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02-14-2009, 12:26 PM
Experienced Explorere Jack McSetback sets out on another adventure. Hearing of a second Sun Idol he travels to a friendly knight to find out more....

After months of hard work, the second episode of Jack McSetbacks adventures is finally finished. The gameplay is similair to the first one but the theme is wholly different. Play it and let me know what you think. Good critical points will surely be listened to and it might lead to a change in the level. Have fun!

Level: Jack McSetback & the Buccaneers' Booty
Author PSN: Wyth
Location: South Europe

02-14-2009, 01:11 PM
Yaaaaaaaay!!! I am SO playing this today. No two ways about it. I'll let you know what I think. (I'll just edit this post). Man, I'm super excited! The last Jack McSetback was awesome.

02-14-2009, 02:13 PM
i loved the first one so yeah, im stoked

02-14-2009, 02:55 PM
Well... all i can say is that you have done a GREAT job. This level has one of the best visuals i have ever seen. Much like MM standard.
The part i liked most was the catapult. I really took my time and looked a while how it works and eventually see how it stops functioning. But awww it's perfect : ]

02-14-2009, 03:02 PM
Another great level! The intro was really funny, the grapich was awesome, expecially the pirate's ships. The platform gameplay was really cool, i enjoyed all the level! You didi an excellent work, this leve is a great mix of gameplay, grapich/sounds, and a nice story too!
Jack McSetback is very unlucky, is the second sun idol he loses, right? XD
Maybe in the next level (if there will be a next :P i hope yes ) you can add some "puzzles", every explorer must reslove puzzles in his adventure ;)
I really enjoyied this great level, 5/5 stars and <3 :D

02-14-2009, 03:13 PM
Posting as a reminder to play later. FYI your first level has over 100,000 plays. I recall you saying that you would make the 1st level copyable after reaching that magic number.

02-14-2009, 03:14 PM
Great job on this level. I love the ships, really cool stuff.
I see taht you spent many hours testing the level as I did not encounter a single bug.

Nice work!

Matt 82
02-15-2009, 01:29 AM
It`s a great level. I did have problems with one of the pirate ships though. The one with the rolling barrel and the spikes. After dying twice the checkpoint moves further up, but because of the roll of the ship, I either landed directly on the spikes, or the barrel pushed me into the spikes before I could do anything about it. Ran out of lives without being able to save myself.

02-15-2009, 10:33 AM
Ahh yes that one, I've been fiddlen around with the timing of the ships roll for an eternity. Not much I can do about it I'm afraid, try steering while stil in the air next time... It is a bit tricky I confess.

02-15-2009, 10:55 AM
I played it this morning, but I have a question. Are you looking for the same audience as the Jack McSetback 1, or are you looking for a more challenging experience?

I loved the game, but some of the objstacles (such as the spinning floor area with the spikes) is going to be much more difficult for the general audience. In your first game I made it through easily the first time I ever tried it. This one actually killed me near the beginning the first time I played and I said to myself, "wow... I would not have expected to die this early in this series..."

Now, don't get me wrong - I think it's a fantastic, well-executed game - I was just wondering if you're looking for that kind of information or whether you MEANT it to be more difficult.

02-15-2009, 12:26 PM
Weeelll yeah it's supposed to be a bit more challenging, I'd say the first one has about a difficulty of the savannah levels, this one is nearer to the temples levels. I did mean it to be a bit more difficult but that was also because a lot of fun obstacels are more fun or exciting when they are more dangerous.

The swinging bit at the start is indeed a bit tricky but it gets easy when you get a feel for the momentum :). Dying once or twice near some obstacels is expected in this level but everyone who's finished the story mode of LBP should be able to get through without getting to it's last life at a checkpoint.

Do you guys like the higher difficulty or did you prefer the easier, first one?

Could someone, or more people, give me a detailed feedback on this? I'll surely return the favor, unless the entire forum jumps me on it :).

02-15-2009, 01:00 PM
Personally, I like the more difficult. I don't like things just "Handed" to me. The ONLY reason I brought it up is because your previous game is so high profile and the LBP audience doesn't seem to like a challenge as much. But on the other hand... maybe you will break this trend - if you've cemented your story into their brain from the first one, people may put the extra effort on this one.

I'm going to give it another play today at some point and give you full and in depth feedback (I didn't take notes the first time - just was playing it for fun).

