyblade and megaextremist for helping to create this level. Everybody else, you know who you are. Thanks to Giant_Robot77 for the fantastical music. 1 PLAYER ONLY. (The max time on the timer is 10 minutes. New record by MonkeyBlade is 2:52. Beat that and I'll heart ya).
Up for a really bouncy challenge? Mix that ambitious gameplay element along with a hungry elephant and you'll get something amazing! Ye ol' skilled bouncing technique is put to the test with a cheerful themed design that is definitely rewarding once the adventure is completed! My determination to complete this level was very solid and I got some great practice learning how to master that jump technique a lot better as well. Along with it's sweet gameplay elements, the main goal is always in mind - The elephant must be fed! The name of the game here is bounce. You'll be doing a lot of it. A. Lot. Hmm, on second thought, the name of the game is "timing", because it's going to take...wait, maybe the name should be "arduous," because there are some areas that are just downright challenging. Well, whatever the name is, it's just plain fun, except maybe that one area that made me so mad that I disregarded the level warning and did indeed throw my cat through the wall. So now I have two things, a cat shaped hole in my wall and a dead cat. Being that it was my kids' favorite cat, I had to replace it, and quick. I drove over to a buddy's house, he has a ton of barn cats, and chose one that most closely resembled Felix. There were subtle differences, but with some scissors and some strategic spray painting, I think he looks like the real thing. We'll find out when my kids get home from school if the masquerade is a success or not. Wish me luck! Oh, play this level, just make sure your cat is outside first. There was a line from Wallace and Gromit running through my head the whole time I was playing this level. It’s the one with the window cleaning where Gromit is dangling upside down in a resigned fashion outside the shop window and Wallace says “Aye, I'd better see to him. The bounce has gone from his bungee”. The bounce kept going from my bungee. I’d leap down, confidently expecting to soar gracefully upwards, only to find my bounce swiftly petering away to nothing and I’d have to start over. As bio says, it’s all in the timing and mine was…well, let’s just say hit and miss! All this bouncy (or not so bouncy…) gameplay comes packaged with a comical but very moral *cough* story about feeding elephants pizza and some great music. It’s fun, colourful and different and I’m sure your cats would put thoughts of their own personal safety to one side and agree that this is one level you should definitely play!

http://ic.lbp.me/img/bl/e8c6c03ecb3726b45397eb9c51f36fa568ee8167.pngOperat ion: Steamjunk (Part 2)shookie_monster[Platformer/One Player Recommended] Continue your investigation of the Dark Three United as you venture through their space frigate Steamjunk. Use various power-ups along the way including the Gravinator, Headlamp, and the Jet Pack. Music by @RickRock_777 and @Buddydestruction.
I was so happy when I saw that Shookie was returning us to the D.T.U. story line. That's the Dark Three United for those of you not in the know. These vile, villainous villains have plagued Craftworld for long enough! We have tracked down the nefarious D.T.U. to their space frigate, the Steamjunk, and investigating as to how they plan on taking over the world this time. The interior of the ship is fraught with peril and there are a couple of challenging areas that will have you gritting your teeth. Like the time I jumped up and thought I had it clear and then WHOOSH! a fireball singed my behind and screwed up my score! (I'm coming for you Lass! I've made charts and FAQs and even contacted the shipyard that built the frigate and through bribery and debauchery have, in my hands, the diagrams for the ship. I know where all the tunnels and fireballs and stuff is so that score will be mine!) Where was I? Yes, play this level. It's awesome. Go on, play it, you'll love it.I won't go on as much as Bio did, I will try to keep this review more compact, cause Bio took all the words right out of my mouth except the whole Lass deal, I know I can't compete with them two. So here I go, Shookie, shookie,.... shookie, how do you keep making stellar level after stellar level for us to enjoy and boy did I enjoy this one. Steamjunk frigate is full of hard to reach bubbles, outstanding contraptions, and a jump boosting gameplay mechanic that really takes a moment, a long moment of pondering to understand exactly, How did you do this Man!! and why haven't I already thought of this. Dang you make me jelly as a creator. This level has all the bells and whistles I come to look forward in a level. Great tempo, great gameplay, great scenery, and a score!!. *Decides to rise gracefully above the whole high score thing…which conveniently allows her to ignore the fact that bio has been as good as his word and knocked her off top spot* This has to be one of my all-time favourite levels by Shookie. There’s just so much diversity in the gameplay. From the gravity defying jumping at the start, to the groping in the dark with a torch and then the jetpack gameplay at the end, this level has it all. And I haven’t even mentioned the boss fight yet or the awesome décor and steampunk robots. It’s all brilliantly designed with great pacing and a nice dollop of challenge. So get out there and play it. It’s a great level...and I’m offering a reward to anyone who can top bio’s score…please?

