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02-07-2009, 03:01 PM
Yo all, i finally made my last level: Sack Quest! This level is based on the popular Dragon Quest, a famous JRPG. In this level, you must help the King : his son is disappeared, and stange mosnters are attacking the village! In your quest, you meet Goshi, a brave warrior, and you see the evil wizard, Daft, that taked the Prince with him. He want to take the AllSouls Stone, a magic item taht gives immense power. You meet Trisya too, a magic girl that helps you with her magic powers.
The level is long, with platform setions, some exploring zones and 2 boss battles! (the second with the coop of Goshi!) Walk trough immense green zones, giant castles and 2 villages. And don't worry, the level is full of Infinite Checkpoints by Snowflackecat (special thanks to him ;) )
If you feedback my level or heart, i will do the same with you :D

Some photos:






Added the video, big thanks to Vanemiera! :p

YouTube - Sack Quest - The Prince and the AllSouls Stone - Chapter 1

:p To search it try to search the name or search xDante95x , and find it in nord est Europe :p

02-08-2009, 04:22 AM
This was a pretty decent level, although I couldn't finish it (see below)


Decent length

Cute story

Fun, and some decent battles


Lack of polish - Some dark matter pieces showing, jagged lines that weren't cleaned up

On some stairs where you were supposed to head down the back was higher than the front, which made it really difficult.

The top of the train got stuck on the station sign, so the train would not go forward, so I couldn't exit the train and finish the level.

All in all, I had fun. It was a decent story and a lot of content.

02-08-2009, 11:18 AM
Overall, I enjoyed the level. It was cute, it did remind me of Dragon Quest a lot, and there were some really nifty ideas. I especially liked how you handled the keys - That part was probably the most creative thing in your level. The traveling sequences with the carriage and train were also nice and got me in a serene mood, and the length of the level was considerable.

However, since this is supposed to be constructive criticism - There's a serious lack of polish in your level. I'll list all of the minor and major problems I've encountered.

The grammar in many speech bubbles was messed up. I don't know if this was intentional, as it did kind of give the level a very-early-videogame feel complete with bad translations =P

The enemies. I liked many of them and especially the first boss battle, but about half of them didn't seem to be realted to DQ at all, or at least I couldn't identify them. Also, several of them were poorly stickered, for example many slimes had huge brown patches, and the second boss suffered from this as well.

You'll need to fix up the landscape. If you go right after using the plant to jump up the hill, there's a flying tree and a very thin wall of grass which both look extremely awkward. Also, during the train ride, most of the grass landscape was flying in the air. You need to make it extend it downwards a lot.

Speaking of the train ride, I had the same problem as the previous poster. Just before the train station, the first wheel stopped moving and I was stuck, and I couldn't get out of the train. I had to kill myself and walk the whole way to get back to the train.

And that's about it. To finish the review on a more positive note, there's some more creative stuff I really liked: The drawers in the castle that you could open where well done, and the coop battle with your comrades was cool as well.

If you want a recommendation: For your next level, try to not aim for such a long journey, but rather make it a really good one. Polish up your landscapes so they don't come off as too monotonous, and make sure you fix all the possible problems before moving on to the next part.

By the way, I'd appreciate it if you took a look at my level, "Timeless Village". There's an F4F thread on this board =) Thanks in advance.

02-08-2009, 01:09 PM
Thank You very much for your comments! I'm fixing the train bug : the "station" sign in the first version was in an higer place, then i moved down (i did this mistake ^^")
The grammar of the texts is for my bad, i'm italian, i don't speek english very well, but if i write all in italian, nobody will like the story! :blush:
Thank you for the tips about mosnters: exept the slime, i invented all (included the 2 bosses). I will now cure the "Graphic" of the level : many stickers, much colors, and fix al the "incolored parts" of the mosnters.
For the "flyng grass", it's because after the train there is another "level", because after the train jounrey, the space of the level is over. I must delete the "Flyng Grass", or set the camera angles better :blush:
I will hide al the dark matters :)
Thanks a lot to appreciate the bosses, the carriage and the train (i intentionally made the voyages to give a serene mood), and the key stickers idea :)
Wait 15 minutes and i try your level, then i feedback on your topic ;)

Yo! :p

02-08-2009, 06:38 PM
Alright, feedback time:

- Right away i noticed a little visual bug, the vehicle you're driving, is powered by a horse, but the horse's wheels don't really touch the ground since the vehicle itself has motor bolts. I think the bolt that connects them both is too tight, making the horse being lifted (since the wagon is heavier)

- "the king sended you a mail" (i know im harsh, but i just think some players will find it really annoying. "sended" should be "sent") There's a few more of these mistakes, but i don't find it too annoying.