Now, if you want to help me a litte, I don't know if you've played Splat Invaders Saga yet, but it made it to page 4 of the highest rated last night... I don't necessarily need feedback, but I would LOVE if you would play it just to give me another play on it (just for fun).

************************************************** *********

Edit: Ok, I'm an idiot, but it may be a great little usability test - last night when I played this one I got into the room with the spinning platforms with the spikes on one side - and I didn't REALIZE they had an area on them that could be grabbed.... so I did the entire part in the most awkward, difficult way possible. I stood on the edges and had the plaform throw me, and I steered myself to the next platform... it was HARD!!! I went back and played it again this morning and realized "hey, these can be GRABBED! This isn't hard at all!".

So, takeaway point - with the dark color on this grabbable material it may not be completely obvious to some players that it can be grabbed - especially a younger player. If you want to make it obvious, you could show the grab handle icon on the first one or something...

Anyway, everything else worked flawlessly - and the part that didn't was my own fault. Fantastic work.

02-15-2009, 02:05 PM
I absolutely loved the first one, so this is in my queue for sure.

02-15-2009, 03:22 PM
Awesome sequel to your first level, and the difficulty has indeed been ramped up. I played it in multiplayer and have to say we didn't make it to the end even after a few attempts at the level, however multiplayer is always more chaotic than single player so I would imagine single players would find it less difficult. I didn't realise those platforms were grabbable at first either, but when I did I thought the difficulty level for that section was nicely balanced. Also, just for info, on one of our attempts, the hot air balloon got stuck on the way down and we had to restart.

I'll go back later and give it a good go in single player and post a more detailed opinion, but I really loved the style and the custom traps and mechanisms which are great as usual.

02-15-2009, 05:41 PM
Awesome level! I love the world pirate/adventurer world you've created. I really have no complaints. I loved all your set pieces, the emergency landing, the catapult onto the ship, the awesome chase with the floor buckling and breaking beneath me. I enjoyed it all. I can understand some of the criticism regarding difficulty and I did think it myself a few times, but after I would make it past a "difficult" section, I often realized that dying was often a result of my being impatient. You know, trying to jump to the ship when I knew I shouldn't, not waiting for the enemy to go through its attack pattern, etc. If you were to change the difficulty, I would just add a few infinite checkpoints, I wouldn't modify your obstacles at all.

I found a lot of your platforming elements to be pretty creative. I thought all the underground platforms were very creative, but I must say that your pirate ships were my favorite part. Again, I loved the catapult onto the ship and then jumping from ship to wreckage, to ship while they all rocked slowing in the water. Oh! I also thought the wheel lift was very creative as well.

Ultimately, a beautiful, well detailed pirate adventure. Loved it.

02-15-2009, 06:17 PM
Wow, I <3'd the first one, and by the sound of it, this one is even better!
I lent my copy of LBP to a friend, but once I get it back, the first level I'm going to play is this one! (Right after Volitare's H.A.T.E. 2! ;) )

02-15-2009, 07:23 PM
Honestly, wow.
This makes me want to play the first one as well and I just have to.

02-15-2009, 07:53 PM
I just finished a runthough. Amazing! You do the most original stuff with platforming...makes me almost embarassed of my levels. I especially liked the stuff before the ships, like the spinners with ropes and the turning grabbable platforms.

I love the aesthetic of the ships but was less enthusiastic about the gameplay, and I'm not sure what happened but the second (maybe third) ship disappeared entirely on me once after I died, and I had to start the level over. I'll play it again to see if I can replicate it.

Overall, a beautiful level. 5 stars a "brilliant and hearted.

02-15-2009, 08:09 PM
Loved it. 5 stars and hearted it. I was going to do something like this for my first level, but decided not to, because the pirate theme was already done to death.

02-15-2009, 09:05 PM
By the way, I was so into the stupid thing I ran into on my last post that I forgot to mention: This level is gorgeous, I 5 starred it 3 times now, and put a heart on it.

(don't put too much credence into my earlier post - I put it into the same category as you missing my air vent in Splat...)


I think the "organic" way you approach your design is fantastic (allowing physics to do a lot of work so it doesn't seem so mechanical)

Your artwork is top notch

Very creative - I like the way you try to think of new things to do. Anything that is similar you put a new spin on it (like the spinning wheel with "grabbies" attached with string).


In all honesty, I think any con I originally thought was there probably turned out to be my fatigue.

I hope this series has a long run.

(and by the way, I gave up on my Fred McThatDidntWorkWell series - the first one was going to be about pirates....)

