View Full Version : JayPasel´s Showroom

11-22-2013, 02:39 PM
Hello dear community.
Today I want to present a small showroom. From time to time I will introduce new creations that I have created in the course of time. My today's items:

MDB object Gifts.
These are together with my new level and published as a small giveaway to all who would like to have it.


Mad Cloud:
This spirited cloud has it all. It pursues its objectives, after 3 seconds then a devastating storm begins to destroy everything that comes under it.

Dr.Evils Laser:
A small appliance that is primarily intended to look beautiful. The floating ball is at the heart of it all. Closer to an enemy it begins charging and lights up briefly before they Fires deadly laser beams.

Wet Floor Sticker.
I needed a "Caution, slippery" sticker. Because I did not find one, I had to built one myself. I hope you like it.^^