View Full Version : I thought I'd share this.

08-19-2008, 01:30 AM
Made this just for fun. Some of you have seen it. Some not. Cheers/Salud


08-19-2008, 02:26 AM
Awesome. I always hated how people who work for a certain company always act like they never use their competitor's products, even though it's almost always worth it. Bill Gates isn't the head of MS anymore, but I've noticed it everywhere. I certainly would break that rule to play LittleBigPlanet if I worked for Microsoft.

08-19-2008, 04:17 AM
I was thinking about taking a Bungie staff photo and editing it to have them all playing LBP. ;) Only the most hardcore fans of any game would try turn away from this game especially after they've figured out what the game is.. and I'm talking about hardcore addicts. Not Fanboys..