02-15-2009, 10:38 PM
I tried to replicate the disappearing ship but could not. I'm pretty sure it was the ship with the rolling barrel. I died trying to get over to it, and when I respawned, it was completely gone and there was nothing to jump to at all...it was just gone.

Maybe a one-time glitch, and I doubt it's on an emitter or anyting, but thought you should know.

02-16-2009, 02:13 AM
You have a very natural flow to your levels that I love. Something I'm definitely keeping in mind for my next few levels, it's a quality I think most "adventure" styled levels definitely need.

Pros for me are:

The art and level design are great. You take simple, well known concepts and put a great spin on them.

The advenuring feel is great! I'd LOVE to co-create a level with you someday. You have a very similar feel to your levels as I'm striving for mine. I've only made one real level so far, but you're a huge inspiration to what I'm doing from here on out. I may not have gotten my ideas from you, but there are some things you're having me keep in mind while creating.


I was really impatient and jumping from one ship to the next was a pain after the rolling barrel part. I died a LOT there. It's mostly just me, but that was literally the only problem I had with the level other than I wish there was a tad bit more dialogue!

Great level! 5 stars and hearted, definitely going back to play it later.

02-16-2009, 08:07 AM
[Insert comment about how much I loved your last level here]
Ok, now time for some feeback. I'm going to take this step by step and be as precise as I can be with the feedback. So, I've clicked on your level and now lets begin.
First thing I'm noticing is how good the level looks, even though I've only seen some sort of castle. A large amount of attention to detail has clearly gone into this. Also, good continuality from the first level with what I think is the same rocket balloon as last time.
I'll admit, the things that are putting you "under attack" don't look too great, it would probbley look better if they knocked you a bit off course, but that may be unrealistic.
A second thing though is the first speech bubble. I think it would be better if it started "Jack there's rumoured to be treas-" before a second speech bubble comes up. It would seem more like it is interrupting IMO.
I fell through the castle thing and down that long tunnel thing. I like the change of music you've got here, really adds something (especially as you go on a bit).Nicely done with the rocket balloon opening to let you out. All I'm really noticing right now is the brilliant visuals that are decorating the hallway - nice touch. The "speaker" that the voice is coming from looks a little weird (it's a tad bulky, you may bebeter off just putting an emmiter there (that doesn't emit anything) and just saying it's an intercom system.
There's some weird spinning thing in front of me, pretty obvious what I should be doing, and it still looks good. Not too hard to reach the next platform, but because it's slanted you do fall off if you don't jump uptward the check point. Good choice of "danger" with the spikes, and they don't kill you even when they're at full stretch! Yay! Once you get the feel for momentumit's pretty easy to reach the top. Nice learning curve if you will.
Nicely designed pirate, with a good movement too. Took me a couple of tries to understand what he was saying, but I see what he means.
Just a quick compliment, checkpoints in this level always seem to be well-placed from what I've come across, good work. Oh, and the lighting is very good in this underground section. Doesn't look like it has been forced into placed - it truely is meant to be there.
Next section with the turning spike things is good, not too hard once you realise you're meant to hold on. Well placed bubbles aswell. Again, the "danger" is pretty well chosen.
I love the contraption you've used to fling me to the top of the castle. very well done! I'm not sure the music is quite right though. Seems a bit of a mood change when the mood is still the same.....
The knight made me laugh, good words chosen there. He's also very well designed as per usual. Drawbridge is working very well, another good contraption there. The next part is difficult, when you're not expecting those rocks to fall. Credit to you though, all the jumps are makeable even after they've fallen. I liked how the lights very shaken by the rocks aswell.
The catpult is a very nice creation, absolutely brilliant. Works well and not buggy at all, sends you straight onto the ship. Nice use of lights in that section aswell, showed me pretty much what to do. The clouds in the sky are a pretty obvious, but welcome touch. Everything is very much exploded on the pirate ship, but it's all pretty nicely done and the scenery is working. What I really don't like though is the pirate. Yes he is well designed, but his weapon is electrified! It just doesn't look right to me. I think you should use spikes, very small spikes. It will even give the cutlass a jagged look if you get it right. Just please don't use electric cutlasses!
Some more good platforming there, a the fish was nice. I like how this next ship has it's own bobbing motion. Very realistic. The next pirate is easy to kill, seeing as going to the side avoids his cutlass. Oh and yes, with the water, it's nicely implemented, works well with the whole level. More of the same on this pirate ship, well decorated and it has a good puzzle to it.
And.....oh dear. I seem to have come across a bug :(
I jumped onto the ship with some spikes on and a rolling barrel, and the checkpoin was up in the sky somewhere on the other side of the ship. When I died at this point, I was sent back to the ship before. Only to find that the other ship had sailed away.
I'll go and start again, but only becase I have played and completed the level before and know that this shouldn't have happened. Made sure that I got the checkpoint this time! Wasn't really sure what I was meant to do, so I dodged the barrel for abit, fortunatley it paid off. Nice challenge ( mind if I make a survival challenge out of it?). Now this is a nicely done pirate. Weapon is good, I can imagine him actually shooting at me! Ship was still well decorated. The story has really driven the level on in the pirate ship section.
Immediatley I'm liking this cave, nicely done especially with the stalagmites. Nice little puzzle to start with before you really throw us into it. This "rotate the wheel" puzzle is hard, but still pretty fun. Another good section, running away from the cannon fire was actually very fun. The fact the checkpoint came with me was also pretty cool. The story got tied up well and I have to admit I enjoyed that level. (The speech bubble at the end made me laugh a lot). Even the scoreboard is decorated!
Level was simply superb! Rated it 5 stars and "Beautiful".
I hope you'll take some sort of feedback from my review

