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10-25-2013, 09:18 PM


our German speaking lbpc community would like to invite you all to participate in a
little Spooky Halloween Fun Contest!^^ Sounding creepy?? You're right!^^

You can participate in four different categories:
either in only one or in two of them, maybe also in three or in all of them...
whatever you want!^^

1. Creepy Halloween or autumn scenery
participate by building ingame a creepy scenery, taking a picture of it and then
posting this picture in the Spooky Halloween Fun Contest thread

2. Halloween costume
participate by creating a spooky Halloween costume, taking a picture and posting
this picture...

3. Halloween pod
participate by letting mold your wonderful nice pod to a decayed Halloween pod,
taking a picture and...

4. Photo safari in the land of goosebumps
participate by taking a funny picture of yourself or together with friends in
any horror level or Halloween level you've played, maybe published or not yet
published, maybe your own creation or a level of any other creator and... ähm...
right...posting the picture in the thread linked above!^^

Just upload your pictures and post them in the "Spooky Halloween Fun Contest"
and please don't forget to tell us for which category the picture(s) is(are) meant!^^

There will be polls in the end where the whole community can vote for their
favorite Halloween pictures in the different categories!^^

Not to forget! Of course there will be a little prize (after all its the feast of Trick or Treat!^^) for every participant just for participating!^^ The prize will be two songs transcribed by Jürgen (CuriousSack) for lbp2!

The songs are

a) "Sally's Song" by Danny Elfman out of the movie "Nightmare before Christmas" (omg! Perfectly fitting to the new level pack!^^ :)) and

b) "Mr. Crowly (Intro) by Ozzy Osbourne
Great, isn't it???

And in addition the overall winner will even get the honor to be the overall
winner!^^ :p

Deadline will be on Halloween, 31th of October at midnight (when the witching hour
will start!^^) Afterwards we will start the votings!^^

Now! Don't hesitate!^^ We'd like to see your pictures :)


10-25-2013, 11:01 PM
Great Idea! I can't wait to see all the entries that you'll get by the time of the deadline! :)

10-26-2013, 02:24 AM
Thanks, AV. Another great idea from our German Community. :)

10-26-2013, 08:27 AM
Thanks Rick, but it was Jürgen's idea :)
I only created the teaser picture and the thread in the subform :)
Jürgen was the brain, I was just the service ;)

Edit: Halloween is near :boo:

11-04-2013, 09:13 AM
Hi to all ghosts, zombies, vampires, monsters, horror and pumpkin fans!^^ This is how fast it can be! Wuuuusch!.... and the whole haunting is over again!^^ I'm hoping that you all had a happy Halloween without any tricks and that you don't have to suffer from aftermath!^^ This year the participation in our Fun Contest hasn't been for the faint-hearted, so I'm happy about the pictures taken by the bravest among us commanding all their courage!^^
Thank you all, its been fun!^^
I will send the prize songs to you and I wish you a lot of fun with them!^^

Many greetings, Jürgen^^

P.S. Hi CrimsonBot, I will send you a friendrequest on PSN so that I can send the prize songs to you too!^^