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Welcome one and all to the latest Episode of the Spotlight. Take a tour of the best and brightest on offer in the Level Showcases over the past fortnight in the hands of your trusty (!) tour guides, the Spotlight Crew…


http://id.lbp.me/img/bl/73dea3abca8e8bb62bab47ff5ff0cc3a2c3c6547.pngHallow een Night (Platformer)theflashback02[1 player recommended] Hi guys, here's my second level for Halloween :D (I know I'm late but I had a lot of problems with the thermo. ...). Try to collect all the score bubbles to get the high score ! Thank you and I hope you'll enjoy it :) -------- Special thanks to my friends @xX-ALTEY-Xx and @vita-3000 check them out ;) ------ Music by the awesome @Breezy-The-Pro ;)

As the last of the Halloween levels come through before the holiday re-appears once again next year, this is a wonderful platformer full of charm and fun and gives us this Halloween a nice farewell. This is the second Halloween level from this creator, and you can tell they took their time to make a rich-filled spooky experience. Full of entertaining game play and fested with Halloween decorations, topped with some really awesome music by the one and only breezy, this level deserves a nice play. Make sure you go back to play later on to collect those collectibles to increase your high score! A rather fun jaunt through a nicely themed haunted house style level. Fast reflexes and good judgement will propel you along at a merry pace as you use some well placed jump pads and other bouncy materials ti avoid spikes, swing along some bright orange trapezes, and a little down the line make you own platforms with a handy creatationator. All done with seemingly effortless ease and a great soundtrack!What! It's almost turkey day (in the States anyway), what's a Halloween level doing here in November? Because it rocks, that's why! This isn't your typical Halloween level as there really are no "spooks" here that will try and give you a fright. What there is plenty of though, is good ol' platforming goodness. Going through the level is quite fun because one, the design is really cool and two, loads of cool gameplay mechanics. Even though the season has passed and probably all of your Halloween candy is long gone, I think you'll still find this level a blast.

http://if.lbp.me/img/bl/e0f9acf857594dc67b1312ef81f9fd8a007da65e.pngLemmin g BotsTskm7[1 Player Only] - Puzzle Platform ---- Inspired by the classic video game Lemmings and adapted to Little Big Planet, here it is, Lemming Bots.----- Help Dumpty sending his Sackbots to his beloved Dumptana. You will find 7 challenges and 12 hidden points, you have to make at least one Sackbot get to the end of each challenge in order to get to the end. ----- Created by @Tskm7 and Music by @idgowans.
I don’t want to sound too old here, but I remember playing lemmings on the Amiga, and looking on in horror as I missed a blocker and a stream of green haired folks plunged to their doom. This stage brings back that tense feeling, but with a fresh breeze of LBP style actions. Instead of re-creating a convoluted tricky control system, you rather find yourself walking along with the silly sackbots using a cursor to highlight sections that alter their behaviour or the world. It all starts simply enough but it quickly becomes a game of enjoyable frustration as you loose one too many of those simple minded sackbots.Lemmings, the original version, was one of my favorite games. This level does an excellent job of incorporating some of that core gameplay into a very scenic environment. You are tasked with guiding ten sackbots through seven challenges that get progressively harder. Don't worry, they're not mind numbing difficult and won't melt your brain. Just an overall fun level that you simply must try out.

http://i5.lbp.me/img/bl/c75cd61641a26b23b4abb4e3d0fc6e02011d8d12.pngLost in the Dark (platformer)StrawberryHeAtSpecial thanks: @Smokey-_-Jones, @Shaynamac, @xTrilexx, @Missi_Cat
A seemingly short stage that packs a fair amount of wallop, with some cleverly thought out uses of bounce pads and ways to progress to the next section of the level. Don’t let the shortness of the level deter you, there is a smattering of secrets to be collected along the way so a quick few replays may be in order.Ooh, what has strawberryheat cooked up for us this time? Get it? "heat" "cooked" oh never mind! Anyway, this one caught me a little off guard. I wasn't expecting to see all the stuff I saw. There were so many little things that if not careful, you'd miss them completely. Well, a big thing that stood out to me was this big robot punching the side of a hill causing a platform to go in and out. I just stood watching it for a little bit. It's simple things like that that really impress me in levels. Of course it wouldn't be a strawberryheat level if there wasn't cool contraptions to throw you about the level and in here you'll find plenty. Really fun level, go play it.