02-16-2009, 09:00 AM
Whoa that's a lot of comments and good points going in here. I'll adress the most said points.

- The arrows (things you get shot with at the start) are indeed a bit unclear and might warrant a redisign, same with the text bubble although that would cost some switchery...

- The radio from which you are spoken to by is indeed a bit blocky, but it's an early design from me and used in the first level, so for consistency sake :). I might change it with a bit of lampshading in the next level (hey check my new radio! or something)

- The first ship was bombed to bits because you lingered a long time near the catapult. The ship gets shotten at real-time while you are around the catapult. Some people noticed the loading mechanism (took me a whole week as it is fairly complicated). The catapult actually shoots those same bombs toward the ship. Due to the rocking motion of the ship (all ships have a rocking motion) the entire ship gets shot to bits over time :).

- The electrical cutlass is a good point. I havent thought about using reallly small spikes and that it would give the whole a serrated look. I'll change that as soon as I get to it.

- Second pirate, I haven't thought about walking behind him, I'll block that for you sneaky folks

- The "Survival" ship. It's really supposed to some kind of a survival challenge yes. Be my guest and steal the idea, I would be honoured.

- Many here have said that they respawned and the ship has sailed: The ship moves away as soon as you jump into the "danger area", If you didn't get the checkpoint in front of it: indeed you are done for, the ship has sailed. I don't like that in my design although you dummies should tag every checkpoint you see! Nevertheless I like my levels unbreakable so I'll check if I can set it up with an emitter... Not sure if my thermometer is going to like this but I'll try.

- Jumping to the next ship from there is indeed entirely doable and within most gamers limits, I guess you just have to man up ;).

Finally: Could someone give me some feedback on this level as it works coop? I've tested it with 3 players (have 3 controllers) but not yet with four. Any other coop stories are very welcome too, I'm curious how it works out for you guys.

02-16-2009, 11:41 AM
The artistic design is brilliant, and the level has your trademark great organic obstacles and traps, which are immense fun to overcome. Loved the catapult, awesome design work.

If I had to make one suggestion, it would be to make a double-life checkpoint before the section with the pirate that shoots the orange orbs, as I seemed to die quite often on that part and getting past was reliant on luck (unless I was missing something obvious?).

02-16-2009, 12:08 PM
The artistic design is brilliant, and the level has your trademark great organic obstacles and traps, which are immense fun to overcome. Loved the catapult, awesome design work.

If I had to make one suggestion, it would be to make a double-life checkpoint before the section with the pirate that shoots the orange orbs, as I seemed to die quite often on that part and getting past was reliant on luck (unless I was missing something obvious?).

Thanks, for the last pirate: move to the back plane to dodge the orange orbs, then move back forward to get past the masts when you see a gap in the shots :P

02-16-2009, 12:46 PM
I didn't have any trouble with the shooting pirate, but I really didn't enjoy the survival challenge in the middle of the level my first time through. My first instinct was that you wanted me to jump off the barrel and over the barrier on the right. I tried that a few times...and probably cursed a bit...before the barrier started going down.

Perhaps if there was some indication that jumping the barrel was what you want the player to do, because many will approach it as a puzzle rather than a survival challenge. A text box might give the right clue.

