View Full Version : Do all new good levels have custom music only?

10-15-2013, 08:48 PM
I've been noticing that every worthy level I play these days have custom music rather than the linear music and the interactive music. I wonder why it's that way now. Older levels like that used the music that's already in the game, but now they're using sequencer music instead. Is this the new trend?

At least I don't have to hear extremely overrated musics if the trend continues, especially for Victoria's Lab Int music or Sleepyhead anymore (both of which are very annoying).

Another thing that I noticed is that most of the sequencer musics are rock, funk, techno, and metal. This doesn't matter as much.

10-15-2013, 11:57 PM
Custom music can make a level feel more immersive especially if the default/interactive tracks just don't fit in with the style of the level. However I haven't played LBP in about 2 months so I wouldn't exactly know about new levels. That being said it could be a trend or people making use of the capabilities of LBP to know for sure if it's a trend look at the style of the levels then look at the game tracks to see wether they fit or not.

Rpg Maker
10-16-2013, 12:27 AM
Sure does seem that way, but usually the music is made by other creators. I think everyone should at least consult assistance from a music composer if they are as bad with it as I am. It can add a lot to your levels!

10-16-2013, 01:00 AM
Do all new good levels have custom music only?
Of course not, I'm sure there are loads of great levels out there using the standard issue music, or even no music at all. On the other hand custom music can add a lot to a creation, the in-game music isn't always going to suit creators' creations, or perhaps custom music simply suits the creation better.

I don't think it matters what music is used as long as it's used well. While much larger than LBP, LBP2's music selection is still very limited, so naturally creators who put a lot of effort into their levels are going to put effort into the music as well. I would argue that goes for everything, Mm objects vs user objects, Mm backgrounds vs user 3D backgrounds.

I don't think there's any 'trend' here, and I could be wrong, but surely custom music is simply more accessible now. Composers have made names for themselves, levels offering free custom music, tutorials, etc. As for the rock/funk/techno/metal thing, they're probably just easier genres to create with the tools provided, it's really no surprise there are less orchestral scores and jazz.

Put simply I think it's a natural phenomenon due to the constant striving for improvement that LBP encourages.