http://i5.lbp.me/img/bl/535bb103d6894798be5515094f53373dbba0416f.pngElasti city (25 stages | 1-2 players)KhodexMusic : "Isomorph" by @Festerd_Jester. In this game, you have to beat all of the 25 stages to finish the level. You win 1000 points each time you beat a stage. Activate the "Time attack" mode to increase your score.
This week has been a ball'in week as another two balls have been dropped as the stars of the level. The objective is coherent, get the two balls to their designated spots. The twist? They are connected together and can only travel a certain length apart from one another. The first couple levels are simple which get you into the groove. Then, it takes it to a whole another level as you get closer to the final 25th level. Kudos if you make it through all of the puzzles which introduce more and more game play elements until the end. What's even more spectacular is that the level comes in handy with multiplayer support (where one player controls one ball and another player controls the other) and a Time Attack mode! Khodex you have officially made my brain sweat. 25 finger lickin puzzle levels for everyone to wrap their cotton filled sack brain around. I felt like I was playing a game of chess vs myself. But in this case I can actually kinda look a few moves ahead and it not affect the outcome in a negative way. I guarantee by the time you get to level 6 you will be pushing your little string to the limit and testing how far it will stretch. If I could just push it one more millimeter I could get around this corner or wait if I simply just move over here it will create some extra slack in the line, facepalm directed to myself. This original idea of double handed play with the ability to handle multiplayer definitely makes this a guaranteed bonified level to play!

http://i1.lbp.me/img/bl/c31551fbee653e58fe8b933499ad68a8503330bb.png[TearawayCompetitionEU] Valley FoldsJedi_1993Find your way through this Tearaway inspired level. Several prizes are scattered throughout this fun jaunt in a paper world for you to enjoy. : 1 to 4 players.
In a nutshell (ha, squirrel reference ftw!) this level just oozes charm. It’s packed with bright, colourful graphics and engaging gameplay mechanics. There’s a moment involving a perfect-in-pink cut-out pig that I’m dying to tell you about but won’t spoil for you. It had me smiling from ear to ear though! Having been knocked out by the charm of that moment, you’re then presented with a creatinator turned hooter. Loud blasts on this make startled giraffes (no, I’m sure they’re not giraffes but, anyway, creatures very well endowed in the neck department!) fling up their arms and cover their ears, causing them to raise platforms or head butt lifesavers to help you along (yes, I know that makes no sense on the page but it’s true, trust me!). Moments like this are pure gold and give this level an appeal which I can only hope Tearaway will match. I had a ton of fun in this level! The moment I popped in, I knew it was something special. It brought back some of that LittleBigPlanet 1 charm that I so loved. It's just brimming with cuteness all over, from the characters to the layout of the land to the bright colors found throughout. The gameplay got me. I was grinning like a mule eating briers the whole time! The level has very clever gameplay too, like the creatinator that emits a party blower sound. Blow the noise at certain creatures and they'll cover their ears, which causes a platform to lower or other things to happen. This is fun level and you'd be doing yourself an injustice to let it pass you by, so, go play it!Well how in the heck am I to leave a review after these two, who are nearly as good at reviewing as this level was playing. So here we are in this vividly colored papercraft world full of evil baddies that have a very bouncy nogen, a colorful giraffe thingy that apparently dislikes the hooting of a party popper, and pigs with backs that just yell, ride me. Come one, that pig, o how I loved it so much, such moments like this that make you grin from ear to ear. This level is packed so full of charm it makes me so gitty to play it again. I can't wait for tearaway to come out, cause if it packs half the charm of this level, then it would be a sure fire pick up from the local game store. Fantastic level filled to the brim of happiness.

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For those reading the Spotlight on the Front Page, click here (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?81805-Community-Spotlight-Episode-120-(*new*-thread-for-publishing)&p=1128656&viewfull=1#post1128656)for a link to the Vita Spotlight and here (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?81805-Community-Spotlight-Episode-120-(*new*-thread-for-publishing)&p=1128660&viewfull=1#post1128660)for Karting