- I saved the guy's money, and he said he would chop the trees ahead of me, so i could pass. It's a bit weird since he doesn't have legs o.O But hey, no biggie.

- When you are on top of the hill, you're meant to go left. But if you go right there's a tree floating.. Kinda breaks the moment :(

- The baddie had a really cool escape move :P you might want to set the lights to a certain lifetime, since they just lay there ...

- I liked the 2nd boss, the fact that that guard "helped" you was innovative, and fun.

- When you enter the burned village, there's a fireman trying to stop the fire, but his hose has a visible emitter, and i'm quite sure this was unintended.

- Liked the burning house part, made you feel like a fireman :P

- I think you didn't fix the problem Ccubage mentioned yet. I found myself stuck in the train part aswell.. the train rammed into the STATION sign, and the fence in the train wouldn't let me out.

- Since i couldn't finish it here's my overal feedback:

It was a really fun level, and had a nice happy, jolly atmosphere. There were a few minor issues and i'm sorry if it looked as if i was really negative, but i wasn't. I enjoyed the level :)

02-08-2009, 09:09 PM
Update: i fixed many bugs. First: the train bug, now the "station" sign doesn't block the train, and you can normally go down from the train. Fixed the flyng tree bug and the flyng grass too. Aded some stickers to every mosnters, now there aren't "incolored" parts. Hided the fireman emitter, added some sounds. Fixed some spelling mistakelike sended-sent. If someone can make a list of the errors, i will heart him! ^^

02-09-2009, 03:42 AM
Tagging as a reminder to play tomorrow :)

02-09-2009, 06:23 PM
Ok, i fixed other bugs, and some speech bubbles.
Some questions to players: the difficulty of the level (expecially the bosses) was to hard?
I'm making some of the DQVIII monsters, but i need a little help. Which mosnters of DQVIII will be better in my level? Do you like someone in particular?

If someone want to help me to make the Chapter 2, i will be happy to do a co-op create ;)

02-09-2009, 11:01 PM
Wow, cool level. I really liked it. The only thing that kinda threw me off and bored me was the train ride. Perhaps you could speed it up a bit? That's really just a personal preference, but It'd be cool to see done.

The story was cool, haven't played any Dragon Quest (Does the original Dragon Warrior count? :)) but I think it was well told. I know the classic slime monster, and think you did a wonderful job on him. Didn't recognize any other creatures of characters (but once again I haven't really played any :))

Liked your sunset, that was cool. The enemy disappearing in a flash of light was spectacular. I know how you did it but it was still really sweet, as I've never thought to do it, and haven't seen it done anywhere else.

The flaming tree you swing on over the fire however isn't glued down (or comes unglued during play mode, which the only fix for is maybe bolts, and rods...) but I was able to make the jump on my own without it. Don't know if that was intentional or not, but thought I'd throw that your way.

As for my thoughts on your bosses... no, they're not too hard, specially since you use infinite checkpoints. I could have easily beat them without infinite, but I'd like to consider my self a video game king :) and could see how some may think it's too difficult.

Well peace man.

02-10-2009, 11:52 AM
Thank you, i read your comment, and now i'm playng your Manifesto Level (after i will comment it ;) ) So, the monsters was all created by me exluse the sime, so it's impossible to recognize. Than you for appreciate the sunset and the "disappearing" of the evil wizard (i used a simple logic gate, activable only 1 time.). I don't know why, i have glued ALL the trees, but in play mode they're all ungled ˛__˛ I think it's a bug...
I'm happy to see that bosses aren't hard, but i used infinite checkpoints 'cause if someone loses near the end of the level, it's very boring to re-do all the level.
Thank you for your feedback, i will feedback you as soon i can ;)

02-12-2009, 09:54 PM
I really enjoyed your level, its had a well delivered story. This is a good thing coming from me because I REALLY HATE story levels.

I personally didn't like the first portion of the level, although the keys were nicely incorporated. It just didn't involve any obstacles except stairs, which I also REALLY HATE on LBP.

