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02-22-2014, 08:22 AM
Howdy... so here's a simple but effective mini tutorial for glitching stuff out of the level.. Do you hate how the edges of your level look all barren... well fear no more... just build your props.. houses, landscapes ect. make sure they're grouped and put them as close to where you want them, then head back into the level, say half way, take a piston, set to 0.1 distance,time full (so u see no movement) and attach it to said grouped prop..u will then be able to move the prop out side the normal creation boundaries .. be sure to not move it so far you take the motor outside the boundary as you can get things stuck out there...You can use this to hide stuff outside the level that can be brought into it at a later point too,on warp drive the enterprise, huge space ship and the defiant ect are all way outside the level waitng to '' warp '' in .. Hope this helps make your worlds look much bigger with more scope .. good luck and enjoy : )


^^ for some reason it wont let me edit post on my ps3... forgot to add... when you are 100% happy with where you ave placed your out of level glitched prop you can then click on the piston, break group and reuse the motor ... beware before you do this as the prop is forever out of reach.

02-22-2014, 01:45 PM
Dude thanks for this!

I was definitely looking a way to do this. Especially if you use the no theme background it can be
Barren especially since the level boundaries are noticeable.