View Full Version : Annoying sackbot glitch :(

01-22-2014, 10:35 PM
There is a really irritating create mode glitch which was also in LBP2 (but IIRC it got patched) whereby a controllinator set to "automatically enter" will force any sackbot within the radius to enter, regardless of whether or not they have their behaviour chip tweaked to allow them to use controllinators. It has made me have to rethink various chunks of gameplay that I have been building on a number of occasions because I keep forgetting that the glitch occurs. For example in one level the player has a sackbot sidekick, who occasionally leads the way. Unfortunately I was unable to force the player to use a controllinator in a number of places because the sackbot would enter it instead of the player :(

Just thought I would give people the heads up.