Then when I was just getting bored the pace changed and there was finally some monsters and actual platforming. The monsters were nicely designed and the boss was really decent, though the infinite checkpoints took away the challenge :/


02-13-2009, 11:58 AM
Wow if you hate sotry and stairs, you hated 1/4 of my level XD I hope you didn't give negative stars ;)
I'm sorry you didn't like it, but this is the "Dragon Quest Style", a mix of exploration, story and monsters! In the real DQ there aren't platform zones, but this is LBP XD
If you have some hints to make my level better, write it here ;)

02-13-2009, 02:52 PM
i found your level very enjoyable Dante. Here are my thoughts:

Puzzles - You had some very nice puzzles that all seemed to fit with your theme. I especially liked the man who had been robbed and you must return his money.

Enemy Design - Some very nice looking and creative enemies.

Boss Battles - Pretty inventive boss battles. In the Elephant battle, I loved how your companion comes to your aid! These is something that I had thought about trying myself. And while you didn't get to fight the Wizard yet, he's disappearing act was pretty sweet!

The Train! - Very cool!


Lack of Detail- Not in your story or characters, but visually the level is rather plain. It's not necessarily a bad thing though. It depends on your style. I tend to like a pretty detailed level.

The Stairs! - Add me to the group of people frustrated with the stairs. Maybe if you made the steps just a tad bigger.

Overall, I had fun with the level and I look forward to my chance to do battle with the wizard!

02-13-2009, 06:06 PM
Thanks for the comment! I'm glad that you enjoied puzzles,monsters and bosses, i spent time to make them ;) The train is a "peaceful moment", after your journey. You can relax and see the green world xD
I'm trying to add as much detail i can, but the termometer is totaly full... I must try to delet something less important ^^
Mmm... I must fix the stairs, thank you for the tip :)
And don't worry, in the chapter 2 there will be the final batle with the wizard! Surely a co-op batle in three! (maybe 4! :) )

02-14-2009, 03:23 PM
UPDATE: I published the 2.0 version of the level! Big change: i added a background. I was very undecided on it, but now i will try it with the Garden Background :D The little piecesof dark mater taht you see, are a part of the Snowflackecat Infinite Checkpoint, but i added a sign "CheckPoint" on it, so now is hidden :P I fixed stairs, where some people found problems!
If you can, say me if the leveli sbettere with Garden BG or Blue BG!

I'm always searching people who wants to make the Sack Quest Cpt 2 in co-op witrh me ;) If you're a good LBP creator, ask there and i will be happy to collaborate ^^

02-18-2009, 11:36 PM
I'm getting my PS3 setup now so I can give you feedback on this level. Thanks for the feedback on mine btw, I added a bunch of stickers and some extra lighting to help spruce up most of the level because of your advice.

02-19-2009, 12:44 AM
I'm playing through it now, so I'll leave notes as I go.

- Love the infinite checkpoints. You're going for a light hearted, "have fun" type feel and it's really nice.

- I like how you have the sense of "working your way out of the town first" down pretty good.

- This really feels like a trek, but there's plenty to do. And I like the enemy designs. it's really nice to see 100% custom content, especially with some of the unique ideas you have. I feel like they could be expanded on and polished more, but that's always something that comes with time, and the ideas are definitely there.

- This boss is so cool! I love how you have to be quick to get the heads. I didn't even notice it for the first few tries because I thought it was cool enough that you have lightning shooting out in the first place.

- Very fun boss fight. Again, there's plenty to polish up, but it's a great idea and you executed it in a great enough way to where I'd love to fight him again.

- Oooh, not enough people use this song, I really love it. Gives a great feel to things.

- Holy CRAP this boss fight is cool! The look to this entire level is somewhat basic, but it has the feel nailed down. But if this boss looked as cool as it played, it'd be in my top 3. The fact that you have that other guy there to help protect you with his shield, and then help you up on top of the elephant is just too ******* cool. One recommendation though, when the elephant is shooting laser balls (crazy lol), it's only shooting the balls on one plane, so it's easy to dodge without the help of the other guy. Next time you go into edit this up, make it so there are laser balls firing on all 3 planes so you HAVE to use the guy to dodge them.

- Haha, I love using the gun to put out the fire. Best part is, my paint is blue :p WATER DOUSING WOOO!

- LOL at the dude freaking out, trying to put out the fire. Looks awesome.

- Nice idea with the train ride. Just a nice retreat from all the non-stop platforming and enemy bashing. I can see some sound emitters though on the trees, you might wanna go in and patch that up as it kind of broke the feel a bit for me.

- I love how you integrate the characters into the gameplay. Gives a great feel to simple things, like how emitting platforms you have to jump over quick enough are Trisya with her magic spells. Very cool.

