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10-15-2013, 02:13 AM
I have solved the infamous puzzle of the Red Sponge found on the Diver, the Snowboard, the Sports car, and the St. Bernard. All you do is hook up a rod to a block of static dissolve and to the red sponge, capture the rod part, place it down, dissolve away the dissolve with a button, and BAM! the sponge. if it does not move when you try to select it, glue a block of wood to it and detach it and delete the wood if you want. you can change static/dynamic from the sponge's tweak menu, but everything else must be done from the tools bag.

This also works on the basket of the Hot Air Balloon or the skier to get a clean version of weathered stamped steel.

You can use this for the cheese to get a wooden darker version of yellow painted concrete.

You can get a dark wood from the monkey king.

And possible the coolest, it you get out a cow, turn the front thin layer into dissolve, then dissolve it away, you will see a sliver of cardboard near the mouth on the bottom. extract this to get a material that has a lethal hazard of spikes! yes, you can have spikey material.

This also works on objects too, not just materials. The firework object has a dumb rocket attached to the bottom. extract the firework part to get the firework! also works on the Persian cat, 2 way switch lever, 3 way switch lever (looks almost the same as 2 way switch lever, but it has a spring in the middle), button top, and button bottom.

You can also do this for community objects.

Also there is a material found in Opening Fright in Tinsel Town at the part where you have to defeat ron and at Crashing the Party in The Carnival at the part where you take a picture with the leading lady and ron where ron is made of a hidden material that is not in any templates or objects so it is impossible to get. Using the sound of sackboy walking on it, I have confirmed that it is wood.

There is another material that is in AceCreator's music level that is a much better representation of Styrofoam. I heard it is used in the knobs that turn and since the level is copyable, you can get the Styrofoam material. if not, go to Ricky-III's material showcase to get the material.

Thanks, neighbourboy