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12-05-2013, 04:32 AM

Firstly, please note that I am NOT posting this to advertise my fansite to people for the purpose of registering. I am hosting this community event and would like to include more than the few which visit my site so that we could offer the full potential of my vision for this event. (:

Hello sacklings! The holiday season is here and so I am very excited to announce this community event in preparation for Christmas! :D

Your goal is to find as many Christmas themed levels as possible! Try to find quality levels, but any are welcome! This, of course, will include levels you create, so feel more than welcome to create your own levels for this event! :) For each level that you would like to enter, find its LBP.me (http://lbp.me) page, then submit the level (which can be done HERE (http://www.lbpf.me/community/levels-submit.html)) by entering its URL and a brief comment. Submit just one level, or as many as you can find! The more the merrier!

Submitted levels can be from ANY LittleBigPlanet game excluding LBP PSP

This will submit the level to the level crew, and on December 20th (the deadline to submit Christmas levels for this event), we will showcase some of the levels! :D So if you create your own Christmas-themed level, it may be picked!

Our level crew consists of: myself (PSN: player_beyond492), justus5, sackboot492 (PSN: morris6267), and Jauw (PSN: Jauw2).

So what are you waiting for? Get creating, searching, and submitting! And have a great holiday season!

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