- The sunset and town on the hill look really nice!

And I'm done!

All in all, I had a really fun time, and it was a pretty long level too. There were some things that could've been better executed and the visuals could be better as well, but the bosses were unique, the quest was long and fun, and I really liked the characters (again, i loved those boss fights!)

I gave it a 4 stars (great level, but lacks some visual/gameplay polish), hearted it and tagged it "Satisfying".

02-19-2009, 04:35 PM
Thank you very much for your feedbacks! I'm glad you enjoyied it! For the "cool song", you mean the one after the GargoLion boss? If yes, the name is Raimbow Warrior, and i like it too! Thank you for comments about the 2 bosses, i had this 2 concepts in my mind one day, and i made them on LBP. I can make some photos of "How the bosses work" :D
For the 2nd boss, there is a little problem. As you saw, your comrade is emitted, and when the "defending one" disappears, it appears the other one that helps you to jump on the Laserphant (yes, an elephant that shots laser asd). But, if the Laserphants shotas in all 3 planes, often the "jump helping" comrade doesn't appear, cause the laser balls are in his place. I'm trying to fix it!
In the burning village, i used the paintinator to put out fire cause it's the only way to integrate paintinator with Dragon Quest, i can't use it like a gun ;)
Then, the train ride is just a "relaxing part", where with the soundtrack (one of my favourite!!) and the soundseffect (i must hide them all xD) you can enjoy the ride^^
The magic powers of Trisya (wow you remember her name ;) ) was a way to add other gameplay parts, like the flyng platforms ;) In the Chapter 2, she will helps you in boss fight and in other puzzles!

Thank you for the heart, i'm happy that you enjoyied my level as i enjoyied your one :D
Call me when the 2nd Stella Deus is published, ok? :P

02-21-2009, 06:06 AM
I'm gonna go give your level a try right now.

Thoughts as I play:

Nice opening using the carriage. I always enjoy a good opening.

I'm now in a village and see a well. People always seem to be going in these, so maybe I should go see what the fuss is about. Hooray, some prize!

Now a kid is telling me that the prince is in trouble and another guy is telling me where the castle is. Whaddya mean I can't go in?! Oh, I can. That's right, you better let me through, you legless freak!

I'm talking to the king and he apparantely needs my help because some monsters are being a bunch of jerks. Before I go, I'll head downstairs to see what's there. Oh, it's a key!

After leaving the castle, I decided to head down and now someone is telling me that I need a key to open the warehouse. Let's try the new one I found..... It worked! Now I'm getting another sticker. Well, let's see what it opens...... Oh, it's for the bell tower. I'll go take care of that right now.... DING DONG! It appears I can leave town and go do some good. Hooray!

Uhoh, there's a monster in front of me. What to do, what to do! Oh, I know, I'll jump on his brain! Take that! Oh crap, there's more! And what's worse is that they've stolen this legless mans money! The fiends!!!

Don't worry kind citizen, I shall slay these abominations and defend your honor/coinpurse. HAZAH! Victory is mine.

I'm now at a watefall, and for something that's being shown with a sticker, it looks nice.

I've crossed the bridge and now there's these.... blue pieces of..... poo? And they're blocking my way. Take that, and that! But wait! Now a cat is throwing fire at me. Let's just jump right over that and continue the quest. You're lucky you don't have a brain you furball, or else you too would face my wrath.

Well, just to be sure, let's take another look. Nope, nothing he-eeeeeeeeeeeeeere! I seem to have fallen into a hole and can't get out. Could this be a secret? It doesn't look like it. Oh well, time for suicide.

Hey, it's a tree. One of natures sturdiest bridges. AHHHHHH! Curse you tree! CURSE YOU! Oh great, a fox has come to attack me while I'm down. Well, not so fast vile demon! BAM!

I'm now continuing my journey and need to go up. Up, up, and away!

There's some more monsters, but they're no match for me. Uhoh, I may now have to fight this lion. Yep, I do.

Ow! He killed me. Ow! He did it again! Oh, now's my chance. TAKE THAT! Ah crap, I got killed by the gas.

Instead of boring you, I'll just say that this went on for a few more minutes, and then he waved goodbye and we parted ways.

I'm now at a gate but can't get in. What to do, what to do...... Oh, here's a bush. let's just move this right by the nice tree. There we go. I'm in! Now I'm going up a tree and it's taking me to the 2nd floor.