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http://ic.api.vita.lbp.me/img/bl/86cb69372f3b1a3e90834c4732142d386e87d575.pngCybers hockxQziCyFlaMeZxQzTake a dangerous journey through an isolated and vacant technilogical facility located in the middle of the sea.
xQziCyFlaMeZxQz raises the bar of top visuals in vita levels, and this is xQziCyFlaMeZxQz first try at a vita level! But this is no surprise with xQziCyFlaMeZxQz track record on the console. Cybershock is a visual delight with a lushes vibrant background. The level stays true to its name with a fantastic electric theme running throughout the level, this blends the gameplay and scenery fantastically well. A long with the great visuals you are welcomed with a wonderful soundtrack. Wow, this is the first time in a long time I have ever lucked out on playing a littlebigplanet level on the right time of day. Playing through CyberShock while a strong thunderstorm occurs around my area definitely created the proper surround sound making me feel more immersed into the experience. Besides the clashing sounds from my outside window mixing with the thunder-esque presentation, the lighting right near me timed itself spot on a few times with the lighting strikes in the level. Aside from the close feeling of augmented reality based on the realistic enhancement from the outside world, cybershock has enjoyable and electrifying awesome describing it. Electricity is fluent throughout the level proving to be a challenge to avoid being shocked. The vast blue color and the lighting effects put together can be bright enough to add to the shocking atmosphere and this is certainly a level you should not miss out on. Visually superb and technically sound, xQziCyFlaMeZxQz enters the spotlight with a beautiful level on the vita! Electricity is the order of the day and one of the greatest inventions from humans creates one of the most delightful vita levels. Definitely not one to miss out on.

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09-14-2013, 03:54 PM

LBP Air Hockey [Mini Game]
Real Air Hockey! Play with a friend or the A.I. Most goals in 5 mins wins. Triangle button resets if you get stuck. Please rate and review.

A very well delivered non-kart experience from cdub0817! You are greeted with a fantastic intro panning into the house and showing off the very detailed background set of the level! Then, you are off to a very well made Air Hockey game where you and another player can face each other in an approximate 5 minute game to get the most points! Don't have anyone to play with? Have no fear because there is also a computer you can play against. Overall, the realistic experience and well developed physics delivers a great demonstration on what LBP Karting has to offer. The classic game of Air-Hockey beautifully recreated in none other than LittleBigPlanet Karting. Me and my friends loved Air-Hockey growing up. Now we can play with each other no matter where we live, ehum... Of course I still always win! Don't get me wrong though, playing by yourself is just as much fun, the AI is pretty intelligent. All-in-all a very enjoyable game. :)

Ignition: Sovereign Falls[Mini Game]
Welcome to the inaugural 'Ignition' Festival, where 8 different classes of off-road vehicles battle it out across the toughest terrains! First up, this picturesque mountainous trail. Note: Choose 'play online' to drive a random vehicle each time :-)

For the love of sack, can someone PLEASE helping find my jaw, it dropped and rolled away while I was in the middle of this phenomenal racing level! Where do I start? The visuals with a great waterfall and surround background with well crafted trees, houses, and a rock slide cave topped with a high mountain where the falls lies. There are many customized karts -- 12 to be exact -- which are in tune with the atmosphere of the level and enhances the creativity to a whole new level. A custom kart -- blended with a vastly high jump moment seeing the lush visuals in a top down view -- diving into the waterfall is a gem to remember from experiencing this. Please checkout the thread of this level since it is packed with tips for racing and professionally taken pictures of the vehicles and level itself! Custom Karts, what more could I say. Haha, but seriously, this track was quite exciting with its custom.. well everything. I couldn't concentrate on the Actual track, was too busy checking my surroundings. This level very much deserves a Spotlight, good job atheistsw! :)

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[LBPK] All starts smoothly in a F1 themed track and then a zap of light brings you racing out of bounds in The Race: Tricky Triangle (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?81560-The-Race-Tricky-Triangle) by stjimmysadiction http://tiny.cc/6hqa6 (https://karting.lbp.me/v/kwdi)

09-14-2013, 08:45 PM
Wow! thank you spotlight crew so much for the nod, and congrats to all the sackboys/girls who got spolighted/nodded as well!

09-14-2013, 09:54 PM
:( A lot, and I mean a TON of work goes into these. Especially this episode, as we had a tighter deadline this time. This has been up for 8 hours and only one reply. :( My heart hurts. Congratulations to all those featured in this, our 120th episode! 120. Wow. That's a lot of episodes.

09-14-2013, 10:12 PM
Another honorable mention! Yes! Full spotlight can't be far now.

09-15-2013, 02:15 AM
:( A lot, and I mean a TON of work goes into these. Especially this episode, as we had a tighter deadline this time. This has been up for 8 hours and only one reply. :( My heart hurts. Congratulations to all those featured in this, our 120th episode! 120. Wow. That's a lot of episodes.

try not to get discouraged man. I really enjoy these posts (even if I don't always respond) and I'm sure thats the case for a lot of people

09-15-2013, 02:31 AM
Lots here I haven't played, thanks you lot. Will queue 'em up!

