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09-21-2013, 08:12 PM
I'm working on a game I call "Heroes of the Craftverse". This is a fighting/party game with a great feel to it. The game includes about 10 attacks per character and blocking and evasive moves, but best of all. This game actually has a combo system that is actually effective and great animation style.

The game features a variety of sackboys and sackgirls dressed like there there favorite heroes and put the the challenge of fighting each other for the title of Greatest Craftverse Fighter. Character include Boxer,Knight,Archer,Ninja and others. Some sackies dress like there Favs from other games adding characters like, Patapon,Cloud,Naruto,Ezio, and more.
The story is about a Tournament that takes place every 5 sack years called the "Craftverse Rumble". Where heroes from different worlds all meet at Little big planet to fight. The tournament is ruined by a evil force from the dark depths of craftverse called "Nebulos". Nebulos attack LBP in attempt to erase it from the Craftverse and start anew.

Like highlighted before the game is great on its mechanics and fighting. Each character has an 2 attack buttons with a directional input to make different move for example, there is a Neutral Square and a Up Square. each directional input changes the moves making moves easy to pull off.

Square: is the basic attack, great for combos and mixing in between heavy hits.

Triangle: is the heavy attacks, theses usually push your Opponents back or up so its best for ending a combo. Heavy attacks also include projectiles for range attacks.

Circle: is the Defense button, this has only a neutral and a left/right input. The neutral is a simple block and the left/right input is the Evade.

Since it's really just me working on this project, help would really be appreciated. I need a Great Composer, Map Designers, Costume Designers, and a Logic Specialist. I'm awesome at logic myself but some things are hard for me to do logically so help would be great. I will update more info every chance I get as of now I have 3 characters complete, Boxer, Knight and Snowy the Eskimo. I will update some character info including an attack list and a Combo list where you can get access to basic combos to mix into your own style.

Thank you for your support and please help out if you can.


09-21-2013, 08:15 PM
I might send an invite soon :D, I'm your logic specialist :3

12-02-2013, 06:27 PM
Heroes of the Craftverse has character from all over Craftworld. They all band together to fight the forces of evil and protect Craftverse from any threats. Some character in this game include Boxer, Snowy the Eskimo, Knight, Zerker, and Bomber.

What Kind of Heros do you think should be included. Reply with a hero below and We may add it to our game to fill our character roster with your picks :star:

12-02-2013, 06:46 PM
The train. :kz:

12-02-2013, 09:10 PM
The train. :kz:

Who's that? O.o

12-02-2013, 10:44 PM
He is the train.

02-21-2014, 05:37 AM
<3<3:star: Hello Guys, It's Okami again with ome exciting news! I have been working on Heroes of the Craftverse (HOTC), and got loads of work done, Combos logic is coming along. Blocking and dodging. Characters were working great. Then my Phat PS3 got the YLOD. Its been like 4 months before I even played Lbp and I was really mad. Lucky for me I got it fixed. So I'm going to get back on track with HOTC. I'm now working on combo logic smoothness. I want the moves to link up very smooth like a normal fighting game. It's going well, (So far Boxers combos are really good, Even tho my best character is Snowy the Eskimo).

Ok so here's the deal, I need a team of loyal creators and testers who are willing to work on what may possibly be the biggest game in LBP2. And here is exactly what I need:

Assistant Creator: (1 Slot Open) Most important Job. Help oversee the whole project.

A Story Team: (3 Slots Open) People who can help develop the story mode plot/missions.

Design Team: (Unlimited Slots Open) Anyone who can help the game design. That includes Menu, Monsters, Characters, Animation, Maps, Object.. etc

Music Team: (Unlimited Slots Open) People who can make great music. I'm looking for really nice Fighting/Adventure music!
I'm Also looking for a Theme song for HOTC that will be remembered by all it's players.

Content Team: (3 Slots Open) This team looks for Content on LBP1 - LBP2 that we can use to make updates with. Find Awesome levels (Mostly MMPicks) and we ask the creators if we can use their content to make an Add-on Map or Add-on Character.

Gameplay Testers: (4 Slots Open) People to test out the game and look for bugs

If you are interested Please Reply Below, If the Team you wish to join had a Slot limit please be sure reply ASAP to get picked 1st. I'm looking for really dedicated people, I have been testing this game out with my brother and Cousins for about 3 months and the Gameplay is so awesome sometimes I forget to get back to creating cuz I too busy Fighting. <3

I'm looking Forward to working with you guys and Thank you for your support. It really means Alot! :star::star::p

My Other Posts About "Heroes of the Craftverse":

02-22-2014, 12:38 AM
Hey, Okami. Still havent forgotten about adding you. I would like to know more about HOTC and want to become a gameplay tester. How does that sound? :) This sounds like an interesting project!

02-22-2014, 12:50 AM
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02-24-2014, 01:47 AM
Ya sure. I'm working on the Characters and items so I'm gonna need testing done soon

02-27-2014, 06:52 PM
I've been working hard on HOTC for a good while now. I have just finished the Boxer. Thru making him I have discovered some bugs I fixed.

- Blocking can't last forever. Blocking only last 5 secs if u hold it and recharges every1 second of not using it. Nifty for block fighting spammers.

- Dash can't be spammed either, you can only dash in 1 sec increments. Also if u dash, you go thru people instead of bumping into them. Great for getting behind an enemy.

- Attacks are also slowed down so combos string slower and smoother. Better for fighting and concentrating on your next move better. This also Fights of button spammers who mash buttons to spam attacks.

In other words this update is mostly about stopping spam. I HATE SPAM! So my game must be against it at all cost. Since boxer is finished I am going to start working on a new Character.

Please Remember I'm taking Character requests but only a hand full will be selected to actually be made so Request your Heroes NOW!!!

Thank you for your time
~~ Okami ~~ :star:

04-28-2014, 07:59 AM
This seems very interesting and fun! :) I'd like to apply for gameplay tester and possibly to help on design. PSN: Tipico123