Uhoh, some green guys are in my way. Shazam! Take that! Now it's time to go down the stairs. Tralalalala. Hey, it's a locked door. Maybe I should head up and find the key...... There it is! Back down the stairs.

It's another green guy and a fat red guy. Out of my way! Ok, now up the stairs once again (great workout). Uhoh, someone's gone and started a fire by this conveniently placed bookshelf. Only one thing to do. Go up!

Now some guy is asking for help. Pssh, yeah right buddy, I got better things to do. Oh, wait. You're a king's man? Well, hang on pal!

After freeing him from the clutches of the falled ceiling, he tells me that a strange man was seen nearby. Well, thanks stranger. You don't seem to have any awesome arms like mine, so I'll just push you off the ledge and meet you down below. WHEEEE!

Now another guy is telling me that the strange guy is the wizard and he's after the AllSouls Stone. Well, stop talking and lets go get him!

Oh, hey. There he is! But he has the prince and is threatening to harm him. Well, not on my watch! Charge!!!

Aw, he disappeared. What a party pooper. But wait, he sent a laserphant to do his dirty work. Go go go!

I'm now using my buddy to tag team him (pretty cool idea). Ah crap, he pushed me off his back and shot me! But have no fear, I'll just try again.

Victory is ours! But now we have to find the wizard, and some guy is blocking my way. Take this!

Victory is mine again! But alas, our victory means nothing. The village is under attack!

Now a jolly looking fellow wants me to rescue his daughter from the flames. I'm not sure why he looks so happy, but whatever. There's no time for questions! Tally ho!!!

This fire is no match for my power! Take that, and that, and have some of this! Hooray, she's saved. Now I have to go on a train that the jolly fellow built a few weeks ago.

I'm now in the train station and the girl behind the desk is givng me the eye. Hey baby. Want to make a baby? :rolleyes:

Fine then! You're too big for me anyway!!! :mad:

It's time to take the train. Lalalala. I see a few of you clever sound makers aren't shy about showing yourselves. Hello!

Aw, time to get off the train. Oh look, it's a man behind the desk and he's giving me the eye. Hey baby. Want to make a baby........ :eek:

Ok, I'm now going up the path. But wait, what's this? Trees blocking off a cliff? Well there must certainly be a secret down there. WHEEE! OH NOOOOOOO! I've fallen into an alternate dimension. Oh well, suicide it is.

I'm back up the path, but the forest is one fire. Luckily the girl I saved knows magic. Uhoh, another patch of fire.

At this point, she makes a comment saying "Argh, it's hard! Go fast!". I was going to make a joke out of this, but I think it's funny enough as is. :p

After that I see the sunset and our party decides to stay at the nearby inn.

This was a cute little level (actually not little. it's very big) and I had some fun.


- Cute design for level and enemies

- It was never too hard (pro and con)

- The lion boss was pretty cool

- The level was very long. It was a lot longer than I thought it would be

- The adventure took us all over the place

- I liked extinguishing the fire with the gun


- The characters looked funky. I mean, they had no legs

- The whole thing was never very challenging except for the lion fight. There were even some enemies that couldn't kill you (the blue poo monsters). Try giving all of them some form of attack.

- Speaking of the lion, when you beat him, he keeps shooting fire

- There were a few areas that need to be covered (check "Thoughts as I play") and lots of the trees aren't glued to the ground. You might want to fix that.

- The castle was big, but there weren't many enemies/obstacles in it. It somewhat felt empty. Try sprucing it up in there with something

- The laserphant had a good co-op thing going, but it ended way too soon. Try using multiple buttons on him that uncover one brain at a time. Like, have the first button uncover a new button and 1 brain. Then have it go like that until he's dead.

Overall, it was a decent level, but it lacks challenge and polish. If you could patch up the holes and fix up some of those complaints, it would be a 4 star level, but until then, I'll give it 3. Don't fret though, 3 isn't bad.

02-21-2009, 12:04 PM
Played this level, thought it was long but fun. :)

Stuff I liked:
- The bosses had a lot of variety, and took both brains and skill to defeat. I liked how you had a "party member" in the elephant boss fight.
- Cool story. There are some engaging characters in here, and I'd like to see them developed as this series progresses. Cool "scripted" events too.
- I liked the RPG feel of this level. From the length of the level, to all the different areas you journey to. I like how there are towns and cities in between dangerous areas. I also liked how you had several "quests", like saving people and stopping fires, etc.
- Lots of monsters.
- Cool train ride!
- Some very nice scenic areas, like mountains, the distant view of the city, and the sunset.
- I enjoyed the various puzzles and obstacle pieces.