I see about the disappearing ship. The problem for me was that I jumped too far when I got on the ship and hit the spikes. rather than emitting the ship, just make it impossible for the player to get past the checkpoint without hitting it. Maybe use some invisible matter just above and to the right of the checkpoint?

Matt 82
02-16-2009, 01:01 PM
had another go and had no problems with the barrel/spikes ship. was very good. you should have a go at my pirate levels, there are some fun similarities i think.

02-16-2009, 01:06 PM
Yeah I was afraid for that instinct... I tried to halt it by making the barrier completely unjumpable.. A text box is so ugly and obvious... I'll think on it.

I'll get the dissapearing ship problem out of the world, i'll see how but my estimate is that emitting is the easiest and most elegant way, if my thermometer permits.

I'll try to take a look matt :)

02-16-2009, 03:16 PM
Dude, you have got to make more of these levels they are absolutely masterful!

02-16-2009, 03:59 PM
What a great level, man. It seems a little shorter than the first, but much more detailed and epic and all the story/character elements added to the world give it so much style... the night time venue definitely promotes the use of lighting effects that was missing in the first one - it has a left behind-blue LED spotlight haze feel to alot of it, but changes where it's needed.

The first few rooms in the cavern area are phenomenal. The catapault is ridiculously cool, and the ships are great - nice sail and mast design, and very good movement. I had originally wanted to do a "ship to ship" platforming sequence for False Idols 0 but the ship was just too detailed to make more, I couldn't have thought of this kind of scenario and reasoning or all the little danger devices, and it just wouldn't have fit with the theme to make it a platformer. I really enjoyed that sequence just to see it done in a great way.

The collapsing floor segments, the intro one was perfect, the one in the castle was just plain awesome, and the final one with the following checkpoint was so fantastically done... I would love a whole level like that combining the sensor-piston checkpoint, the collapsing ground, and Gilgamesh/Vanmiera's infinite level technique.

A great followup that takes everything great from the first and greatly improves on it in a much tighter package. Hopefully it meets with the same level of success.

02-16-2009, 04:11 PM

I loved every bit of this level. The details were so fantastic I felt I was right inside an adventure movie. Your platforming elements were all top-nothc and worked well. I loved that wheel elevator you made, it was really cool.

The ship area was so much fun and challenging.

Wonderful level, hearted and 5 stars, you deserve it. Fantastic job, Wyth.

02-16-2009, 09:45 PM
I enjoyed your first level from when it came out a while ago though, while it was well lauded for using physics driven environments that wasnít the main attraction to me.

I liked the first level in this series because it felt and played like a cohesive unit rather than a collection of run/jump obstacles. Each segment felt related to the segment before and after and the level stayed in character the whole time, if you understand my meaning.

This is the same thing that I like the most about this second level, there is a theme that the level has and everything that follows is believable when taken in context of the theme. Which brings to mind a comparison I hadnít thought of before, as cheesy as it sounds here it is. The first level in the series is similar in feel to the Indiana Jones Adventure ride at Disneyland, youíll have to pardon me those of you who havenít done Disneyland before, while the second level is similar in feel to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at the same Disneyland.

Each level has a story and each story has a beginning, middle and end though the second one is the more polished and sophisticated level of the two.

I do feel that Iím on a ride on these levels as there is a number of action set pieces that you progress through such that there always seems to be a danger around the corner. The set design is well put together and makes the mood appropriate to each area. Setting the design and feeling of the level is the most difficult part for me to do as a creator and is a big feat to make things immersive in general.

The challenge of this level seems to be around easy to moderate and there isnít anything ground-breaking on the running/jumping aspects of the level. However the package is such an interesting one, with good lighting and architecture that it seems very fresh, clean and interesting.

The mechanics of the level are impressive but donít feel tacked-on or exploitive. My first play of the level did run into some problems one of which is out of your hands. As the rocket balloon crashed through the floor during the emergency landing it got stuck in the tunnel as it got into just the right way with the falling debris and got wedged. This required a level restart but is not something that I think happens often at all I suspect. The second issue that I ran into was at the catapult section.

As soon as we got there my son jumped up and grabbed something, maybe it was the bomb itself or maybe it was something of the wood scaffolding but he hung there for a bit and all the while the machine didnít do anything. After that no bombs were emitted, no movement of the doors or catapult and we played around the area a bit trying to figure out what we were supposed to do next.