http://ic.lbp.me/img/bl/9cc1515d96fad937b726205f2eece09cd59daac3.pngVortex ::. [ 2 ]TigerSlash03[1 PLAYER ONLY] [MEDIUM DIFFICULTY] Chapter 2: Escape; is there such thing? The deeper Sackthing gets, the more it becomes dark and cluttered. Lost and almost helpless, Sackthing explores this disaster in order for their calling. Will it be well worth it? Push your way through destruction and find out..
The continuation of an engrossing story, it is a little tricky to get into the sing of things at first, but when you do you will have a smashing good time. As you crash and bash through some clever puzzles, but that’s just the beginning the mood darkens as the plot kicks up a gear and you are left wondering just how much longer you need to with for part 3!Another one I wasn't quite expecting. I love me some great classic platforming but I also love story driven levels with a touch of platforming that requires a little brain work in order to proceed. This is that. I am not going to give anything away except to say, pay attention to your surroundings. There are plenty of hints to guide you along your path so you should be ok in this very detailed and rich environment. The gameplay is fantastic and I think you may just love it as much as I did.Totally loved this level. It has bags of atmosphere, special effects and drama. I really enjoyed the story-driven, puzzley gameplay. There are one or two places where it isn't immediately obvious where to go next but nothing impossible to work out with a bit of observation and investigation. It genuinely feels like an adventure as you’re playing. There are fresh dangers at every turn, SWAT teams to avoid and mysterious strangers to be encountered. Imaginative, atmospheric and absorbing, it makes a refreshing change from pure platforming levels. I had a blast and I really want to know what happens next.

http://i3.lbp.me/img/bl/963de53f0646bbebed81e36386163c00395c182d.pngMartin the Spartan (Intro Movie )Verbal83BETA VERSION ( ONE PLAYER ONLY) Long ago in a forgotten land and time evil poured down from the constellations. Ridding the land of all that was once good... But, now The Oracle believes a savior has been found. But, can a reluctant museum guide turned Spartan Warrior named Martin save his one true love Alexandria and the Forgotten Land from the clutches of the Great Evil?
A massive opening cinematic that set you up for a serious ride through time as a reluctant hero, sold sackbot logic and a greta control system put this beta on the o’one to watch’ list, but not the mean ‘one to watch’ list, the good one… er… you get the point. Be sure to jump in to this saga in the making and try not to break the universe. Remember it’s just a beta.Martin the Spartan! Holy mess my pants, Verbal is at it again! An excellent story awaits you as you take on the role of mild mannered museum curator, Martin, as he is transformed into buh duh duh dah, Martin, The Spartan! This series is simply amazing. If the intro movie alone doesn't grab you, then I don't know what will. Once you get to the actual play portion, Whoa, you're in for quite a treat. The journey ahead of you is wrought with peril but you have a little pixie guide that will help you along the way and you can even switch characters and take on her role! Awesome series and I just cannot wait until the next chapter.Wow, if this is just the beta then I can’t imagine what the final product will be like. The effort and time put into this project just shine through. It’s packed with wonderful details. The intro movie is funny and charming and has you totally believing in and empathising with Martin, the reluctant hero of this tale. Then in Part 1 you’re plunged into the thick of the action, as Martin is taught his superpowers and meets his nymph companion, Belle. Together they have to take on evil enemies and fulfil the Oracle’s prophecy that Martin is indeed, and despite all appearances to the contrary, a hero fit to rescue the land and his Princess. Sadly, in my hands Martin was no match for the dangers in his path but I’m sure those of you without two left thumbs will help him prevail. Very cool project and as one of the ingame reviews says “I want a Martin the Spartan action figure!” This series deserves WAY more than the 13 plays it currently has...