Stuff that might need improvement:
- No offense... but please try to fix some of the grammar and spelling mistakes... it kinda detracts the player from the story, which is a pity because the story IS interesting.
- Some of the non-boss enemies are too simple and easy. Aside from making the enemies harder, another way to make your level more challenging is to make the environment more interactive. Try putting more tricky obstacle/platforming pieces between the major areas. The length of any level shouldn't be a problem as long as there are plenty of challenges in it.

Thanks for sharing this level with us. :) I hope you make more, and continue this story.
If you have time, please try one of my levels. Their threads can be found with my sig. Thanks! :)

02-21-2009, 04:34 PM
Thank you all 2 to your feedbacks! Rick, thanks for all your notes, so i can fix the problems of many parts of the level. I made the people "without legs" to make they like the "manga style" xD Then, i don't know why, but every time i glue ALL the trees and i save, in play mode they're all unglued ˛___˛ I think it's a bug! Then, i must fix the holes, maybe with the gas :D In the castle, i made it a little empty cause it is abbandoned, so it is all uncured (fire on the library, the brokek roof xD ). Maybe i can add some enemies or other things.
Then, i made the level "low challenging" cause i want to make the Cpt.2 harder, but if it's too easy, i will make it more chalenging.
For the grammar mistakes, i'm trying to correct all, but i'm italian, i don't speak english very well... :(
Mostevilmilo, today or tomorrow i will try your levels and then i will give yu feedbacks ;)

02-22-2009, 01:51 PM
I had the same tree bug happen to me. In the end I had to move the trees to different areas so they would stay glued. You might need to try that.

02-23-2009, 07:12 PM
I tryied to move them, but they're always unglued! I can try with the Dark Matter, in this way they will stay in their places :P

02-23-2009, 10:07 PM

I liked the level. It was fun. Lots of variety.

Someone mentioned the horse not touching the ground... What if you had the horse actually pulling the cart - using a rope.

I noticed you can knock people over in the beginning.

In the area after the warehouse, when you are jumping from tree to tree over the toxic fumes, you can pull over the second tree (it isn't glued down) so that it makes it really hard to get over.

I liked the cartoony waterfall.

I noticed that a lot of the enemies you face don't have any way to hurt you.

I also noticed that the squirrel guy you are going to could be knocked over, allowing you to skip the swing into him part.

The area where you enter into the building from the second floor, you are forced to jump to the ground from up high, as the stairs going down are in the back, and when you try to go down, you go naturally to the front section that is the same height.

Regarding Daft the Wizard. "Daft" in English means silly or foolish. Not sure if that was meant or not. Kind of puny on your part :) the bad guy being "daft"

Also when he talks, he says "oqr" when he means to say "or"

I liked the little details a lot. Like the cat meowing when you go close.

Wondering where you got the classical music for your level.

On the train ride, you could see an environmental audio thing or two.

And at Deep Silva Road, it is possible to find a way to jump down to the right, dropping you completely out of the map. I liked the planks in the roadŚcool detail.

And the sunset was cool. Nice cut-scene.

02-24-2009, 12:41 PM
Thank you for your feedback, very fast ;)
For the horse thing: the base idea was that, but the cart is too heavy for the horse (xD), so i give at the cart some motor bolts :P
For the trees unglued, the problem is always the same: every time i glue the trees, i save and go in play mode, they return unglued -__- I don't know what to do, i tryied in many ways but nothing...
For the enemies: the blue slimes don't attack you cause in DQ too, they're very weak, so i gave attacks to other enemies, like the Flaming Cat, the Shoting Mole, the blac and white mosnter with the eletric trap... But, if many of you prefer a most challening level, i will add other mosnters :P
Then, the squirrle (mole) guy can be knockjed over cause if he's glued to the ground and you destroy his brain, all the level disappears xD
For the stairs bug, i was sure that i fixed it ˛_˛ Ok, i will refix it, thanks for the segnalation ;)
For the name Daft: it wasn't intentionally, cause my freind told me this name, and i liked it, but anyway i like it :P Oh, and i must fix the oqr with or ^^"
Then, i must hide the audio effects and add close the zone to the right of Silva Road!
I'm glad you liked my level, your one (king o side) was realy awesome :P

02-24-2009, 02:32 PM
Regarding the trees... I had a similar problem. For some reason, I had a tree that liked to come down. I was forced to change the camera a little and put a rod at the top.

