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09-23-2013, 12:16 AM
Heyyyyyyyyyy!!!! so, I've been reading a manga called Attack on Titan(rated M) and i got Inspired! I started to make a level that sorta brings light to the two forces in LBP, Creation, and Destruction. Your role in the level(s) is to help the different sack people to oppose a threat, Destruction in its physical form. kinda confusing eh? so here's a more "simplified" version: Creation and destruction work hand in hand in LBP as two forces of nature. But one day, destruction manifests into a physical form that thirsts for the destruction of LBP. Get it now? If you didn't feel free to ask:star:. Can you help me with your Ideas? Oh, and btw, the "minions" of desttruction are giants (that's where Attack on Titan comes in) they're called "Destroyers" they don't kill sackpeople, they only destroy their creations. ONCE AGAIN, IDEAS ARE WELCOMMMMEEEE!!!!! :):):)


Currently working on the prologue!