09-15-2013, 02:40 AM
great job guys loved reading all ta reviews ill play some of these when my life isn't as complicated as it is right now :D

09-15-2013, 03:03 AM
A lot, and I mean a TON of work goes into these. Especially this episode, as we had a tighter deadline this time. This has been up for 8 hours and only one reply. My heart hurts. Congratulations to all those featured in this, our 120th episode! 120. Wow. That's a lot of episodes.

You guys did awesome and thanks for including my level and congrats to every one else to.<3

09-15-2013, 06:02 AM
:( A lot, and I mean a TON of work goes into these. Especially this episode, as we had a tighter deadline this time. This has been up for 8 hours and only one reply. :( My heart hurts. Congratulations to all those featured in this, our 120th episode! 120. Wow. That's a lot of episodes.

I had a whole post ready to go, as I was posting I lost my connection to the Internet. And I was tired. But I'm posting now!

Thanks you so much for spotlighting my level! The reviews are probably the nicest things anyone has said about any of my levels.
Glad you like the Mummers gameplay, the giraffe-like things, as soon as I saw them in the pack I knew what I was going to do.
Oh and the pig? He was going to come out of a barn and end up in a pit of fire. I'm glad I changed that :P
The deadline for the contest has passed now so wish me luck! (Likewise to the other entries)

As for the other spotlights:
Rusty Heat, I will return one day to try and get those secrets, some taunt me like that Frenchman from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Elasticity, great puzzler. The levels are well thought out and the difficulty curve is good. Fun on your own, even more so with a friend as I found out with my brother yesterday.
Sacklissimo, I don't think I've seen bounce gameplay like this since the Muppets pack level with Gonzo. This does it better too! Queue it up!

The others are in my queue and I'll probably check out the hon. Mentions too. :)

09-15-2013, 08:46 AM
Congratulations to everyone who was featured! :)

A lot, and I mean a TON of work goes into these. Especially this episode, as we had a tighter deadline this time. This has been up for 8 hours and only one reply. My heart hurts. Congratulations to all those featured in this, our 120th episode! 120. Wow. That's a lot of episodes.

I'm sure i speak for 95% of the community when i say we all appreciate the amount of hard work that goes into these spotlights.

How come it was posted a day early this week?

09-15-2013, 08:53 AM
Congratulations to all the featured creators. We had a blast playing and reviewing your levels. Even though I'm on the Crew I still love reading bio's reviews (that cat story this week is so funny) and sometimes it just seems impossible to follow him with your own review when you know it's going to seem so pallid in comparison!

We did have one or two panicked moments getting this episode sorted (or at least I did). It so happened that I was the only member of the crew with access to a PS3 on Friday afternoon and we had only a short window for Steven to be able to put the hub in the news. Jauw had managed to publish it as a sub-level on Hubbie's earth but someone had to log on and make it visible and change the description etc. Now that probably seems very routine to all of you lot but I have never so much as glued one piece of sponge to another in anger, let alone published a level. I managed to get the level published and get a link to Steven and that was nerve-wracking enough but then I needed to alter the description and re-publish. I had bio searching the internet for tutorials on publishing levels but it was only when I had invited 3 MMpicked and/or spotlighted creators to Hubbie's pod that I was persuaded that if I clicked on publish again on the copied version of the level I wasn't going to break the link that Steven had already put in the news in umpteen different languages... And, yes, those 3 creators did laugh when they learnt that my plea for technical help wasn't a knotty logic problem...


How come it was posted a day early this week?

Steven is away on holiday next week and wouldn't have been able to put the hub in the news on Monday as usual. He kindly offered to do it on Friday instead if we could be ready in time...and we were but only just...

09-15-2013, 04:08 PM
This is another great episode brought by this fantastic, hardworking crew! Also, thank you all so much for the welcome! :)


09-15-2013, 07:38 PM
Played most of these great games, will get through them all ;) Thanks very much for the mention ;)

09-15-2013, 07:55 PM
Grr...I'm falling behind on both LBP2 and LBPK. The second part I bought didn't fix my PS3's disc, so time to move on to plan B... buy a new PS3. Anyways, congrats to all the spotlighted levels. I played 'Cybershock' a couple of days ago, and it really is worth a spotlight. Looking forward to the next spotlighted levels.

09-17-2013, 10:36 PM
Wow! I sure am excited and shocked that I was in the "spotlight". Thanks again! I'll be sure to play the other levels as well!

09-17-2013, 10:48 PM
Only Vita spotlight? Wow! Thanks guys =D Keep up the good work with these spotlights!

I just wish my PS3 controller wasn't broken so I could try out some of those.

09-29-2013, 07:23 PM
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