The other thing you might consider is gluing it to a hidden piece of dark matter behind it, and maybe not bother gluing it down to the ground. I think it is a matter of stress on the trees. When you swing on them, you are putting forces on glue point, and I know that LBP has some physics to it.

The trees I could hear break when they came down - which tells me they were glued, and just broke. Otherwise they wouldn't have made noise.

02-24-2009, 11:39 PM
It was an OK level, with amazing design, very cute, but I felt it was lacking on gameplay fun elements. For example, the stickers key weren't that satisfying to use and some of the stairs were difficult to climb, and in genral i missed more pure platforming and swinging traditional sextions.

That being said it was a long level with plenty of content and hard work, and with your nice designing skills I'm sure your next level will be very good ;) 3 Stars! :p

02-26-2009, 12:11 PM
Thank you for the feedback ;) I know it isn't very funny on the gameplay side, but i did this level like DQ: exploring/fight/bosses/NPC.
Wow, thank you for saying that i have designing skills :D
Now i'm working on another project, wehn i edn this, i will make teh Chapter 2 of Sack Quest, and i will make it better tahn first, using al your feedbacks :P

03-09-2009, 05:06 PM
Ok just played this level now for F4F.

Good stuff:
+ lighthearted theme and gameplay elements reminiscent of the dragon warrior/quest series
+ slimes
+ good plot/story
+ well designed enemies!
+ great sunset

- @ 2nd quest checkpoint (before green springy platform), when you go to jump on the springboard, your character changes planes to jump on the tree instead, causing you to fall in the gas below.
- you can reach the red button at the lion boss fight before beating the boss. i jumped to pop the brains on the far left, which shot me up onto the boss's arm. from there I jumped on his head and up to the button.
- if you expect people to shimmy across overhead fabric, you should tell them how to do it. most new LBP players do not know that you can do this.
- plane shifting glitch in the stairs of the 2nd castle area. its hard to get down the stairs, so I just jumped over the railing.
- few spelling/grammar errors (see: daft 1st encounter, girl you save from fire)
- stickers often not large enough to wrap around objects (i.e. slimes, furniture)
- You can't see the scoreboard because of the "heart if you liked sackquest" sign.

03-10-2009, 02:02 PM
Thank you for your Feedback Thegide ;)
I must add something to fix thefirst issue you mentioned, the game changes plane, and the sacboy fals i the gas.
I never found the "lion bug", thank you for report it, i will make the wall higher, so you can't jump on it :P
I must fix another time the stairs, then, i must study more the english to correct the grammar errors ^^"
Tha last issue, the piston on the sign was on "direction", i must set it on "normal" :P

03-15-2009, 05:36 PM
Addedo the video :P

03-16-2009, 11:39 PM
Overall i like this level, it was just a fun level to play.

-Good length
-interesting enemies
-fun story

-visual appeal could be better
-needs cleaning up(uneven stairs, choppy ledges every where)

b/c it was so fun to play i gave you a 4/5

03-20-2009, 08:58 PM
Thanks for the feedback :p I'm glad that everyone liked the enemies and the story, but i must do a big clear to the level, fixing the visuals and other bugs!
Now i'm ending a project, but i will fix them as soon as i can ;)

03-22-2009, 12:52 PM
Well well time for my review. :kz:

For anyone who does not like spoilers, DO NOT READ.


I like the intro, although the horse seemed to be pushed by the wagon and not the other way around. The coming to the city some free roaming and ... stairs. The overall look was very bright an colorful and somewhat na´ve and I grew fond to it over the level. But what bugged me all along the leve where the many many bits n piece where things where not created properly. Some left overs from cut aways, the stairs ... oh so many stairs ... where not always the same height and width, some stairs floated in mid air, some ridges where missing, some spikes on trees and ... everyhwere looking out.

Don't get me wrong but this all looked like it was made in a rush and this is strange cause it feels like you have put a lot of time into your characters and mini quests along the way. I loved those quests, where you have to bring the one guy his money back or free the damsel in distress from the house on fire. The idea with the paintinator as a fire extinguisher was amazing, I really loved that one.

Another thing that kind of disturbed me a bit where the not dangerous at all enemies, for example the blue drops or the guys that bullied the guy with the money. Since you cannot lose your level, why make the enemies easy, too?