When we jumped into the catapultís bucket it would try to launch us up but it would hit the lip of the wood that was supposed to hold the bomb and get stuck. After a bit we restarted the level and didnít run into that issue again even though I tried to replicate it a few times.

The last act of the level where you are playing through the pirates cave is a very good sequence that I enjoyed quite a bit. The finale with the falling floor was amazing and kept killing either my son or I as we ran along, panicking all the while I was trying to see the details of how you were doing everything.

This is a fun, atmospheric level that I think a lot of people will enjoy playing through. It is reminiscent of games like Tomb Raider and Uncharted and films and TV like Indiana Jones and Legend of the Gold Monkey. Good work and I look forward to more in the series if they come.

02-17-2009, 06:49 AM
Gah, that's a lot of feedback again, Great!

Dude, you have got to make more of these levels they are absolutely masterful!

Do you have any idea how much work this is? ;). For now I'm on a bit of a break. I'll make some more changes to this level and a small bug fix on the first one.

After that I'm making a copyable version of the first level as per promise. To deter stealing however, I'll be cutting it up first. I'll leve the functionality intact but I'll make sure it takes a lot of work to make it ready for republishing.

Underwhile I'm gonna catch up on playing other peoples' levels and other games. I'll get back to creating another level but don't count on it to be done before june.

Other feedback:

- Getting stuck during the emergency drop: It can happen, the chance is small and I've tried to minimise the chances, compensating for the way the stones drop and all. I just can't get it to be perfect.... It IS my fault though ;) If the design is good enough it won't happen at all but I'm afraid that's not gonna happen.

- I've got no idea what you did to my catapult Trindall, no-one managed to break it and trust me, my friends have tried.... Although I'm curious to what happenend, I'm thinking it is a one-in-a-million bug...

- The level is actually longer than the first Ninja, at least when I speedrun both. The first is about 6 minutes in a speedrun and the second one is about 8 minutes. Time flies when you're having fun he?

I've never been to Disneyland (I'm from Holland, good go to Paris but I don't think that's the same :)) But offcourse I've seen Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribean. I'm not a ridiculous fan of any of those (although the Indy movies are quite high on my favourites) but I like the cliche-like humour and uncomplicated over the top-ness of both movies, and that is in my opinion perfectly suited to LBP. I've not tried to recreate one of the movies though, I'm just using it as inspiration for the feel and theme.

Another thought I have a lot during design sessions is: who doesn't like **** (Pirates, Knights, catapults, explosions, big rolling stones of Doom etc.). When you do any of the above in different games it's cheesy and clichť but in LBP it's seen as great and even original. Maybe because LBP itself is way more cheesy than those clichťs... :) Cheesy in a good way that is.

02-17-2009, 08:28 AM
I played this last night and I have to sasy I'm very impressed, well done!

You manged to create a very well laid out, cohesive level. The detail in the level is fantastic as is the general look and feel. Its clear from the word go that a lot of work and thought went into building this. Oh and the catapultinting onto the ship is genious.

Ummmmm...... The pirate on the ship was a little dark and hard to see, maybe rework the lighting on him a little?

uuuuummmmmmmmm......... no thats all I got! Nice job!

5 stars and hearted.

02-18-2009, 07:27 AM
Thanks Wex. I saw your uploaded picture yesterday :). I love that function.

I've republished and fixed some of the known issues (especially the dissapeared rolling ship). It should be about right now :).

Thanks for the feedback

02-18-2009, 07:33 AM
Great level, I loved this and the first one.

+ neat platforming
+ cool custom characters
+ awesome pirate ships
+ the hot air balloon makes an appearance!

- can't think of many cons

F4F: any level in my sig (unless you gave feedback for all of them already)

03-02-2009, 02:04 AM
This is excellent! A definite heart, just like the first. I'd say my favorite part was actually the first platforming segment. I know, I'm wierd, but I relaly love inventive obstacles in this game, instead of the typical "dodge crushy burny things" that you may find in other levels.

03-03-2009, 06:24 AM
I've had a lot of compliments on that first section indeed. I'll keep that in mind when I get inspired for the next level I make... Don't know when that's gonna be though.

03-03-2009, 04:46 PM
I thoroughly enjoyed this level. Thought it was a hundred times better than the first one, and that one was great too. You've got a knack for mechanics. Great job!

03-03-2009, 04:56 PM
Polished extremely well like the first one. My favourite bit is in the castle :).