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02-01-2009, 11:21 AM
SEMINAL GEMINI - Ninjamicwiz/Neverynnal

One word review hahahahaha

Well I'll start on a positive note, I have rarely had such fun with other people on LBP. Mainly as there isn't really a platform to do so in LBP. Sure there are levels you can do together, but there are so few parts that actually require you to work together.

If I could offer one piece of advice right now it would be:

When you try this level, and you really should, pick a good friend to go through it with. A nice chum who can make you laugh as you play, it really will be worthwhile. Nothing can cheer you up then somebody shouting "LEFT! RIGHT! NO NO NO NO NO NO! AHHHHHH" over a ubs mic.

Its something thats crossed my mind a couple of times, but that makes it far from common (make your own jokes if you want). Many ideas go through my head, most of which dont last long. But it really does follow the spirit of LBP, people made logic switches to pull off functions that arnt in the game, people captured paintballs to create tanks and machine guns, and all other things like that. People complained that you cant use the paintgun and the jetpack together, But these two decided instead of whining - they'd find a solution.

It's smooth. Thats basically it, its the cheery on the cake of an otherwise delicious cake. This level doesn't NEED a story or a theme, as its based around an unusual mechanic. Often enough that will do, a new idea is its own level. However the story still had effort put into it, and importantly (especially for a two-player game) it doest take up break the flow. You don't want to be stood there while you both read piles of text. As for the theme, its nothing new (not that its bad). The usual neon/Metal/MGS design, but it flows and at no point did I have to cover my eyes from a spectrum of 50 different lights (like most of these levels).

As smooth as the above, while its nice and clean cut the gameplay takes priority over the look of the level. I cant remember stopping at any point to say "Wow look at that", on the other hand I never had to stop and laugh at some terrible attempt to make something. It stays in the background, sets the scene and minds its own business.

Ahh here we go, as you'd expect from a level from both Wz and Never, this area really shines. Much like the story, they could have easily left the entire level to the Jetpack/Paininator thing and not worried about anything else. Luckily for us they didn't, I really dont want to give too much away here (odd for a review I know), but I feel I'd be taking something from you when you try the level yourself. Needless to say you'll be doing more than just flying around and shooting things. Take time as you play to stop and look at how these things work, especially the boss (he truly is a work of art).

Now this surprised me, as well as the much mentioned Jetpack/Paintinator theme to the level - there are several sections designed just to be tackled as 2 players (a sort of forced x2). These sections while being very fun also break-up the level nicely, as well as giving players the chance to swap positions and experience more of the game. Nothing should challenge you to the point of hurling your controller at the cat (as Fry would say). But its a good level, it gives a great sense of satisfaction when its completed as well as offering a great time with your friends.

If you ever have a friend around in your pod, and your looking to for something to do - play this level. hell, invite a friend around and play this level if you have to! I was always given the impression that this level was a showcase for a flying paintinator, but its much much more. It has story, style and one of the most fun bosses I've ever fought. It would have been sooo easy to leave these things out and still get a decent review. But they didn't, and thats what counts - they didn't just want to make another level, but a new experience. I'd say they did it pretty well, well done guys.

Rating: 9/10 (a work of art)

02-01-2009, 05:45 PM
Great review!
I loved a lot this level too and agree with what you fiinaly wrote: "work of art"!

02-01-2009, 08:09 PM
Completely agree, it's definitely a must play if you have someone (you trust :D) to play with!

02-02-2009, 02:22 AM
Wow great review man. Extremely extensive, organized and to the point.

So thankyou! I'm very happy with a 9/10 and it's so nice to see people enjoying this level that me and Ninja put our hearts into (and hopefully you do the same for us....ok that was lame :p). We intended to create a level that did more than just working with a new concept (the pack/paint combo). We wanted to make it an incredibly new experience packed with beauty and great dialogue and by the sounds of it, it looks like it worked :) Thanks again m8 and I look forward to the rest of your reviews. Cheers

02-02-2009, 04:27 AM
I almost hate this level now after spending so much time on it lol but it was a great experience, and I'm glad the people who've played it are getting so much out of it. I was playing through this with one of the guys from LM, and when I told him to jump forward one plane at Eye-Gore so I could pick him up, it reminded me how the level had to be designed to mostly function on a single plane when flying, and transition seamlessly from 3 planes to one with a specially designed pick up area at each juncture.

That was a huge hurdle early on. I often forget how much work went into all of this. The reality of the workload we shared is much greater than people realize when they pick the apart the minutia of the level, scrounging for flaws... so a great review is more than appreciated.

What I'm always surprised at is how hard it is for people to find someone to play it with... lol, Nev, remember the kid I was telling you about, the one we both know that asks to join like 600 times? He always forces me to play Seminal Gemini. He LOVES it.

02-02-2009, 05:23 AM
bahaha dude thats hilarious. Sadly the 10 year old kid you're referring to probably gives it a 3 star rating every time he plays it killing our rating score /sigh. Gotta love it! :p