Which brings me to the boss battles. Really nice ideas, especially the one guy helping you, that idea has a lot of potential in other boss fights that will come. Really light it.

The train ride in the end felt a little too long, good idea but pulled out too long, maybe make the train a bit faster to shorten the ride.

Oh ... one thing. The one guy lying under some rocks crying for help says, I should take him to the window. Well since I did not know where the window was in pulled im down to the right and realized, that there was no window. This broke the level for me because there was no way to pull the guy back up again. You should prevent the player form pulling him in the wrong direction somehow.

Another thing that happened to me while playing together with feloneouscat was that I did at some point not respawn again. I could watch felon play but did not respawn, now matter what. I blame this on your endles-lives-technique. I personally think, that those kind of things should not be in a level, because it takes away all the challenge but this is a decission of taste.

+ Nice visual design, good puzzle ideas.
+ Boss battles have good ideas
+ the side Quests are very entertaining

- level looks a bit rushed at times
- stairs stairs stairs stairs

03-24-2009, 05:02 PM
Thanks for the feedback Fjonan ;)
When you say taht the leve seems a little rushed, you mean that is made quickly?
It's strange, cause i spent many hours to do this level, and when i was at half i had the corrupted save data bug -___- But i remade it with calm, and i made it a little better.
Many people said me that the stairs aren't wellmade, when i end my current project, i wil fix them all.
I'm glad you enjoied boss and quests, so i created well the Dragon Quest spirit :p
I'm writing all your feedbacks (with your i mean all the users), to make a better Chapter 2. So: no stairs. xD
Then, for the "bug" of the king's man that you must pull near the window, it's the first time that someone pull it down the stairs :p I must set a better camera, so you can easily see the window.

04-18-2009, 01:41 PM
Hey man i just played this level, and really enjoyed a lot of it. the bosses were neat, and the whole feel of the level worked. some really cool parts, like when the enemy disappeared in a flash of light, or when the "NPCs" helped out.

one thing i would like to mention is- when you make stairs, make the top of the stairs be on a further back layer than the next ones down. It's difficult to explain in writing, but note that you cannot jump down and back in LBP. instead you have to jump down and toward the camera, up and away from the camera. the stairs leading down from the king are incorrectly made for LBP.

You did a really great job on this level, making the enemies and all. with a bit more work, and time, you could really polish this up and make it shine. I'm glad im part of this forum because without it, i wouldnt be able to see some of the more awesome levels that just dont get the exposure they deserve. thanks for putting out another level of quality to fight the oppression of the H4Hers!

04-19-2009, 02:42 PM
Thank you TJapan for the feedback, i'm glad you liked the level. I understood you tip fot he stairs, thank yo, i will fix them the soon possible. I'm happy to know that many people liked monsters, NPCs and other parts in my level, cause i made by zero every mosnter and every NPCs, and the parts are all my ideas :D
I agree with you, i'm happy too to be a part of LBPCentral, i tryied a lot of awesome levels, like your ones, that don't apears in the community level page of LBP.

04-25-2009, 12:45 AM
Thanks for your review on my level (Trial of Seasons part 1).

I really enjoyed this level, and found themyself pretty impressed by your visual style in much of your level (and I'm not easily impressed in that area), which automatically puts you a notch above most of the levels out there!

I agree with most of what others have said about your level, so I'm just going to give you one general area to work on:

Pacing. As other people have said in this forum, your level is best in the higher paced / platforming areas. I'd go through your level and look for places where you can speed some things up. For example, I love your opening credits, but it takes just long enough that I get bored before you get to the city. Just cranking the speed on the horse from a saunter to a trot would make your level that much better.

I had some difficulty on some of the areas, but I'm going to play through again and just see if I was being stupid. I'll let you know.

04-27-2009, 07:03 PM
Thank you very much for the feedback, i'm glad to see that you enjoyed the level! You tried other my levels? Wow! Just to let you know, the first 4 (Adventure of SackBoy, Motorstorm, Gundam and Snowboard) were done in the Beta of LBP, and i was a beginner in LBP. Then the SackPirates saga is in the full game, and they're made better :p
So, thank you fopr the tips, i will make the horse in trot ^^

Matt 82
05-16-2009, 05:58 PM

- It has a good length to it.
- Well design enemies (I really loved the ones connected by springs)
- Elephant boss was very good.
- Train looked good too.
- Some fun platforming.

- A few of the speech bubbles could do with having the grammar checked.
- Does look a little rough in places.

Overall 4 stars.