http://i6.lbp.me/img/bl/f06d0ef6a78ea0198d8da84f4290575c916dfe92.pngFall-ing Leaves [Platformer]se-mi92An autumn-japanese themed platformer. ------ 1-4 Players [1 Player for best result] ----- -{{{ Difficulty: Medium - Hard }}}- --- I hope you enjoy :) Music by Breezy-the-pro
I don't even know what to say about this. You've probably already played it so I'll talk about the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who instead. I just saw it, did you? Wow it was...LOL, just kidding. I'll talk about the level. Se-mi never fails to impress me with his unique gameplay ideas. This one, wow, really impressed with the gameplay here. The core mechanic here is conveyor belts and I won't even hazard a guess as to how some of these were done. Just brilliant, you have got to see it.This is a very pretty level, really quite lovely – all burnt gold and splashes of crimson. A tranquil Japanese garden, a haven filled with maples, stone lanterns and mellow wood. Except of course that it’s not relaxing at all! The ground moves under your feet, there are spikes everywhere and if you survive the spikes, the fire-breathing dragons will get you! There are some very clever momentum-based obstacles in there - se-mi does a great job of finding different and innovative uses for the glitched conveyor belts! And there are some tantalisingly and downright evilly placed bubbles; there’s one I still haven’t managed to reach without dying…grr! I love the contrast between the serene atmosphere and the tricky at times platforming. This level just has it all: gorgeous looks and some very cool design and gameplay. There’s even a sneak appearance by Edna from the Incredibles, if you look closely…WOW! That was probably my first reaction... This level is so awesome! You spawn surrounded by beautiful orange and yellow nuances everywhere! This level features some brilliant gameplay including the very uncommon moving-plaform-glitch, it basically makes any platform move any direction the creator wish the player to travel. This lead to some fast paced gameplay, and you'll have to be quick sometimes, otherwise you'll miss those extremely long jumps. I really like the overall design of the level, it quick and snappy. It offers great replay-value since there're tons of hidden gems with 1,000 pts scattered throughout the level. Semi succeeded to make a Japanese inspired level. You'll see many old japanese inspired building and temples. So get ready for some fast moving platforming and point hunting, this level is definitely a must play for platforming players! Amazing level, very unique!

http://ic.lbp.me/img/bl/eec4dbcc5abe999aa8d767ffe947713ca448f9c0.pngEscape Adel22PAPER WORLD 3 : Escape (1P)
There is one other creator in the imagisphere that I can trust with such "Doodle-esque levels on any LittleBigPlanet game than this creator. Every time, this creator brings rich-quality and wonderful experiences, with drawings, papers, lines and wonderfully animated stick figures. This level in particular is a runner level where you have to low jump, high jump, slide, hang, though multiple levels of different waves of obstacles and well created papery environments. This papery world also reminds me of Tearaway since that is the first thing I think of when I hear paper. If any of these levels are too hard to go through, there is a feature where it becomes easier for you. Overall I really enjoy these levels and I can not wait for the next doodley adventure! Whoa! Quit blowing my mind Adel! We find ourselves back in the land of paper and doodles except this time around, instead of running around as a stick person, we are now the little sackboy icon. You know the one, the little silhouette sack figure beside the number of plays on your level. The level has six levels to traverse..uh, don't worry, it all takes place within one actual level. Each section gets progressively harder so watch out. The level is hands down amazing and you'll be grinning from ear to ear as you run, jump, slide and kick your way across perilous notepads and sheets of paper. This level is too cool for words so I'll shut up.

http://i1.lbp.me/img/bl/1e144b586f034837f196ebed7f6e5ea2a04b0138.pngDimens ion Zerobonner123Enter the mysterious land cloaked in a perpetual dark haze. Music by Giant_Robot77. Thanks to actio1_618 for the kickin' rad custom stickers, and thanks to squid2723 for feedback. [Some sections work better with less players, yo.]
Bonner123 does it once again! His style of levels always bring something new to the table and is always very entertaining! This talented creator brings us into Dimension Zero where you adventure through a mysterious land enriched with a dark haze filled with new game play and very unique design. To top it all off, the music is so mysterious and it fits the theme completely! There is not really much to say, without spoiling it all for you, but you should be like me when you see a new level published on his earth. You should be like "WOO!" and then instant heart it probably along with a queue to play later on. I love Bonner's unique style, and there is no reason why you should not either! bonner, bonner, bonner. Another creator who never fails to impress me with his intricate design skills and very unique gameplay elements. His levels are often challenging but very fun and this one is no different. As you make your way through here, you may say a few naughty words at times the way I did. Actually, my living room sounded like a truck stop break room with all the language I was using. Thank goodness the kids weren't here. The level is very fun to play and my lack of skills shouldn't sway your decision to play it. Great level indeed.Bonner’s levels are never ordinary. In fact they make a habit of being different…if that’s not some kind of contradiction in terms. But then quirks and contradictions are part and parcel of the world of these levels. It doesn’t do to ask too many questions or probe too far beneath the surface. So don’t torture yourself wondering what is the point of those small one-eyed sponges lovely encased in wooden blocks, just accept them as part of the overall weirdness and move on. The gameplay is clever, intricate and always interesting. The stickers and music add wonderfully to the strangeness of it all and help give the level that inimitable bonner style. It’s a lot of fun to play too, although that final set of springy platforms was a test too far for me. But even if, like me, you can’t get to the very end unaided, this is most certainly a level you should not miss.

