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11-25-2013, 12:58 AM
Spoilers, yo!

I just finished the game, and..well..wow.
It was soooo gooood. I had a general idea of how Mm was going to pull the message off, but that didn't stop me from getting goosebumps. At the scene where Atoi (in my case) looks down the hole into her world..and then turns around and looks up AT you THROUGH your vita.. I dunno, to me it stopped being an illusion and it was actually my adorable bird Atoi looking up at me, through the vita. And I was looking back grinning :D

And then the message itself..wow. I kinda screwed it up by giving all of my paper-art feet and faces, but that only made it more personal and magical to me. Gee, I sound like a silly butterbadger, but everything about that ending and the build-up for that ending went perfectly into my heart :rolleyes:

And hey! Mm finally learned how to tell a story..sorta! <3 LBP1 had a subtle story that worked well when the scenery, gameplay and setting was designed to talk, LBP2's story was..uh..shall not be mentioned, and this..

It kinda felt like a welcome step back to LBP1, in which exploring is the main focus rather then fighting something. Heck, the game didn't even try to come up with a reason for the scraps to be there! Most of all, it was about getting to know this weird paper character that didn't even talk, but apparently had a personality. Somehow Mm built a connection that was never had with sackboy. Probably because Sacky is designed to be an alternate verision of you, while Atoi/Iota is an indvidual being that happens to be customizable.

I realize that I'm talking a lot about my experience with the game rather then critizising it from a general perspective, but when the game is designed to get into your heart and have a picnic there it's hard to be objective :P With LBP2, for example, you had a story and could follow it and go "haha why is there a vaccuum cleaner?". In Tearaway, you ARE the story. How on earth do you critizise that? :gopher:

And wow, that whole thing was designed to inspire people, and it reaaally worked on me. If someone @ Mm is reading this, could you maybe give yourself a pat on the back or whatever? I can't handle all of this inspiration you guys. Got to get some paper..and colors..and make a new level..
..and keep up with school? o.o

Tearaway is amazing, Mm is amazing, I love everything about the game and boobiibaa.

11-28-2013, 05:47 PM
The experience was indeed great, but I would have liked if it was more challenging. I beat it the morning after I bought it and saw that I only died 17 times.

11-28-2013, 10:35 PM
I finally read your post after finishing the game myself. I couldn't agree more. When I saw the paper "You" it clicked. I got it. And now I actually do feel encouraged to go do other things, make my own story as interesting as I can.
As for the game itself, it reminded me of my own LBP levels. Lots of little ideas that rarely repeat. I was hoping for maybe another pig section and some more backtracking for collectables but it was still great.
I am curious as to what happened with the trapping of Wendigos by tricking them with the paper balls.
Personally I think Mm loved their creations so much they didn't want to be mean to them. Heck I made my first papercraft from the game a Wendigo because they have such a cool design.

12-06-2013, 01:02 AM
IF I ever come across a cheap VITA on craigslist or something I'd definitely grab this title.