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03-10-2014, 09:04 PM
Sometimes we don't wanna use the general level points. It's nice and sometimes beneficial to make your own. Whatever the reason is, there are a couple ways to do this. A method with counters, a method with timers and percentages. The following is a method with selectors. It works pretty well and is fairly easy, rather than having to add and subtract multiple complex calculations with a timer.

This picture shows one of the ways using selectors. It uses selectors each for ones, tens, hundreds, thousands etc. Put a 12 port selector on a microchip to start our first unit (the ones unit). We're going to use ports 3-11 for the following. Connect port 3 to a microchip with a battery at 10%, connected to a tag labeled "Ones". Connect port 4 to a microchip with a battery at 20%, connected to a tag labeled "Ones" etc. Do this up to port 11 with 90%. This will be for detecting values. Also connect port 12 to port 2 and port 1 to port 11.

Now put a microchip below and have two OR gates connected to the directional combiner. Connect the directional combiner to the selector's toggle port. You can connect a tag sensor labeled "Ones+" to the OR gate (connected to the positive input of the directional combiner). And a tag sensor labeled "Ones-" to the other OR gate (connected to the negative input of the direction combiner).

Now just copy this whole unit according to the amount of money values. One unit will represent Ones, the next will represent Tens, the next will represent Hundreds etc. Connect port 1 of the selector to the next unit's OR gate input, and port 12 of the selector to the other next unit's OR gate input as shown in the picture. So for example, if we have 9 and add 1, it will reset to 0 and add 10. So we would then have 10. Then vise versa for subtracting.

All you have to do now is change the tag sensor names according to the values. So for the second unit (the tens unit), change the sensor name from "Ones" to "Tens" and "Ones+" to "Tens+" and "Ones-" to "Hundreds-". Then do the same for the third unit (the hundreds unit), change the sensor names from "Ones" to "Hundreds" and "Ones+"
To "Hundreds+" etc.

So now if you want to add or subtract an amount of money, connect a percentage to the corresponding tag. For example, if I wanted to add 120, I could just activate a "Hundreds+" tag. This would add the hundred. As for the the 20 we would have to add 10 twice so we'd probably have to use a sequencer to add it twice. You would activate two "tens+" tags (on the sequencer with a space in between). This would add 10 twice. That's how it would work.

You can also detect values by using a signal strength tag sensor for the corresponding amount. So if Something required at least 500, you would use a signal strength tag sensor for "Hundreds". Connect that sensor to a positional sequencer and put a battery in the middle. So when it detects a 50% signal for the "Hundreds" tag (which would be 500), it will activate the battery on the positional sequencer. So the battery would be your output for detecting 500.

I hope that all made sense! And I hope it helped. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks.

03-13-2014, 03:40 PM
awesome job airride :D

03-15-2014, 02:06 AM
Is it just me or do the pictures only work for the post in the LBP2 thread? Great tutorial though. This way is relatively tag friendly and definitely thermo friendly. It's also the most user friendly and intuitive advanced counter I've seen.

06-03-2014, 04:06 AM
Really awesome thread airride! I think you have to reupload the pictures tho, they aren't working anymore.