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There are no spotlighted vita levels in this episode.

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Alice in Wonderland
Join Alice in Wonderland, where nothing is quite what it seems. In a strange world with even stranger characters, meet a grinning cat and a white rabbit, join a mad tea-party, and talk nonsense with a caterpillar. Why is a raven like a writing desk?

A wonderful race in the wonderful wonderland that we all know and love. Race among a wonderful setting with a bunch of flowers falling down like rain. Take a trip down memory lane but do not get lost like Alice when she went into the hole, or else you will get blasted by one of those racers stripping you from remaining victorious!
Down the rabbit hole we go! Have fun Racing your friends through the lovely scenery based of the wonderful story of Alice in Wonderland. So go forth, cause as much fun as you can. After all, you are in Wonderland.

Cloudy with a Chance 2 (Battle Arena)
Flint Lockwood gathered up all the leftovers from Swallow Falls and created a delectable battle arena of epic proportions! Prepare yourself for the food fight of the century. Travel through veggie‚ dessert‚ and breakfast themed areas. Don’t end up toast!

INSTANT WIN! Those of you who don't know me, I'm hyper (yes I know it says hype but long story) and there is a reason why I went by this name. The food, the candies, the sugar is my power source. Dropping down into a battle area my eyes grew bigger, there was food. FOOD EVERYWHERE! Yes, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was an enjoyable movie by sony, and the second I am sure is the same.Big kudos for the theme as it is well made at every corner, each section has different type of editable delicious (insert a synonym for the word "food" here). This very creative battle map is topped with custom weapons and highly awesome time. Quick! Let's all end world hunger and visit this landscape!
Food from the sky, food in the weapons, food on the karts, food everywhere! I loved Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, and this level definitely lives up to my expectations. This is a great versus level to play with your friends. Just remember, food can be deadly.

Super Random Fun Land
Welcome to the Super Random Fun Land Racetrack, where everything is a mess! A beginners track Indeed it is 3 laps then you are finished, Can you earn titilating title Super Fun Time Champion Master of The Craftverse

Super Random Funland is definitely super, random, and . . oh yeah. . A LOT of fun! Along with the neat intro, the design of the race track blew me away with bits and bobs and the pleasant mix of color. The set pieces are enjoyable to look at and you may definitely forget that you are racing for a couple second looking at these assets. Make sure not to get hit by though awesome looking obstacles and try not to get distracted from this theme while trying to win race!
Random, yes indeed. Fun, very. This is a beautiful level, no a great level.. umm I know, it's both. I really like this level because it pays attention to the small details. Also, let's not forget the handmade characters that are everywhere. Don't get distracted by the awesomeness like I did though. You'll end up against the wall.

Also from the Showcase...
Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
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There are no honorable mentions for this episode, but we do have some epic spotlighted ones!

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People, we need to make more quality Vita levels! This can't go on like this! :kz:

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Great levels!

11-24-2013, 08:29 PM
Again, some amazing picks. Gotta queue these up! :3

11-24-2013, 08:47 PM
Yay for bonnor, that level was great! :D

Congrats to the picked peeps and the peeps picking levels for being great peeps!

11-24-2013, 08:49 PM
People, we need to make more quality Vita levels! This can't go on like this! :kz:

We should make sure VCC2 is a success then :p

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Ugh. **** i should've released Happy Holloween in time, teampick + moar vita spotlights. It's empty! Omg!

11-24-2013, 10:29 PM
Thank you guys so much!! It means a lot I did put a lot of work in to this track even though its basic hahaha, Congratz to all who got featured good job everybody!!

11-24-2013, 10:33 PM
Oooh so many great levels! Go play them folks, we all spotlighted them for you guys! :p

-- Jauw

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A few here that I've missed in the last few weeks cheers!

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People, we need to make more quality Vita levels! This can't go on like this! :kz:

Nothing to worry about. I'm almost done with a new Vita level, and it's going to be bigger than the first four chapters. :)

Anyways congrats on the spotlighted levels. Glad to see LBPK gaining more quality levels. As one of the LBPK gamejammers, I hope LBPK keeps it up.

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Fun fact: my level was actually supposed to be easy, lol. Hanks for the spotlight.

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Great levels, Thanks guys for the spotlight and your nice words.

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It's great to sit down at night and have a point of contact where you always find a bundle of great levels! :D

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